“Religion has been missing one very fundamental quality: the sense of humour. It’s unfortunate, because it has made religion sick.”   Osho

“A sense of humour is an essential part of the wholeness of man. It keeps him healthy, young and fresh. And for centuries the sad people have dominated religion. They have expelled laughter – from churches, mosques and from temples. The day laughter enters back into the holy places they will be really holy because they will be whole.”   Osho

We live in the lap of an immense intelligence and we are receptors.”   Emerson


Do you have the capacity and consciousness to be aware of the cosmic humour in your life? If you are reading this then you do. Well-known energy psychiatrist, Judith Orloff, reminds us that cosmic humour is percolating everywhere. “Be hip to it. Its positive perspective is a blessing.”  (POSITIVE ENERGY)

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Thankfully, our Creator provides us with many opportunities to laugh. Judith reminds us that cosmic humour “can be mind-bogglingly synchronistic implying that there is something larger than this reality, and gets you lovingly laughing at the human condition.”

I began thinking about cosmic humour this past week after receiving 7 pig messages in a row. Before I continue, let me just say that I love pigs (as does my brother – who is especially fond) and therefore I do not eat them. I also instantly forgave the mother pig who chased me mercilessly when I was a child after I got too close to her babies. Water under the bridge! I survived the sow’s anger by climbing into a hayloft and hunkering down until she ceased snorting loudly and banging the ladder with her hoofs. All’s well that ends well. However, I digress, so here come my pig-circumstances.

As you know if you are a regular reader of my blogs – this past month I self-published a book for middle-school children after being asked by Mother Mary to join her spiritual army for kids. In order to continue to print out and make available these books I knew that I would need to save the return on my investment from ROLAND TO THE RESCUE in order to get my book BRYAN’S BIG ADVENTURE out to the public next year.

So, what does a child of the 1950s do when she needs to save up some cash? You guessed it. You must be psychic! A piggy bank of course. The search was on  – and nothing would do (as my grandfather used to say) but that I would have a piggy bank. My inner child took over dear readers. So, I went where any good woman with a bit of Scottish heritage (frugal) would go. A dollar store. Sure, I would find a piggy bank there. Alas, they were not pigs. A piggy bank is supposed to be a pig. That’s why it is called a piggy bank. There was Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, Frozen etc., but no pig! These banks were poor imitations and so off I went to the Rocking Horse – a toy store that carries ROLAND and I bought the only piggy bank that they had on hand. Penny the pig from the movie Toy Story. Wow! I hit pay dirt! Perfect.

I eagerly fed Penny my first coinage from the book and went about my day. However, I found myself back at the dollar store near day’s end to look for a toy for my dog friend, Mindy, who was recuperating from an infection. She loves toys still, especially those that make a noise. What did I come across? – a dog toy that oinked because it was a lovely chubby pig. O.K., now I am in 7th Heaven knowing how much fun she will have with this.

Understanding that the universe, for some reason, was bringing my attention to pigs and therefore I had now had two pig signs –  I texted my daughter to tell her that if there was another pig sign then I would know that pig was a new animal totem of mine. I always get very excited when I get a new animal totem. She texted back that absolutely – everyone knows there needs to be 3 signs in relatively close succession (few days).

The following morning when I awoke I was aware that I had had a significant dream. I could feel it (clairsentience) but I could not remember it. This was frustrating. The only snippet that I did remember was a pig walk through. A pig had made a cameo appearance in my dream. That’s it! No amount of wracking my brain would result in any further information or images. The pig was pink and Celtic in origin (claircognizance). Thankfully, this means good luck! Had it been black? One shudders. Let’s not go there. Why look for trouble?

So, 3 pig signs! O.K. Pig is a new animal totem. Good to know.

Imagine my surprise within the same day to receive 4 more pig signs! I know the Universe is playful, but, hey – this is excess! I got the message already. So these four messages were registered by me; however, it was that 7th (and final?) pig message that was hilariously unexpected. I was on the train coming back from a visit with my daughter and when the train stopped at Fallowfield a man got on, sat directly opposite me, and then immediately let out one loud snort and grunt in the best pig imitation that I have heard to date! Even he seemed surprised. O.K., now that is cosmic humour.

