We make change when we make the clear decision to.  Unfortunately, excuses can be easier for us than changing; therefore, commitment is an important part of the process.  We need to be reminded to stay committed to our priorities and give them the attention that they deserve.  Once we are committed to our healing journey we are presented with numerous choices and may experience, at many junctions, different forms of resistance.  If we are resisting the past we experience this as guilt, shame or regret.  If we are resisting the present we can experience this as denial, rebellion, anger and frustration.  And, if we are resisting the future, we experience fear.  These are all pain-full.  Resistance equals pain.

Our power lies in our responses to our pain.  We have many choices.  We can change our perspective or we can change our experience.  How we respond determines our outcome.  For example, if we wish to change what we are feeling we can take an attitude of acceptance.  We surrender.  Or, we could change our approach to one that feels more comfortable to us.  We could make the decision to change the situation itself – letting it go – however if we choose this option we need to ‘heal’ it or we will just create it again.  We need to extract the lesson or ‘gift’ from the painful situation in order to break the pattern that we created unconsciously.  Our thoughts, emotions and energies created our situation and we need to ask ourselves the question, ‘What was I thinking?’  Our thoughts create our reality, and our thoughts create our emotions.  We can change our thoughts and we can also change our responses to our thoughts.

If we are experiencing any dis-ease, it is the embodiment and manifestation of negative thoughts.  As we continue to focus on negative thoughts we lower our vibration which makes us more vulnerable to disease.  Our immune system is compromised ( studies have shown that our immunity levels drop when we are around people who use curse words) and our energy becomes depleted.  We leak power because where there is pain, there is fear. The cost of holding negative thoughts and emotions becomes physical.  Before manifesting as disease in the body this negative energy has existed on the spiritual, mental and emotional levels.  If we are ill, we need to consider the possibility that we are addicted to pain, suffering and fear because the ‘old’ paradigm on our planet did foster this addiction.  There is an old pattern of drama and fear that needs to be healed.

Fortunately great numbers of us are ‘waking up’ and committing to change for ourselves and for the sake of the planet and future generations.  Light is streaming in right now, as you are likely aware, and continues to build in momentum until the Solar Eclipse that I am told is on the 29th.  Kara Schallock who writes the Ascension Notes says this is a powerful new time of “Soul -sensitivity.”  An opportunity for us to let go of our old ego-constructs  and our illusions, expand and embrace the New.  I agree.  I had a very powerful clairvoyant vision the other night of a beautiful rainbow and felt it was the universe reminding us of the Ark of the Covenant with our Creator.  We are safe as we make these changes.

As we change, we need to be willing to allow others to change as well.  We need to clearly see people as they are NOW, not as they used to be.  Because we often fear change ourselves, we sometimes hold on to old beliefs about others as a way of holding on to what is familiar in a rapidly changing world.  However, there will be some people who continue to like their dramas and they will hold onto them.  Allow these people their own path without judging or trying to change them.  People are ‘waking up’ at their own pace depending on their soul’s journey.  We often do not know what their journey may be – it is possible that it is an opportunity for us to make a stronger commitment to our own changes as we view others stubbornly clinging to an old paradigm.  As we all know, it is easier to see resistance in the life of another than in ourselves!  However, when we raise OUR  vibration, these people gently fall out of our lives, eventually, due to the universal and infallible law of attraction.

We need to be gentle and kind to ourselves as we undergo our transition.  Joy may be an unknown to us and letting go of pain and fear can sometimes feel like saying farewell to a dear and trusted companion.  One of my teachers suggests that we take baby-steps toward our joy – choosing comfort as the stepping stone to claiming our natural birthright of the state of being in joy.  This can feel ‘safer’ than joy –  which is not actually an emotion but rather, a state of being.  In fact, some people experiencing peace for the first time in their lives, mistake it for boredom.

We are human and even though we are awakening, we continue to experience the full spectrum of emotions.  However, now, we allow ourselves to be in the energy of joy while also allowing these emotions to be healthfully expressed as they flow through us and do not violate the rights of others or lodge in our bodies and create disease.  After all, e-motions are energy in motion!  Committing to the state of joy, which is our natural birthright, allows us to feel more harmony as we continue our exploration of human consciousness.  Doing ‘the work’ of excavating, cleansing, clearing and releasing negativity and darkness helps us to stay healthy and, eventually, to give birth to our ‘new’ selves.  Our new bundle of joy!

Love & Light,      Monica


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  1. Christine April 24, 2014 at 7:03 pm Reply

    I have a lot of Gratitude towards you for always writing these amazing Blogs. It always seem to be what I need to read or ponder …. you are amazing.

  2. Hayley April 25, 2014 at 2:39 pm Reply

    Thanks for yet another insightful and eloquent blog! The notion of ‘baby steps’ toward accepting joy make a difficult task seem more manageable 🙂

  3. Gillian April 26, 2014 at 12:46 pm Reply

    “Our power lies in our responses to our pain.” So true! You introduced me to Louise Hay and this is one of her greatest messages too. Thanks.

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