“Everyone is unique – that’s well-established by now. I think we’d all agree that each person is different, and each person’s soul is, too. No one would argue that Hitler’s soul was the same as a saint’s.”   Anthony Williams

“While technology has made leaps and bounds, advancements in chronic and mystery illness have been at a near standstill.”   Anthony Williams

People without faith walk around with their eyes technically open, yet remain blind to the helping hands of God and the universe trying to reach out to them. They make a compelling argument for the reasons they don’t believe and convince others of the bleakness of the world – in which case, it’s the blind leading the blind.”   Anthony Williams

In the Spring of this year I listened to a fascinating discussion on-line (Hay House Summit) with Anthony Williams who is being hailed by many as the Edgar Cayce of our time. Anthony is a Medical Medium with impressive testimonials from many, including Hollywood stars and other celebrities, but perhaps most convincing is the testimony from those well-known in the field of medicine – including Alejandro Junger, M.D., and Richard Sollazzo, M.D., – and other doctors in both the conventional and alternative medicine fields. I just finished reading one of Anthony’s books MEDICAL MEDIUM:SECRETS BEHIND CHRONIC MYSTERY ILLNESS  AND HOW TO FINALLY HEAL and have already recommended it to some of my clients and now to you my dear readers. This book could very well change your life or the life of a family member or friend.

We are all aware that we are in the time that many are calling “the quickening.” Never before has civilization changed at such a rapid pace and we are all feeling it. A considerable number of us are being diagnosed with mystery illnesses for which the medical community either has no answers or in some cases has only partial answers. This was predicted by our New Age prophets many decades ago. However, knowing this is little comfort for those of us suffering chronic and/or mystery illnesses. While these changes definitely affect both men and women, I found Anthony’s book MEDICAL MEDIUM unique in the way that he understands how women’s medical issues have often been treated as “all in the head” and how frequently the ‘cures’ for women aggravate and complicate an already puzzling condition. Anthony shows great empathy for women in particular as they are struggling with the damaging effects of patriarchy ‘s legacy as well as suffering through these mystery illnesses. Nanci Chambers, co-star of JAG and Hollywood entrepreneur and producer says, “As a Hollywood businesswoman, I know value. Some of Anthony’s clients spent over $1 million seeking help for their ‘mystery illness’ until they finally discovered him. With this book, you can access Anthony’s secrets for less than the cost of a single doctor’s visit. The keys to your health that this book provides aren’t merely a great value; they’re priceless.”

So, where does Anthony get information about his clients mystery illnesses that are defying diagnosis and explanation by the medical community?  Anthony converses with a high-level spirit who provides accurate health information. In his book he talks about his childhood and experiences with this spirit as he is trained as a Medical Medium. “I’m not a physician. I have no medical training. Yet I can tell you things about your health that no one else can. I can give you clarity on chronic and mystery illnesses that doctors often misdiagnose, treat incorrectly, or tag with certain labels even when they don’t truly understand what causes the symptoms… Since I was a young child, I’ve been helping individuals heal with the insights I’m about to share. Now it’s time for you to learn these secrets. It’s how Spirit has told me it’s meant to be.”

Anthony’s journey with his high-level spirit began at the age of four when he was directed to go up to his grandmother at a family dinner and put his hand on her chest and tell her she had lung cancer. Grandma had no symptoms. Next day – she went to her doctor and a chest xray revealed she had lung cancer. Anthony’s training had begun and by the time he was eight years old Anthony was hearing information throughout the day about the physical health of everyone he encountered including anyone passing him on the street. It was extremely stressful. As a child of eight he was being directed to graveyards where he was taught to “read bodies.” Anthony spent many years in cemeteries performing these exercises with hundreds of corpses until be became an expert at “sensing” how someone had died, whether it was from a heart attack, stroke, cancer, liver disease, suicide, murder or accidents. At the same time as this Anthony was taught to look very deeply into the bodies of the living in order to learn how to scan and read with extreme accuracy.  While other boys were riding their bikes and playing baseball Anthony’s high-level spirit  impressed upon him that in his future his responsibility would be great and to therefore take his work seriously. Finally, as a young adult, still reluctant with regard to his remarkable gift he made the commitment in exchange for Spirit saving the life of his dog. A very moving story we can all relate to. I will not spoil this turning point for you should you read his book!

