“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”   Roald Dahl

Do you like the title of my piece today?  It was given to me by my guides so I guess that I am supposed to write about magic.  Brilliant detective work, eh?  So, besides my first clue, the title, there is a little story behind my guidance to write about magic.  The missing link as to how I figured out today’s theme.  For the past few days or so I have been bending down to brush away what I thought were insects that kept crawling on me.  There have been a few insects in my cottage, particularly ants this summer.  However, every time that I brushed them off and then looked with my physical eyes – there was nothing there!  I then thought that it might be related to one of my past lives as a down-trodden, poverty-stricken man who died of starvation and covered with ants.  I thought that made great sense, since in my past, I have relived snippets from so many past lives.  And, it does make sense – except that this was not about a past life at all.  This is about faeries.  Cue the magic!  What can be more magical than my relationship with the faeries?  The answer is nothing.  No thing.  I realized, thanks to a conversation with my close buddy, and also a client (who was with me for an angel reading while faeries kept climbing up my legs) and from my dear friend and guide, Queen Maeve, (faery queen & land goddess loved by horses) that I am to write this piece about magic.  I surmise that it is a prelude to an eventual piece on alchemy, because magic is intricately woven into the fabric of the alchemical process.  But, I digress.

So, when the angel reading ended, I apologized to the faeries for the ‘brush off’ that I had given them in both a literal and metaphorical sense.  For the faeries, as you likely know, are shy and wary of humans until they get to know you. As nature angels who are guardians for plants and animals, faeries do not establish relationships with humans who have little to no respect for Mother Earth.  Unlike the angels and the archangels, they are not egoless.  However, their only ego is regarding the earth and their  wariness of those who are disrespectful to Nature and all God’s creatures. They find humans can be harsh and brutal.  In other words, unless you are gentle and kind, it is more than unlikely that the faeries will let you see and play with them – let alone share their magic with you.

Children arrive from Heaven with the innate depth of spiritual understanding that allows them to connect with the faeries easily.  In fact, having offered faery workshops for adults I am now in the development phase with another lightworker and we are planning to offer faery workshops for children.  Enlightened parents are showing some early signs of interest.  Children don’t believe in faeries.  They know that they are real.  Like I do.  Therefore, I am going to experience the joy of faeries and children playing together.  Yay! Cue the magic.

After I had used my third eye to confirm that the feelings of little movements up my legs were faeries and not ants, I realized that my connection to the elemental realm is getting stronger.  Because, faeries have been around me since I was a child; however, I only used to be aware of them walking through my hair and called them to myself (I told nobody) the “little people.”  Now, however, they are all over me and since I have confirmed that they aren’t ants (sorry ants) I am honoured.  As usual when these things happen, I try to dis-cover what I am to do, if anything, with this deeper connection with the elemental realm.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile dear readers, I share with you and follow the faeries into the realm of magic and the Land of Enchantment.

I asked Queen Maeve what she wanted to say about magic?  Here is what she said: “To be magical and use magic you have to believe in magic.  It is a pre-requisite for alchemy.  If you do not believe in your affirmations then you are withholding your energy from them and they cannot come true.  Whatever you give your attention and your energy to materializes for ‘good’ or ‘bad’, so choose your thoughts carefully so as to manifest your good.  Nothing is until thinking makes it so.  Feel your way to it and think it into being.  Be faery-wise.  May no harm befall you.”

Oh, I just love Queen Maeve!  Thank you Queen Maeve.  I feel our relationship expanding as I work more with the animal spirit guides.  One of my many passions.  Has Queen Maeve put a lovely spell on me today?  Because my cottage feels even more magical.  Perhaps she has.  At the moment, Queen Maeve is my go-to faery queen, although I channel a number of others.  How do we feel when in the presence of Queen Maeve?  Intoxicated.  Enchanted.  In fact, Doreen Virtue points out to us that Maeve (who is a powerful warrior goddess) actually means “intoxicated woman.”  She has so many specialties including helping us to connect with the elementals, herbology, horses and alchemy.  If you are new to connecting with faeries, it is always easier to connect outdoors where flowers grow freely.  If you went to a faery workshop of mine then you are already connected; however, it is still easier to connect outdoors and where flowers grow freely. I love to watch the flower faeries flit in and out among the petals with their pretty outfits.

