“There are stargates on this planet and others that connect to different parts of the universe and probably parallel universes.”   Christopher Tims 

“Everything that happens outside of us is about stories we each have within us.”   Christopher Tims

“This journey isn’t just about going to other places or planes of existence  – it is a cosmic doorway for other types of beings – metaphor for an incredible level of realization, transcendence and illumination.”   Christopher Tims

We all are aware that we have portals within us. Christopher Tims is able to expand on this very well. His teachings help us to transform our world into the reality of our own choice. In order to do this it is extremely helpful to understand his belief that “the living light language of existence is metaphor.” Are cosmic doorways literal or metaphor? They are both.

We all know about travelling during meditation. In fact as Tims points out, we are continually arriving and continually departing whether or not we are meditating but during meditation we are usually more conscious of this. We are exploring doorway after doorway as we realize ourselves as conscious travelers. Our travel experiences prove to us that we were never born and can never die. We are eternal beings.

Many of us believe that we need stargates to travel through – and therefore we do! What are stargates? Tims says that they “are more than just a thing like an airport terminal to the cosmos” although they are that as well. Stargate is a term that’s used” for an artificially manufactured worm hole.” And what is a worm hole? “A worm hole is a warping of this medium that we all exist in called space/time.” The medium is malleable. We can compare it to clay. The ancients had the technology to shape time-space.

There are stargates in Iraq according to Tims and that rang very true for me. I remember that the raids on the museums in Iraq felt very personal to me. I had a past life there and the music and art of that region calls to me. So, I found Tims’ explanation for the war in Iraq very compelling. He said it had nothing to do with oil. He said that there is way more oil off the coast of Atlantic City than there is in Iraq. He believes that the war in Iraq had more to do with something in Babylon – the civilization between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. This involves the mechanics of a stargate. We all saw on television the raiders carrying away artifacts and according to Tims 80% of these had not yet been catalogued and that this had more to do with the governments of the world rather than the U.S. alone. He feels that they were looking for the stargate known to exist there that the ancients used. What would the stargate look like? They don’t know. A cell phone? A palm of a hand? A temple? Some of the tablets had ancient cuneiform writings on that had not yet been translated. Tims believes that subconsciously we continue to relive history since before the time of ancient Rome.

I do believe we keep reliving history. Is this not happening now? Yet history is also inevitably woven together with the future. That is what went through my mind as I watched Rogue One (from the Star Wars series) with my daughter and son-in-law this past week. It just seemed so familiar. Was the familiarity the past or the future I ruminated? Both was the answer. Remember there is no past or future. It is all one. There was a kind of groundhog day quality to my viewing. Not as if I had seen it all before, but as if I had lived it all before. Although we walk through a lot of doors with our spirit, we also walk through doors with our physical bodies. Ancients did this.

What is the foundation of our capability for our cosmic travels? I am sure we will keep discovering this, however, I think we would all likely agree that to liberate ourselves we have to get out of our own way which is what we have been working on for decades if not for centuries. Tims talks about the “prepared traveler”. Emptying ourselves of ourselves is crucial.  He also addressed the variety of stargates which also resonated with me. Some stargates have a cultural predisposition.

Are we the traveler or the stargate? Sometimes we are both!  We are surrounded by billions and billions of wormholes says Tims. He lead us through a simple practical exercise where we looked and listened with our hearts rather than our eyes and ears. I saw them. Billions and billions is correct. Moving from a subconscious operation of our stargate to a conscious one is the goal. Remembering also that our experiences are both literal and metaphorical is important. Tims says that rather than having to work through all our past lives as we drop density we can do what Jesus did and “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven.”

To be non-local, Tims teaches, you don’t need a worm hole or space ship or stargate although these are great teaching tools or metaphors. I would say tools and metaphors.  “If the stargate is within you and all the great teachers & travelers and different times & dimensions and gateways on countless planets & star systems , galaxies for eternity – if it is metaphorical for what is within you – you are travelling NOW.”

Happy travels!

Love and Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian January 16, 2021 at 4:10 pm Reply

    I love to think about the fact that–even without stargates–just by being on Earth we’re hurtling at around 1000 miles per hour through space! Must read more about Mr Tims 🙂

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