A client coming to Anthony has typically shopped for doctors for a decade and has gone to 20 different practitioners. One woman had gone to 400 doctors in seven years. Anthony does not limit the definition of mystery illnesses to acute diseases. “Truth is, millions of people suffer from mystery illness. A mystery illness is any ailment that leaves anyone perplexed for any reason.” Anthony includes chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases. He also includes type 2 diabetes, hypoglycemia, TMJ, Candida, menopause complications, ADHD, PTSD, Bell’s palsy, shingles, leaky gut syndrome, and many more such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Mystery illnesses are at an all-time high. As Anthony points out in his book – medical science is extremely advanced at physical body repair such as a broken leg or transplanting organs but depleted research money for breakthroughs in virology have left even the most amazing doctors in the lurch. One of the many, many reasons that I am recommending this book is that Anthony, like myself, loves both conventional and alternative medicine and denigrates neither. He also, like myself, believes everything can be healed. His book is empowering and compassionate and not bleak at all. The case studies he includes will bring tears to your eyes. Of course, any case study involving a child moves us deeply. However, there is a story he tells of a client whose Alzheimer’s is in complete remission after her husband had been told to help her to wrap up her affairs. She had three teenagers at the time. Like so many clients of Anthony’s she is now leading a healthy and very fulfilling life.

You do not need to be suffering from a mystery illness or a chronic condition to find this book to be a game-changer! It is chock full of natural health tips that will aide you in boosting your immune system and in preventing illness. There is also a 28 day cleanse included at the end for those of you seeking one. Although Anthony is giving amazing information, ultimately, we are all responsible for everything we choose to do – always check with your own medical advisors if you are under their care for a medical condition and use your own intuition as to what is right for you. The greatest part of Anthony’s advice involves things most of us can do such as increase our intake of vegetables and fruits, gently rebound on a mini-trampoline 10 minutes a day, eat the most powerful fruit on the planet (wild blueberries), work with our Angels, meditate, do an emotional cleanse, bee and bird-watching, and using our creativity as a divine act.

There are many things in this book that the medical community will consider inaccurate and/or controversial and Anthony is clear about this. From his vantage point, and the info he gets from his high-level spirit, he is ahead of medical discoveries in many of his findings by around 40 years or so in some ways. He goes out on a limb in an effort to help us solve our mystery illnesses now rather than 40 or 50 years from now. Some of the things that Anthony says are unknown to the medical community are these: there are 8 strains of shingles that don’t cause rashes, most cases of colitis are from shingles, what is called Lyme disease is only caused by ticks in less than 0.5% of cases, a mother’s intuition is the best tool for identifying ADHD and autism, Atlantic dulse (seaweed) is a powerful force on its own for removing mercury from the body, the “war on fruit” is increasing the cases of cancer and “we are headed to the point in the next two decades where anyone who has a set of symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Epstein-Barr virus, adrenal fatigue, intestinal track disorders, or thyroid disorders will be tested for Lyme disease with fallible results – and told they have Lyme. “It was the perfect ‘out’ for medical authorities. No one liked ticks anyway, and the theory of a tick-borne illness fed into the fear of nature already present in society.” Anthony tells us that in the United States alone over 500, 000 people a year with symptoms of what are really viral infections are instead treated as if their symptoms are bacterial and are being given the Lyme label. “It’s becoming the most grievously misunderstood affliction of our time.”

If you are only going to read one chapter of this book (but I couldn’t put it down!) and then put it on the shelf for future reference – then read Chapter 18 – “Freeing Your Brain and Body of Toxins.” We all need this information. “Mercury is 100% responsible for Alzheimer’s disease. You will never in your lifetime hear the truth about that anywhere else.” Anthony will instruct you regarding a heavy metal detox (should you require one) that can help you remove generations of mercury from your body using natural foods and supplements. When using supplements – check with a naturopath and always let your medical physician know what you are taking. You may not need a heavy metal detox but all of us need to be aware of the pollutants and such that are circulating. In this chapter you will find simple-to-make natural teas that are anti-plastic, anti-pesticide, anti-herbicide, anti-fungicide and anti-radiation. One of my past clients was over-exposed to radiation by being taken to camp out during holidays in the Nevada desert by her family as a child during the atomic bomb testing. My own experience was nothing like that – however – I was exposed to what Anthony calls the “colossal historical blunder called the shoe-fitting fluoroscope “of the 1950s. I loved seeing the skeleton parts of my feet every time I went to the shoe store. Nevertheless, Anthony says “women of this time were exposed to the most radiation ever seen in history. They might have been safer if they lived on the border of the Chernobyl evacuation zone in 1986!” The fluoroscope was all the rage from the 1920s to the 50s. This resulted in radiation poisoning for millions of women.

