Creating your new day and/or your new life is fun.  While many of us were raised to expect that achieving personal growth and abundance is a struggle, it doesn’t have to be.  As one of my teachers, Doreen Virtue, told our class, we can also grow through joy and expanded awareness.

We live in an abundant universe, and, although there may be an appearance of lack, especially where material resources are not being shared and distributed correctly, there is plenty of everything for all of us.  We are meant to both give and receive and the universe responds to our sincere requests.

What does it mean to live abundantly?  Judy Hall defines abundance as ” living in a deeply enriched way – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

To live in this ” deeply enriched” manner is to locate our automatic pilot controls, and to discover and explore our self-limiting beliefs.  There may be a great deal of ‘inner work’ to be done.  This can sometimes be painful; however, it can also be filled with excitement and a renewed sense of gratitude for what we do have, while we wait for what is on the way to us.

Becoming our own best friend is part of our growth.  We all want the very best for our friends.  We wish for them a life of joy and abundance.  We know they deserve an abundant life, that they are worthy of this.  So too, are we.

If we are feeling less than abundant, we may benefit by checking our thought processes and behaviours. As the old saying goes, ” if you keep doing what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”  We certainly need to be emotionally conversant with ourselves, and that is a part of being our own best friend.

Sometimes a block to abundance can originate from low self-esteem and self-worth.  Perhaps we have internalized another’s beliefs in our seeming imperfections.  Or maybe multiple rejections have left us feeling non-deserving.  Some of my clients are exploring these issues from their current and past lives and bringing them to the light to be healed. Becoming aware is key.

While I personally believe that it is our current life that requires our focus, it can also be helpful at certain times in our lives to mine our soul’s past for clues as to our ‘not allowing’ our abundance to flow through us.  For example, I have found that a few of my clients who experienced very spiritual lives in their past, and lived in monasteries had taken vows of poverty that were continuing to block them from receiving money and material possessions in this lifetime.  Of course, many of us desire to remain free of creating the kind of possessions that would require a high level of maintenance that could distract us from our path.  Nevertheless, we do wish to meet our needs and to have extra to share with others.  In that case, we need to remove any blocks to our acceptance of an abundant universe.

Sharing what we do have now, on all levels, and taking pleasure in giving to others, leads to a steady flow in our own lives.  We have everything that we need inside ourselves to co-create with the universe and to manifest what we desire.  Relaxing, letting go of guilt and fear, doing things we love and that gives us joy  and holding positive thoughts are just some of the ways that we can raise our vibration and attract to us the many riches that are our birthright.

Someone once said, ” look at your expectations and you will be your own best psychic.!” Expect the best and that is what you will receive.  Remember that you can always call on your angels and ask them to help you to uncover and remove any blockages that you may have.  The angels love to help us.  We only need ask.

Hold a belief that you can have everything that you truly desire.  Believe it, and you will see it.

Happy Manifesting,     Love, Monica



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