Staying on our path and manifesting our dreams requires a commitment to our Creator and to ourselves.  As internationally respected spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson states: “In asking God to heal you, you are committing to the choice to be healed.  This means the choice to change.  The ego’s resistance to this is intense.  It wants us to think that an old dog doesn’t change.”  (A RETURN TO LOVE)

Sometimes a client will come to me for an angel reading and the angels and saints suggest that they “commit” to their values and priorities.  Occasionally, this dumbfounds the client who is unaware of a lack of commitment and therefore clearly in need of spiritual counseling.  For example, many years ago, I had a client that I will call Glenda.  This is, of course, not her real name.  Glenda came for some readings so that she could get help from the angels to change her life.  She wished to leave an unhappy marriage and to lose the weight she had put on to protect herself from her feelings.  However, no matter what the angels, ascended masters, or guides suggested, she followed NONE of their advice.  She did not want to change ANYTHING about HERSELF or her circumstances.  She wanted EVERYONE else to change while she remained exactly the same.  Of course, we can all understand this.  Because, is there even one among us who hasn’t wished at one stage or another that the angels would do it ALL for us?  And, in rare circumstances, they do swoop in and ‘save’ us without our own assistance.  As is more usual, in Glenda’s case they were nudging her to commit to changing herself and her beliefs and were offering guidance ; however, it was meant to be a co-operative situation, not a ‘dramatic’ rescue.  This means that Glenda’s path was best served by her own commitment to change in the direction of her values and dreams.

Once in awhile, my client will receive the COMMITMENT Oracle card during an angel reading…  “You appear to be worried about a decision that you’re grappling with.  This card reminds you to follow through on your dreams, goals, and intentions.  Stay committed to your priorities and give them the daily attention they deserve.”  (SAINTS & ANGELS ORACLE CARDS by Dr. Doreen Virtue)

When we are not living in alignment with our values, we always experience dissatisfaction in that area of our life where there is not alignment.  There may have been alignment in the past, but, this is NOW.  This is the person that we are BECOMING.  We need to get clear about our values and purpose in order to partner with our angels and guides to create our best life.  As Sonia Ricotti says: “Being aware of your core values and then deliberately living and creating your life around those values will generate inner peace, freedom, happiness, and a life lived with purpose.”  (THE LAW OF ATTRACTION PLAIN AND SIMPLE)  Start with the end in mind, and then take the necessary steps, baby ones are fine, to achieve your goals.  One step at a time is all that is necessary.  Watch your confidence soar.  Your ego is fearful, but, your Higher Self knows you can do it!

Doreen Virtue suggests calling upon Archangel Michael or the goddess, Maat, to help you commit to your beliefs.  Of course, you could call upon them BOTH if you need some ‘double-whammy’ assistance.  As I have mentioned many times before, part of this journey is knowing when to call for help, whom to ask, and then getting out of your own way and ALLOWING the help.  Sometimes, we self-sabotage.  For example, asking for guidance and then when the angels indicate that we need to eat more fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, eating meat which is filled with the energies of fear, pain and suffering.  Or, being guided to choose our friends very carefully and then ignoring this and spending time with pessimistic, negative people who drain our energy and leave us in a depleted emotional state.

The co-founder of Findhorn ( a remarkable community in Scotland that you are likely aware of) Eileen Caddy gives us this very valuable meditation on commitment:

“Search your heart.  Is there anything in you which is causing disunity and division?

Is there any misunderstanding , jealousy, envy, or anything negative which  may be

putting on the brakes?  You will have to face yourself fairly and squarely & be honest

with yourself. You will know without a shadow of a doubt if you happen to be that piece

of grit which is holding up the perfect outworking of My plan.  If you feel uncomfortable

and find yourself making excuses and trying to justify your actions and your thoughts

you may be sure there is something deep within you that needs to be changed.  When

you recognize it , do not allow it to weigh you down, but start right there and then to

change your whole outlook and attitude.  I AM always here to help you.  Call on ME,

and I will help you to overcome all that seems to stand in your way, preventing you

from feeling at one with the whole.”              (OPENING DOORS WITHIN)

In case you would like to use it, there is an affirmation that I got from Sandra Anne Taylor that I employ every day: “I commit to my path.  I choose aliveness and growth.”

Remember, internal and external irritations can help us to dis-cover that “pearl of great price”.  Everything we need is within.  However, there may be some things that we need to let go of as we keep peeling the layers of the onion and find our True Self.  Commit.  Surrender to God and to your Self.

Wishing you love & light,           Monica





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  1. Christine November 13, 2014 at 3:14 pm Reply

    Thank you thank you thank you , boy did I need to read that today! I have been struggling with something that I want to achieve , and at the same time have done exactly the opposite of what I need to do to get there …. a kind of sabotage . Well, this gave me an extra reminder of how much I really need to do this. And I will .

  2. Gillian November 13, 2014 at 10:43 pm Reply

    Poor Glenda. Thanks for the tip to call on Archangel Michael for help with commitment. I tend to only call on him for protection during Reiki or to cut cords. And I’m not at all familiar with Maat…perhaps that’s a topic for another blog? 🙂

  3. Gillian November 13, 2014 at 11:02 pm Reply

    Okay, readers of Monica’s blog, if you go back a year to a blog called “Precognition” you’ll read about Monica’s premonition around hunting week where I live. Well, Nov. 3rd I excitedly headed out for a jog for
    the first time in 2 1/2 years and I was about halfway into my run when a truck pulled up beside me. The driver (another jogger I’ve seen out and about but don’t really know)rolled down her window and said, “You know it’s the deer hunt, eh? I wouldn’t head onto the fifth.” I was just a quarter of a mile from turning onto the 5th line. So, protected once again! Wonder if next year I’ll remember?

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