“Most crystals are just happy-go-lucky little rock beings of light and love wanting to be filled with human energy to beam out into the universe.”  Jim PathFinder Ewing

We have a natural affinity for crystals.  The human body has been called “the living matrix” in an attempt to describe it’s operations.  The human body, like crystals, has semi-conductor properties and a network of interrelated systems like a computer.  Just like a computer using crystals, the body can function as a solid state device and is capable of filtering, receiving, switching, storing and interpreting a wide variety of signals as well as reconfiguring, combining, splitting, amplifying and sending a great array of signals.  Therefore, the properties of the crystal are perfectly aligned with the body’s energetic system.

As with everything else we humans employ, we can partner with crystals to soothe, heal and energize or we can use crystals  (which in a technical sense are neutral) to destroy.  The choice is always ours.  The civilization called Atlantis is said to have been destroyed due to its abuse of crystal technology which way surpassed our own.  Of course, crystal technology was used in many ancient civilizations.  Research  indicates that this technology was used in ancient Egypt, the Incan, Mayan, Sumerian, Toltec, & Lemurian societies as well as numerous others.  Nevertheless, it is the Golden Age of Atlantis that comes to mind when many of us contemplate our connection with crystals.  Certainly, for me, when I trained in Angel communication and mediumship with Dr. Doreen Virtue in California, the huge, white crystal that emerged from below the stage and shimmered underneath the lights of the St. Regis ballroom chandelier – engaged me at a deeper level than it is possible to explain with words.  Maybe it reminded me of the Temple of Poseidon on the Sacred Heights where the Great Crystal was housed?  Diana Cooper tells us, “as it shimmered in the sunlight, the general populace looked up to it for inspiration and hope.”  The computer technology possessed by the Atlanteans is beyond our wildest dreams and imaginings and with sound and mind power, crystal technology was used for “awesome, high-speed transport, heating, lighting and building.  A dome of crystal pyramids over Atlantis provided the grid that protected, powered and energized the great continent.”  (ATLANTIS, Diana Cooper)

I have learned, through my own personal experiences with crystals that they ‘realm hop.’  I was not previously aware (during this lifetime) of this fact.  A few times I accused the faeries of playing games with me when a crystal or crystal pendulum disappeared from its usual location.  However, I apologized to the faeries when I dis-covered from the work of Reiki Shaman, Jim PathFinder Ewing, that they “realm shift” as he calls it.  That is just one of the quirks of crystals.  “They phase in and out of ordinary reality, … They actually create portals in time and space from which to shift here, there, wherever.”  (REIKI SHAMANISM)  I have had three crystal pendulums disappear over the last nine years; however, each of them returned to me years later – and I greeted them as old friends – which they are.  I love my crystals!  One of my favourites just returned within the last few months.  It had hopped into my bag of Runes and when I went to pull a Rune – there it was!  A sweet reunion.  It is by me as I write this.

In my practice, Awakening Spirit, I use a clear, white, quartz crystal to help client’s open their third eye when they ask.  One of the many processes that I learned from Doreen Virtue.  The Ascended Master that assists me with this is Melchizedek and also my client’s Angels.

Spiritual teachings in the ancient past were recorded into special, quartz recording crystals.  I remember that my psychic mentor, Grace, was privileged to have the opportunity many years ago to sit alone for 15 minutes with one of the 13 crystal skulls (Max) when Max was ‘on-tour.’  One of the things Frank Joseph writes about the Crystal Skull is that it may be a symbol of psychic power:

” The Crystal Skull may, in fact, be a symbol for the thing it physically represents –

the psychic power of the mind.  It is important to understand in this context that

the religion and science of Atlantis were what today would be termed ‘occult’

although of such a refined and sophisticated degree as to make our ‘New Age’ seem

crude and rudimentary by comparison.  Atlas, the titan who gave his name to the

city of Atlantis, was, after all, the mythic founder of astrology, the Supporter of the

Heavens.  As the leading cultic figure in Atlantis, he personified all the otherworldly

powers inherent in human potential.”   (ATLANTIS)

Long-term dedication to spiritual disciplines results in knowledge beyond theory about crystals.  We need to work with these special beings to appreciate and understand their energies.  Our crystals choose us. We do not own them.  They help us and then when it is time to help someone else they go to them.  They speak through intuition.  Your crystals and stones may come to you through family and friends – most of mine have.  On my altar are amethysts given to me on special birthdays from my brother, desert rose from my sister who gave it to me as a gift at a faery festival I ran, citrine from my daughter, numerous crystals from my buddy. If a crystal is yours you may find it in a field of grass, because it just suddenly pops out or you may be in a store that sells crystals and it calls to you.  If you do not experience this and yet want a crystal – then hover a palm over the stones and you will know.  However, if it hides from you – or suddenly disappears – do not search for it.  My crystal pendulums jump around in the store to get my attention and one actually flew off the display case in front of me.  Yours will get your attention in whatever way it chooses.

