“Nothing is going to be the same, but don’t get scared or put negativity around it.”   Michelle Patterson

“If you haven’t been dealing with things – it will be in your face in 2020.”   Michelle Patterson

“Remember you are dreaming your future into being at every moment.”   Pam Gregory


We are already under the influence of the upcoming Capricorn solstice on the 21st and the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 25/26th. Astrologers inform us that the eclipse will be at 9:13 pm Pacific time and 5:13 am U.K. time.  If you live in other time zones you may be interested to look up the exact times. These eclipse times are very much times of quantum jumps as well as powerful new beginnings and those of us who have not been dealing with our ‘stuff ‘ will be unable to continue putting our heads in the sand. The cosmic winds will see to it!

This last part of December 2019 we are feeling the momentum of all planets (except Uranus) moving forward; therefore, there is a sense of propulsion which I feel very strongly.  We will continue to feel this intensity until at least 6 weeks after the eclipse as that, says Pam Gregory (U.K. astrologer), is its orb of influence. I learned from Pam that our own solar system is spinning out of an area it has been in for all of our lives! Our solar system used to be in a protected magnetic cloud and now it is moving into an area of the cosmos where it has never been before – which is partly why with all the increasing cosmic and galactic energies coming into the Earth plane – many people are having real jumps in their consciousness. This solstice would be an excellent time to join so many others around the world in meditation on the New Earth as that day, as the ancients knew, the veils between us and the subtle realms thins.

Research shows that we have not had this grouping of planets since 1285. That is only one of the reasons that this time is so extraordinary. Astrologers largely agree that the collapse of the 3D paradigm is accelerating and that 2020 will be bigger in terms of the revelation of corruption, which in turn accelerates the collapse of the old patriarchal power and leadership structures – and though Steve Judd (U.K. astrologer) admits to some fears around this – most astrologers are asking us to welcome this well prophesized collapse enthusiastically as it is ‘meant to be ‘. There is also a lunar eclipse on January 10th and these two eclipses and their spheres of influence will highlight business, finance, and food supply issues.

December 25th and 26th there will be what astrologer Komilla Sutton calls “disturbed energy”.  I feel we will want to ask ourselves where we want to put our energy and what are our values and priorities after our quantum leaps?  That is what my intuition is saying. How Pam, as an astrologer, puts this is: “hitch your wagon to a higher star.” We are changing our values to something more quantum.  Those of us focused on service are expected to fare better during this time then those still immersed in “it’s all about me.” In other words – we are encouraged by our Angels and spirit guides to be aware of what is unfolding in the world – not just in our own little corner of it.  Our Angels will never tell us what to do; however, They will guide us in the divine direction.

Pam counsels us that with Jupiter (planet of expansion) and Uranus (planet of awakening) highlighted at the end of this month there is “an electrical bubble of potential but we must take the risk toward something different.” The energy is rushing us toward 2020 and there is a new quantum wave of possibility for each of us if we do not allow ourselves to get swept up into negative drama. We must make the most of what we have been given and be prepared to go beyond previous self-limiting beliefs.

Intuitive Michelle Patterson sees us very positively as no longer processing through our egos the way we did in 2012 when some people thought our bodies were going to evaporate! However, she does counsel us that there will still be those people competing in 3D on all levels including spiritual growth – such as those who feel they are way ahead on the spiritual path and have all the answers for us all.  “It was ever thus ” – as my British grandmother always said. There will still be clashing egos during the struggle to bring forward the light says Michelle. Because people are fighting for the continuation of the 3D world of materialism and outward appearance values. Those who insist on hanging onto the old she sees as experiencing an uprise in depression and anxiety. She says “we have learned our lessons – so don’t live in bad memories.” Michelle gives us 5 tips to prepare ourselves to handle with aplomb the energy of 2020: “(1) take care of your awareness (2) get ready to be very flexible, to evolve (3) remain open – do not label yourself – for example do not label your sexuality and/or your career (4) self-care is very important, but, do it – no whining! Meditate on your heart.  (5) always come from a place of love and do everything from love.”  I am giving you her tips because they are very practical (Capricorn (solar eclipse in Capricorn)  self-reliant and practical) and resonate with me.  What is important at this time? “Self-awareness while playing witness to the world.”

Steve Judd, (U.K.)  as I have mentioned, notices through astrology, that 2020 is the crux of “a political experiment going on since at least the 1930s with the rise of fascism.” He perceives 2020 as the ongoing transformation of everything wrong with the capitalist profit system. He admits to some personal and collective fears. However, he also sees the potential for a big breakthrough in consciousness.

Mars goes into Scorpio December 25th. Astrologers agree that there will be an uncovering of things in the dark, a mirroring back, corruption revealed, and great opportunities to awaken. Tapping into the power of love and shining your light makes best use of the prevailing cosmic winds.

Angel Blessings,   Monica

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  1. Gillian December 19, 2019 at 1:57 pm Reply

    Will make sure to meditate upon New Earth on the solstice. Read this post twice–lots to take in!

    • Monica December 19, 2019 at 3:04 pm Reply

      I am glad to hear you read it twice! I too will join in the meditation on the 21st.

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