“There is a new record and you can call in the Council of Twelve presiding over it.”   Bryan Rawls

Every once in awhile we hear a speaker in the multidimensional realm who helps us to navigate the New Matrix and Bryan Rawls is one of these. Rawls is a starseed and he takes us into uncharted territory. He says that he has received information regarding an addition to the Akashic Records called The Book of Saharraa presided over by the Council of Light. By 2028, says Rawls, there will be 10 books, a new book per year. Due to our rise in consciousness and our new powers we have opened up these records. We can call on the Council of Twelve presiding over these new records and we will find that we starseeds, elementals, earth angels (light activators) can use gateways, portals, and star gates because these interdimensional navigational systems are now available to us. I received an activation on January 25th from Bryan Rawls as I accepted it during his lecture. The Angels tell me that if you would like one then make a request to his Higher Self.

How can we comprehend this new energy coming in? Rawls tells us that there are Dimensional Temples available to us within the energy of our planets within our Solar System. Rawls says that these Temples are basically corridors of light.

Mercury is the planet of logic , so it is the Temple of the Intellect.

Venus is the planet of love and is the Temple of Ascension.

Mars is the Temple of Power  and we can go here to upgrade our power to help ourselves & others.

Jupiter is the Temple of Expansion, expansion in any area, such as career, finances, psychic skill.

Saturn is the Temple of Focus, you may wish to lie in this temple for awhile.

Uranus is the creative planet and is the Temple of Creativity. Call in the energy of Uranus!

Neptune is the Temple of Vision, the third eye.

Pluto is the Temple of Transformation.

You know that upgrades are needed for cosmic gateway consciousness so you could ask Archangel Michael to take you to one of these temples tonight while you sleep if you so desire.

Are you finding staying grounded in 3D challenging? Rawls has a physical grounding technique he employs to help him stay grounded and also to sleep well at night. He calls it “spooning” but it is probably not the spooning that you are thinking of! Rawls keeps a spoon on his bedside table and uses it morning and night. Morning and night he takes the back of the spoon and spoons the back of each foot and also the pad of the foot. This technique connects nerves and re-wires  and re-polarizes nerves at the bottom of the feet to be grounded to Mother Earth.

Rawls also re-codes his body. He does this by placing a mason jar of water under a new or full moon and then he drinks it. He says this brings the body back into the ebb and flow of nature and re-codes our bodies to be in a natural rhythm. You can do this for solar codes too.

So, depending on when you are up for a new adventure, you can visit one or more of these Temples while you meditate or sleep and then spoon yourself back to Earth! Sounds like a good day to me. What say you?

Love & Light,   Monica   p.s. Angel & Faery Class participants are reporting expansions in awareness every week following my classes at Metaphysics (127 Princess). Some are now able to identify incarnated elementals in their community, some seeing faery lights and others journeying in shamanic dreamtimes. Classes go until early August and then I will stop teaching until the Fall.




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  1. Gillian July 14, 2018 at 8:27 pm Reply

    Oh my, just when I thought I’d heard it all [;)] you’ve gone and introduced me to someone entirely new. I’ll be checking out this Bryan Rawls for sure!

  2. Gillian July 14, 2018 at 8:28 pm Reply

    That was supposed to be a wink 😉

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