Indigo children know that they are different from the majority. Many of them have told me, ‘I feel like a bus dropped me off on this planet, and I wonder when it’s coming to pick me back up and take me home.’ Fortunately, there are enough Indigos alive right now so that they can form peer groups at school. Like the cliques that many of us recall (the Jocks, the Socialites) and so on),  a new  group has formed… they are the Indigo children.”   Doreen Virtue

“No other generation except theirs views the world first through a screen. Cell phones, iPads, computers, television, … all screens. Hence their mind-set is global and they think in multiples or grids. Imagery, virtual realities, and digital worlds are their comfort zone; nature is a foreign object.”   P.M.H. Atwater

“If you are thinking that waves of them entered the earth plane during the 1960s and ’70s, you’re right… Floodgates didn’t open wide though, until around 1982, when surge after surge of these children were born. That surge has not abated, nor will it. The new children are here to stay. They are the quantum leap in evolution that we have been promised. As their numbers increase, the world as we know it will disappear.”   P.M.H. Atwater


Those who are awake or awakening are very conscious of the fact that the world we know is disappearing. When we are talking about the Fifth World we are referring to the flow of energy to one of accelerating, ascending wave forms. Many believe that according to the ancient Mayan calendar this began at the Cosmic Moment of December 21, 2012. Fifth world energy is unleashing and the ‘new’ kids are made for this as out of the chaos they can find their direction through their intuition. Fifth world is a time of fusion. It is also a time when polarities shift on every level which includes gender issues and genetics as well as governments, business and politics, wealth, religious factions and relationships. The new kids, coming in waves, possess both the strengths and weaknesses needed to establish New Earth. If these children are mentored when they are young they have the necessary skills and attributes to remake our world.

Last week I gave you the basic outline of dimensions 3rd through 5th. Everything up until and including 3rd dimension has to do with laws of space and time. The 4th dimension includes the etheric and astral planes. In the 5th dimension we are freed entirely from time/space dynamics. It is a field. I play in this Field when employing the techniques of Matrix Energetics(TM) as taught to me by a student of Dr. Richard Bartlett. Intention directs movement and manifestation in this dimension and consciousness exists as a resonance pattern. Harmony.

While urging us to let go of labels for the new kids such as Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Starseed, Cosmic (and even the ascended blue concoction she invented) Atwater, in her masterwork CHILDREN OF THE FIFTH WORLD asks us to bunch them together instead and you have a profile of what is happening to the human family. We are evolving. Becoming new. Atwater provides us with a comprehensive and fascinating guide to the coming changes in human consciousness and an in-depth examination of the development and evolution of the ‘new’ child while also offering a preview of the larger societal transformation that is taking place throughout the world. She has provided us with a remarkable resource that I have read three times since its publication in 2012. Could the publication time have been more synchronistic? I think not!

Atwater, a distinguished researcher of NDEs (near-death experiences) and a visionary and spiritual counselor shows us how the ‘new’ kids fit into history. She says that they are not really ‘new’. The basic profile of these children can be traced back to around the time Jesus walked the Earth. I believe this to be true. Over the past 11 years or so in my private practice as an Angel Therapist(R) I have done hundreds of Angel readings and during the course of that time, to date, I have had 2 clients who walked with Jesus. They both remembered this so they were not coming to me for confirmation! As most of us are likely aware and as Atwater points out – there have been clusters of those of a “mysterious energy” in every renaissance around the globe. As my mother always said, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Speaking of my mother, as the veil continues to thin out, I caught an unexpected and quick glimpse of her last week. As you know, Audrey, is one of my guides now. It was my mother who treated myself and my sister to a full day of psychic awareness training in the 70s with the legendary Geraldine Smith, previously of Brampton, Ontario. Geraldine was a psychic for the police in the late 60s and early 70s.

People such as Geraldine have been part of every spiritual movement (such as the New Thought movement) we know of. So, what does Atwater see as the basic profile of the new, not-so-new kids we are seeing today?