Mind, body, spirit shops usually have a person in the store who is well versed in the basics about stones and crystals and can help you regarding their healing and protective qualities and how to care for them.  Crystals can become clogged and lose their effectiveness and may need to be cleansed.  If you spend a great deal of time at the computer – you may feel and absorb the negative energies they transmit.  I try my best to not overdo my time on a computer; however, most of us must spend some time on them for work and communications.  Obsidian, tourmaline and a clear apophyllite crystal tip will help protect you from the harmful emissions from televisions, computers and other electrical appliances.  Although sensitivity is a gift – some of us say that the price of sensitivity is sensitivity!  The angels gave me information in a dream to start using apophyllite and I didn’t know the word and emailed my buddy who interpreted it and then sent me a beautiful hunk of it in the mail.

Along with all their amazing properties, crystals are objects of fascination and beauty.  People appreciate their magical powers, and they have been used as amulets to ward off harm and as talismans to encourage virtues as well as a tool to interpret messages from the spirit world.  I sometimes hold a crystal of mine when I do an Angel reading as it helps me ascend into the energies of the angelic realm even quicker than when just using my breath.  It cuts off a little earth time for me – but – once I am in the angelic realm – there is no time and the crystal is no longer a tool I employ.  People often use crystals to cleanse and balance their chakras and clear their auras.   When Doreen was travelling so frequently by air – she always had her crystals and her wand with her and she said that she often was asked by airport personnel who checked her bags to clear them on the spot!  She happily complied.  Jim PathFinder Ewing says that one way to garner good karma is to carry some and let folks chose one.  I always have crystals when I give a workshop and get participants to choose their own. I don’t do that for the karma, but, because it is FUN!

If I remember correctly, in the superman movie didn’t superman’s biological dad (played by Russell  Crowe) put a birth crystal in his space-pod before he sent his baby son out into space?   If so – that may have been a birth crystal.  When babies were born in the Golden Age of Atlantis – crystals from their home planet materialized beside them.  People, because we go through the Veil of Amnesia upon incarnation – forget our stellar origins – so birth crystals helped us to make an unconscious connection with home which gives us peace and comfort.  If this is resonating with you NOW – why not use a crystal to meditate on your stellar origins and see where this takes you.  Always remember to ground yourself if needed after journeying.  Agate, Crazy Lace, is known as a great tool for reconnecting to Mother Earth and helps you feel grounded when multi-tasking seems impossible to avoid.

Kyron (channeled by Lee Carroll) says each of us has a soul crystal on Earth.

“… the Cave of Creation contains an interdimensional record of all the

soul groups on the planet – one crystal for each one.  Each crystal represents

one Higher-Self, the same one each time.  So even if you have had more than

100 lifetimes on the planet, it is still only represented by the one interdimensional

crystal. It stays on the earth as long as the earth is here, and even if you are not.

For the energy of what you and the others have done are part of the Gaia energy

and remain.  Therefore, you might say that your energy stamp of everything

you have ever been remains on the earth.  You activate the crystal each time you

arrive and deactivate it each time you leave.  But the energy of your historic

significance remains like a library that is anchored to Gaia forever.”   ( KYRON: BOOK TWELVE)


I have been guided to include the above quote – which I had not even remembered – although I read this book a few years ago when it was sent to me by my buddy!  This piece has surprised me as to its content.  It is very different from what I had intended, originally, to write.  While I was writing – information was being downloaded into me – I have had that many times – but – this time my physical vehicle was finding it very uncomfortable and I called in the Christ for a treatment.  All discomfort subsided, of course.   As to details – this piece is about crystals, and maybe down the road I will share more details . My guess?  A guide of mine was demonstrating to me that my body is a recording crystal.

Many people use crystal configurations which can be extremely powerful. Many for good, some, not so much.  Extremely focused energy through a crystal can be dangerous if that is the intent.  So, hang out with other lightworkers and if you are unsure of a crystal configuration – become educated about it and use discernment and listen to your own inner wisdom and guidance.  Like everything else we humans do – we need complete integrity and light and love behind it.  Jim PathFinder Ewing gives us a cautionary quote: ” Some unusual configurations of crystals can be extremely powerful and even dangerous in the wrong hands.  Laser crystals, for example, can be used by shamanic practitioners to seal off property from intruders, draw energy fields to cause bad intent to rebound on whoever aims it in that direction and send extremely focused energy wherever aimed.  It would be a bad idea, for example, to “point” a laser crystal at someone and even jokingly say “drop dead.”  (REIKI SHAMANISM)

Ask your angels to make you a clear channel of Divine light and love as your intention as you work with your crystals and you will know intuitively which stones and crystals to employ when healing yourself and/or others.  There are many of us – like me – who have only taken a very basic introductory course in the use of crystals (so far!) and yet working with them is actually the most important part – practice.  I love mine.

Light & Love,      Monica





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  1. Gillian May 14, 2015 at 1:03 pm Reply

    I must get some apophyllite for my daughter who does a lot of screen time. Thanks for the tips and also the glimpse into your world and the way you work.

  2. Hayley May 15, 2015 at 9:56 am Reply

    Wow, I had no idea about many of these cool concepts relating to crystals! Thanks for the info and I look forward to learning more 🙂

  3. Christine May 17, 2015 at 7:49 pm Reply

    I have a beautiful piece of Apophyllite lately I have put it by the side of my bed, my sleep has vastly improved I’m happy to say. There is a book I’d like to recommend called “The Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.
    Thanks for another great Blog !

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