Today’s generation is also dealing with fertility issues. In his discussion Anthony said that thirty years from now we will plateau because of foods that are causing sterility. Anthony helps with this as he discusses life in the 21st century and its many challenges that can be traced back to the industrial revolution. He also says that the current “fear of fruit” is only one of many factors. “Women are already up against enough fertility issues, and well-meaning doctors have no idea when they tell women patients to shun fruit. They’re contributing to women’s struggles to conceive. A woman’s reproductive system is like a flowering tree that requires proper nutrients to bear fruit. And those nutrients come from, well, fruit.” He reminds us that fruit is mentioned 300 times in the Bible and that once agriculture began and trade routes were established the kings, knights, pharaohs etc., all had fruit delivered to them the way we have pizza delivered to us now.

During Anthony’s discussion that I listened to on Hay House radio he told us about what he discusses in his books – but – he categorized them as the “unforgiving four” and the “holy four.” Here are his unforgiving four as per my notes: radiation, toxic heavy metals, viral explosion and DDT. Here are his holy four: fruits & vegetables, herbs, spices and wild foods. Anthony also discussed water. “Fifty years ago rain was the poor man’s fertilizer.” It is now down 60% in trace minerals. What Anthony then went on to say, blew my mind, as it must have done other listeners, as he described how there are now 2 kinds of waters in fruits and vegetables – to compensate for this deficiency. One is hydro bio active water that gives us our life giving nutrients and the astounding second part is “co-factor water” that is yet undiscovered by science. This is water that helps restore your soul and spirit – these two waters collide in fruits and vegetables to make up for our deficient rain of today. Anthony has other books and likely describes these things in further detail. I would like to know more about this co-factor.

I loved one of the things Anthony said in his radio discussion. “Empathy has a sell by date, compassion is timeless.” As I read his book, Medical Medium, I could feel his compassion and you will too if you have yet to read it. This is more information and inspiration to help you as Anthony says “climb up on your white horse.”  This was more of a book report than a blog it seems today – but – the Angels gave me a sense that some one ‘out there’ definitely needs this one . My cottage near the North Channel of Lake Ontario was recently flooded (there was a report today officials are considering closing down some canals of the Rideau River due to the swelling waters) and I am writing this while some wonderful people bang around my house doing things to pump out the water and keep me afloat, so to speak. One of my dear clients with a mystery illness says that I help to keep her afloat! Let’s float and flow along together as we continue on our journey of awakening to complete, glowing health on every level.

Love & Light,   Monica





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  1. Gillian July 26, 2017 at 6:01 pm Reply

    Great info! Glad I ate so many wild blueberries as a child (even though they were dusted with sulfur dioxide from the mine). If any of Monica’s readers are teachers, I’ve just learned that you can get up to $1000 worth of naturopathic medicine per family member. Something to look into. Thanks for the info, Monica, I’ll look for the book. I, too, remember looking at my feet bones at Scarrow’s shoe store in Owen Sound. Yikes. A friend of mine feels this is why he was infertile. Since we’re talking about fertility… I think one of the reasons women are being given false information about getting pregnant after 35 is because western men’s sperm counts are down by 60% (Europe, North America, Australia) and so we have to make it a woman’s problem instead! Personally, I think Gaia is just reacting to the devastation wrought by white men. ‘Nuff said.

    • Monica July 28, 2017 at 5:16 pm Reply

      My fluoroscope memories are of the shoe store in Noranda! I had forgotten about Scarrows. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Gillian August 2, 2017 at 8:57 am Reply

    You’re most welcome! For (Ontario) teachers, that’s $1000 of naturopathy/family member/year.

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