Basic Profile On The Plus Side:” intelligent (even if flunking in school and can’t spell); about one-third are geniuses even if “learning disabled”; music oriented/very rhythmic; clever innovators and inventors; unusually creative and spiritually minded; intuitive/psychic – many can remember past lives; excellent with math(don’t let them fool you about this); natural healers; ready-to-go entrepreneurs; irreverent, quirky ideas and unique beliefs; visionary problem solvers/knowing; volunteer minded, humanitarians; Groupies who move as part of a collective; often attend night” school”, not a dream but a school on another plane where kids go to learn, in addition to dreaming; abstract at very young ages; spatial learners; fusion of sexes and gender mixing; multisensory multichannelers who live in a multiverse.” (pgs 7-8)

Basic Profile On The Minus Side: “impulsive and impatient – quick click kids; feel entitled, overconfident; ultimate consumers; underlying anger – little tolerance for deceit and manipulation; prefer astral and synthetic worlds; highly sensitive to drugs, snack and processed foods, metals; highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields, toxic and incoherent energy (from electronic devices such as computers and cell phones); do not assimilate nutrition well; no concept of authority – need mentors not bosses; appear wiser than they are – self-deception an issue; sensitive to “trickster” energy, possession, energy attachments; do not understand the effort necessary to process or refine; expect things to come to them; do not recognize boundaries, even of the skin; clothes are more important than language skills; their greatest fear: silence.” (pg.8)

Atwater says that we can always recognize when this particular profile of characteristics infuses the newly born and overshadows their maturity. “Not only do they challenge the norm; they transform entire social, political and financial structures in ways not seen before, always pushing for more inclusive, open, and freer lifestyles. And they are decidedly reckless and provocative.”

Atwater describes the pivotal shift in who we are as human beings and does not shy away from any of the challenges of our evolutionary growth: “Already the unique characteristics of the new kids have produced exceptional geniuses, psychotic killers, gifted artists, enraged bullies, spirit-led cripples … each possessing the same overall pattern of traits.”

The new children are crucial because their DNA and altruism is inextricably linked. Therefore, altruism will soar  in the decades ahead. New kids think in terms of we, not I.

So, let us look at some Canadian kids and celebrate their empathy and be inspired by their service. To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary RBC gave thousands of young Canadians $150 to make a difference in their own communities across the country. What did they do with it?

Harleen A., a University of Victoria student, wrote notes of kindness, encouragement and inspiration and handed these out with the carnations she purchased with her $150. This seemingly simple act of kindness was especially appreciated by those on campus stressed about upcoming exams.

Sariena L. decided that she wished to address the stigma of coming from an “undesirable” neighbourhood in Toronto and how this stigma affects girls and women from similar communities. So, she put her money towards organizing a photo shoot and creating a photo campaign that celebrates and empowers women from her community.

Adam D., and his friend Brady S., decided to team up and combine their money and effort to support the Salvation Army’s Operation Warm Toes Initiative. This programme buys winter boots for kids in need and distributes them in the Greater Napanee area. These boys worked together to select boots and delivered them to the local health centre.

Twenty-four-year-old Hannah R. is a full-time contributor to her parent’s farm and is familiar with running 120 head of cattle along with one thousand acres of mixed grain. Hannah donated her money to a 4-H club to help find future farmers.

Tahmina N., an aspiring journalist, has followed the Syrian refugees coming to Canada and wanted to help so she used her money to purchase school supplies for a group of Syrian children  who were in the process of registering for school. Inspired by the children’s response Tahmina is now looking for more ways to become more active and engaged in her community.

Leslie A., organized the Suite Melody Care Programme at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital to help spread the healing power of music. With her money she made T-shirts for volunteers that they can wear when they perform in hospitals, long-term care facilities and retirement residences.

There are so many, many more stories of these ‘new’ kids whose actions give us confidence in the future of our planet. However, these kids need teachers and mentors to support their dreams and goals and to provide the wisdom garnered due to more years spent on Earth. Adult teachers and mentors who are willing to change and grow. Adults willing to step out of their comfort zone so they too can step into the 5th dimension that I discussed last week as we went through the Angelic Ascension Gateway.