Likely you’ll want a second example of cosmic humour and I happen to have one for you. This involves birds. As we all know, birds are frequent messengers from Spirit. When I worked as a Life-Writing facilitator in Victoria, B.C., I ended up partnering on a memoir with a student in my class named Larry. His classmates referred to Larry as “that jailbird.” Larry had a colourful past that began with getting himself into trouble as a youth and landing in jail. Larry wanted me to help edit and self-publish his autobiography. I was very busy at the time and knew it would be a lot of work and since I did not know Larry my inclination was to decline this offer; however, I felt inexplicably obligated to accept. So, I booked an appointment with my psychic at that time, Grace, and asked her why I would feel this way. It seemed bizarre. To my surprise Grace said, “actually you have to do it. It is a karmic debt.” Larry had been my father in a past life she said – a particularly good father. So, I signed up for a journey that I will not forget. Just as the book was getting close to being finished I received an unexpected phone call from Larry. He told me that he had just been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and had perhaps 2-3 months left to live. He was in a hurry to wrap up the book as he wanted to see it before he died. After putting down the receiver I burst into sobs. Larry had become a close friend and I had dis-covered that a man that everyone called “the jailbird” was in fact one of the kindest men I had ever met. Before Larry crossed, before his diagnosis, he had suddenly looked up at me one day and announced – with no apparent context – “my favourite saint is Saint Francis of Assisi.”  I replied, “He is a favourite of mine too!”

After Larry’s memorial service I passed through a few weeks of shock. Thankfully, we had made the deadline as I finished the last tiny bit and rushed it to Trafford Publishing telling them the situation and virtually begging them to do it quickly. They obliged. While I was doing this Larry’s wife phoned me to tell me that Larry’s doctor said Larry would not ‘let go’ until this book was in his hands. I knew that, however, I was pushing Trafford as much as I was able. Larry was refusing pain medication because he needed to hang in till he saw the book. When I put it in his hands in the hospital and said, “we did it, Larry,” a large smile spread over his face that I will never forget. Larry crossed peacefully the next morning with his wife by his side.

Weeks later I was driving and musing about Larry and wondering how he was doing. I missed him. Suddenly 3 birds descended from nowhere in front of my windshield and stayed there in alignment as I continued to drive – I had to continue driving as there were cars ahead and behind me. I could barely see through the window for these 3 birds, a crow in the middle and a seagull either side. Miraculously these 3 birds moved forward at the same speed of the car in perfect formation while I experienced what I will call ‘time standing still.’ (I hasten to add that these birds were physical birds, not my clairvoyance.) Seagulls are a totem of the Angels, although at that time, I was unaware of this. When I arrived home I told my then teenage daughter (who had designed the cover of Larry’s book) what had happened and she started laughing and said, “Mom, it was Larry and Saint Francis of Assisi.” Ah, yes! The Saint surrounded and covered by birds and the jailbird were having some FUN with me! I then realized that Larry was sending me the message that he was not only still alive but he was thriving! The following weeks everywhere I went I saw owls. In Victoria, it is usually eagles that I saw, but, Larry smoked white owl cigars!

And now dear readers do you wish a 3rd example of cosmic humour? Of course you do – because 3 is a magic number! So, I will hand it over to Judith to give you the third. “At a luncheon where I was guest speaker, a woman told me that when her husband was dying she dreamed that he left her for a woman named Lucille. Hearing this, he said, flabbergasted:  ‘Leave you? Are you nuts?’ A few months passed. Her husband died. Bringing flowers to his grave one day, she glanced at the inscription on the adjoining stone. Guess who? Lucille. What cosmic comedian could’ve orchestrated that scenario? In this woman’s despair, laughter consoled. She felt watched over, and in the grand scheme, that all was well.” (pg.235)

This week I suggest you ponder cosmic humour and write in your journal your own experiences of cosmic humour. Doing this can lead to an energy shift and a signal to the Universe that you are an eager receptor and willing to play! Intimacy results through play. We are all held in the arms of our Source and nothing goes unobserved or is lost in the Mind of God. Not even the fall of a tiny sparrow.

I just looked up where I am writing this long-hand before I go to sit at the computer to type it up. I see a very tiny plastic figure. I get up and go to look at it. It is an old toy of my daughter’s from childhood  – sitting on an old hutch from the past. I burst out into spontaneous laughter! How did it get here? It is a pig. My 8th pig sign! The pig is pink.  She is wearing blue pants and a pink vest. She is on a stage and standing on her hind legs and holds a silver microphone. She must be talking or singing? She is definitely smiling. And so am I. Cosmic humour folks! Cosmic humour.  All is well.

Love & Light,   Monica      www.monicahemstock.ca




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  1. Gillian November 2, 2017 at 1:01 pm Reply

    Loved this blog! We’re doing a massive cleaning/de-cluttering as youngest daughter has moved to Toronto (her name means “laughter”) and I found an early diary from when she was about three. Flipping through it some of the things she said at the time made me laugh out loud: “This is not what I expected mums to be” and, my favourite, “Mummy, you’re either a spinning maniac or a gentle lily pad.” Ha! 🙂

  2. hayley November 2, 2017 at 4:12 pm Reply

    Thanks for the (spiritual) laughs!!

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