“Everything that we experience is part of our consciousness, whether physical or non-physical.”   Mary Rodewell

“Hope is so important at this time. People at the 3D level are frightened and struggling.”   Mary Rodewell


Last week I channeled Commander Ashtar who heads a group of humans and ETs known as the “Ashtar Command.”  I am exploring my cosmic heritage as I feel this may be helpful to myself and my clients and readers who are discovering their own star dust heritage. I have found @ Awakening Spirit that in the last couple of years a few of my clients have remembered, or at least become curious about, their cosmic backgrounds. Asking the Angels – “am I Pleiadian? Sirian? Arcturian? ”  Subconsciously they know the answer, however, the Angels help them with their memory and I channel Angels (Archangel Zadkiel is a big help with memory).

This week on YouTube I listened to Mary Rodewell who is called “the Alien Lady.” Mary is one of Australia’s leading researchers and writers in the UFO & contact phenomenon areas and she documents star children. She is a pioneer in the field having researched 3, 000 cases of which so many people exhibited so many similar patterns of experience. In Mary’s book The New Human she gives us stories from young people who describe lives on other planets. A nine year old boy she spoke with said that he “came from a planet where he was a ‘blue being'” and drew it for her. Another little boy said he has come to Earth at this time to help us to communicate with the animals and others told her they are here to help us to communicate with the trees. One boy described a past life as a hare. Mary listens. That is where she is very different from so many people who dismiss children’s stories as “fantasy.”

Throughout the ages children’s stories have been dismissed as “imagination.”  But, as Mary explains, we are all very capable of distinguishing between imagination and knowing.  She gives a little example to the audience regarding imagination and reality. Right now, recall your bedroom. (reality) Right now, create a bedroom. (imagination)  We know the difference.  “You have an ability to have a resonance to the truth – all of us have this.” This, of course, is denied by old 3D programming. However, as Mary says: “Science is finally coming to the party and explaining the multidimensional consciousness of humanity through the quantum hologram.”  Technology is scientifically ‘proving’ things such as energy healing as simultaneously people are now calling themselves Starseeds. We are all capable of discernment. And, it is wise to question everything that is going on in our world and then trust our own discernment.

Have your knowings and your feelings been dismissed in the past?   No more.  Our knowings and our feelings are very much a part of our multidimensional side as we open up to an understanding that there is the interdimensional, extradimensional, transdimensional, visitors from our future, other timelines, parallel universes and on and on…  And, as Mary reminds us: “People experience these things when it is not even part of their belief system.  What do you do with that except to say that there must be something real and tangible here that is so beyond our normal understanding?”

One of Mary’s hypnotherapy clients described being taken to a planet and shown how to levitate. Last week Commander Ashtar reminded me that it was Eularia (my Arcturian guide) who had helped me levitate during the psychic fair in Barrie while I was doing an Angel reading. At the time this happened I was very focused on the reading and the last thing on my mind was levitating although I had experienced it once before while practicing Yoga. I surmise that while levitating is considered unusual on our planet – it is an every day thing on other planets. While I was doing a psychic reading and levitating off the chair – the woman I was reading for who was herself a psychic medium – began channeling my mother (and sometimes guide, Audrey,) who gave me information about my lost diamond engagement ring from my past – which led to me finding it. Wow!  Cosmic comedy? As I asked a friend last week – what does levitating do for me or my clients? Do I put this on my resume?  We both had a good chuckle.

We know that many of the ‘new kids’ are coming in with what appear to be dysfunctions. Diagnosed with things like aspergers, ADHD, dyslexia and many others and as we are aware – these apparent dysfunctions – are just as a result of being ‘differently wired’ says Mary. Wired for 5D and New Earth?  These children are the hope of New Earth. One of these children, Greta Thunberg, is leading the world on climate change issues and she considers her diagnosis on the autism spectrum to be a “super power.” I believe she is correct, however, even if she wasn’t, is this not the way to empower oneself? Turning an apparent problem into an amazing asset! The framework Greta operates from is different from the standard 3D operating system. As Einstein said, we can’t solve a problem from the level of awareness from which it was created. Or, something like that.

There are folks like me ( and you!) who are also ‘new kids’. Were you not called weird, quirky, strange or ‘different’ either growing up or at various stages in your life? Did you not at some point have to keep silent about the time you saw that UFO or that ET or fairy or gnome or ghost or spirit animal or…   I thought so!  None of these children are saying things that would indicate that they are isolated cases on our planet. One woman of 79 in Norway told Mary: “I am a farmer’s wife and I used to call the sheep in with my mind but I’ve never been able to explain this to people.” Does this remind you of a grandmother or grandfather or family member from the past who was called “weird”?  My grandmothers were both weird (wyrd).  One had to stop reading tea leaves because she was called a witch and the other was never without her dream interpretation book and read omens and signs. Neither of these women talked of this outside the family. My father talked about Atlantis  and my mother took me to my first psychic development class in my 20s. As I write, I bet you are having your own memories of what are intergenerational links.