These kids were predicted by many visionaries and prophets including Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo and Edgar Cayce. They are an essential part of the Great Shift from the old world to the new. And, we are shifting on all levels. As Atwater reminds us “just look at Japan. On March 11, 2011, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake moved the entire country 8 feet to the east.” We need every one of these children to help us make the planet habitable.

The New York Times ran an article on November 7th (I remember the date because it is my daughter’s birthday) written by Kumar & Shultz. That day a toxic haze blanketed New Delhi, India, and was so severe that schools closed and flights were cancelled and the chief minister of the Delhi State said the city “had become a gas chamber.” Arvind Kumar, chest surgeon for 30 years, says it is a growing health crisis. “I don’t see pink lungs even in healthy, non-smoking young people. The air quality has become so bad that even if you are a non-smoker you are still suffering.” The level of dangerous air particles on the 7th, for people exposed for a long period of time is equivalent to smoking more than 2 packs of cigarettes a day. The Delhi region is home to 45 million people.

In October the medical journal “The Lancet” found that pollution was responsible for up to 2.5 million deaths in India in 2015, more than any other country. Dr. Kumar says the options for Delhi residents are three. “One is to stop breathing. That is not possible. Second is to quit Delhi. That is also not possible. Third is to make the right to breathe fresh air a people’s movement.”

I have a special interest in air quality as my daughter suffered from asthma until her teens. This led to repeated respiratory infections, six pneumonias and a partially collapsed lung. We only found out when we moved to Vancouver Island that part of the problem was our family being downwind from an oil refinery in Oakville, Ontario, that was greatly exceeding their pollution limits. Apparently people outside town could smell oil on her snow suit when she came in from outdoors. Having grown up in a mining town where pollution sometimes blanketed the town – I did not smell it then. Moving to an island where winds from the ocean routinely cleansed the air – my daughter’s airways became, over time, much less reactive. If you live in a place with good air quality – that is a blessing as it is getting more difficult to find.

A few nights ago you may have watched the Canadian national news. If so you will have seen the story regarding the alarming rise in lung cancer in non-smokers in Canada. One family physician reports she is now seeing one patient daily who has developed lung cancer and has never smoked. These are people 40 and younger. This doctor says that in the old days she would think of asthma or acid reflux when presented with a non-smoker who had a cough. However, nowadays she says, if you develop a persistent and unexplained cough you should “demand a chest xray” so you can receive early treatment.

I have faith in the new kids and ourselves to create new solutions that will ensure the survival of the human species. We need to be honest and also listen to our Divine Guidance. We need to mentor the new kids. They need us to step up! Atwater shares some research done regarding young elephants. When a group is left to themselves, young male elephants invariably turn rogue. However, if a few older male elephants enter, the young clam down and cease rogue behavior. Research shows, says Atwater, that this pattern of young elephants turning rogue without the calming, steady presence and guidance of parents and elders applies to every grouping of young in the world – including the human family. The crucial difference as to what becomes of the new kids around the world depends on their parents, teachers and mentors. Just like elephants!

A significant proportion of my work these days is mentoring. The Angels & ascended masters mentor me and I pass it on. As in these blogs and my other services. Are you mentoring? I hope so. Together we can help the children of the Fifth World manifest the New Earth we envision.

Love & Light,   Monica    www.monicahemstock.ca

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    Fascinating. As a parent of a teenager I’ve watched a lot of YouTubers and I’m gobsmacked, in a good way, by the kindness and decency and all-round non-judgemental mentoring they provide their “subscribers.” Good blog.

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    I always felt I walked with Jesus, which I recently found out, by a Druid Guide, I did! Lol. I also performed baptisms in the River of Jordon. It’s interesting to read how we keep coming back to help elevate the vibrations of this planet. I recall in one of my Reiki attunements, while watching someone close drown me as a child; it was my exact thought..I am coming back until you treat me right. Interesting affirming blog. Thank you.

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