We are all being prepared for New Earth. And, we are also preparing others. We are being prepared to be telepathic. Some of us are channeling light language, some call it star language. For some of us this emerges during our energy work. Mary says: “We have at least 12 star families who have integrated their DNA with our DNA.” I believe this to be true. I met a group of people at the Angel Therapy (R) course (2006) who all looked partially alien. They were huddled together in the “star people” group. At this time, we are being activated to understand this.

So, how do you know when you have had ET or UFO contact?  Well, Mary says you change if it was genuine contact.  So, I went back in my mind to a few years ago when I first met Eularia, and then back two decades to when I saw my first UFO. Yes, I did change. Since I had seen a UFO almost two decades before I met Eularia, I had been prepared, not consciously, for that meeting. It was a gentle change and adjustment for which I am very grateful. But, I changed as I now know, without any doubts, that there are indeed ETs. In this case, seeing is believing – although it also works the other way – believing is seeing. It is all about expansion. Most people find after contact of any kind that they get more interested in certain things. Even if that contact was in a dream. Some contact in dreams is ‘real’.  You know the difference.  Please share if you are so inclined – in my comment section. Those who are ready are being activated.

There is nothing to fear. However, if you have some fear – call in Archangel Michael to be with you.  A lot of people are only afraid because they have seen scary movies or been told scary stories. I am not saying that you should be indiscriminate about ETs anymore than you should be indiscriminate about humans, however, do not go by what an ET looks like.  Mary says: “Do not judge a book by its cover.” Eularia, to my eyes is beautiful. Very tall, slender, large head, huge gorgeous eyes.  Some might have been scared though to find her bending over them and holding their arm as I did. But, not only do I find her beautiful, but, she radiates a love I have not come across on Earth – such palpable unconditional love. There was nothing to fear about Eularia.  So, go by how an ET makes you feel. Break off contact or ask Arch Mike to escort away any entity that makes you feel uncomfortable or fearful in any way – but – be open to positive exchange.

I wonder how we look to ETs?  Maybe we look very scary? Fairies find humans quite scary – that is why they keep contact to nil or a minimum in many cases. Many humans are way too harsh and cruel to be granted an audience with a fairy! After all, look what we humans have done to the planet and then ask who is scarier – a human or an Arcturian?  My answer would be a human! Also, as Mary points out – a lot of the ETs are interested in change, just as we are. They are evolving too – not static.

Everything is frequency and when you look after your frequency and keep your vibrations high then you will attract similar frequencies. We need to do that as well as to transcend fear if we are to operate in a multidimensional world. We do not need to be uninformed – but we don’t want to bathe in negativity and darkness. That is dis-empowering. We came in with everything that we need for our own mission.  It is funny but after last week channeling Commander Ashtar and him telling me how we humans basically underestimate our power – Mary told a story of a new kid – a 9 year old girl – who told her how powerful we humans are but that if we don’t believe  it – then we are not! That is a central theme in my children’s series The Moose Lake Chronicles. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

The new kids, say Mary, “will help us to re-balance the planet in our lifetime.”  She says: “Do you think these amazing souls of awareness have come in with these mandates for a waste of time? ” I wonder if the new kids are coming in with activations from ETs like Eularia? Seems very likely. Looking back – I wrote The Moose Lake Chronicles between 2007 and 2010 before I met Eularia and in my series the children meet a character called Ms. Stargate who teaches them what we would normally consider ‘other-worldly’ things. I knew these books were largely channeled and now I wonder if Eularia put this into my mind before I met her. From what i have learned to date, quite possibly.

What scientists call our “junk DNA” is not junk at all.  Why would our loving Creator fill us with junk DNA?  It is awakening and as Abraham-Hicks says: “You will never find your truth in one place.”

Love & Light,   Monica






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  1. Gillian March 5, 2020 at 5:11 pm Reply

    Wow, a long and (for this Star Trek, District 9, Shape of Water fan) exciting blog! Haven’t been aware of an encounter yet but would love to hear if any of Monica’s other readers have had them and are willing to share.

  2. Hayley March 5, 2020 at 6:41 pm Reply

    Thanks for the very neat and full blog! It is packed full of interesting details 🙂

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