Faeries (unlike angels) only make themselves known to those who believe.  Surveys show that the majority of people believe in angels, however, fewer believe in faeries.  At my faery workshops we gather in the faery circle and affirm “I do believe in faeries… I do, I do, I do!”  The more people believe in faeries the more power they have and they do important work of healing the environment and protecting animals and reminding us of the importance of play.  Always show them the respect and courtesy of mentally warning them before you mow the lawn or disturb a toadstool or one of their homes – if you do this and pick up trash and use eco-friendly products – you will go a long way to gaining their favor and trust and they will share their magic.  Of course, the greatest magic in the world is LOVE.  Magic requires a high frequency (see my piece on the Law of Purification).  You maintain this frequency by:

*  radiating love

*  being in the moment

*  deep daily appreciation

*  holding positive thoughts

*  trusting the flow

*  connecting to Source

Wishing on a star and throwing a penny into a wishing well (familiar magical practices) works.  I will share with you one of the times that this practice showed me the power of a wish.  My daughter was about 8 years old at the time.  It was summer and she and her classmates had been sent out into the schoolyard to pick up garbage from the extensive school grounds.  (One of her classmate’s mothers (an emergency department nurse at a local hospital) told me later that the grounds had discarded condoms and broken beer bottles that appeared overnight).  My daughter cut her finger picking up broken glass which resulted in a secondary infection and she was on a heavy course of antibiotics.  A lump developed under her arm and we were due to fly out the next day to Ontario to visit my sister.  My daughter’s doctor said we could go and when we returned if the lump was still there it would need to be excised and other measures taken.  In one of the airports where we changed planes there was a beautiful wishing fountain.  I threw in a penny and made this wish: “I wish that my daughter’s lump under her arm disappear as though it had never been.”  About 3 days later while we were all playing, my daughter stopped suddenly and announced to me: “Mummy, something just popped under my arm.  It feels weird!”  I reassured her that all was well.  I knew the lump was now gone and this was confirmed by her doctor upon our return to Victoria.  No need for further treatment.  My wish came true.  I wasn’t consciously working with the angels then, however, I believed in magic.  All magic comes from Source.

We can also use magic to change our ‘stuckness’.  If you feel that your life is not moving along smoothly, then you need to make some clear decisions about what you want.  Why?  Because decisions are magical in that they get things moving again.  If you are not happy with the direction that your life is moving toward then examine your decisions – because they may need changing.  How do you know if your decisions are the best ones?  They make you feel happy.  Magical decisions.

The word “magic” comes from the Babylonian & Persian word for receptive which is magno (magnet, magnetic, and magic). (I was thinking about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon the other day! Plus I have had a past life in Persia.  Synchronicity.)  Research indicates that ancient people knew when someone displayed receptivity – the person could draw to herself all manner of unique occurrences with little to no effort.  As if ‘possessed of’ magic.  I found out from reading some work by P.M.H. Atwater (researcher of near-death experiences and prayer chaplain) that – if you want to label my magic (I don’t, however, I admit it is interesting!) – that I practice “White magic” & “Soul magic.”  White magic and Soul magic is spirit & Source based respectively.  Other forms of magic can be belief based, feeling based or ego based.  Remember to always use your discernment (the Law of Discrimination) and to be aware of to whom you are connecting (the Law of Challenge).  Whose magic are you allowing to come through you?

One of the themes in the series of children’s books that I have created called THE MOOSE LAKE CHRONICLES is magic!  I will tell you a secret if you promise not to tell any child that might read MOOSE LAKE, but, Roland is training to be a magician.  We learn this in the next book ROLAND TO THE RESCUE.  Like most of us on the planet, I am a Harry Potter fan.  The series brought the subjects of magic, alchemy, curses and spells vividly into the public arena thanks to the writing of J.K. Rowling.  My books are written for kids 7-11 who are very sensitive and they explore much less of a range of magic than the Harry Potter books do.  My books do not explore ego based magic or even acknowledge it.  However, in my Awakening Spirit practice I remove implants and “dark entities” (with Archangel Michael) from those affected by ego based magic.  As a lightworker, as you are too if you continue to read these pieces, part of my protection lies in not denying darkness – but in paying limited attention or focus to it.  Writing a book that includes dark entities is not part of my own work, however, I am a fan of Rowling and I admit to having gone to every Harry Potter movie!

Of course, we lightworkers came to be here on the planet for this time as more and more people are choosing to develop their psychic powers.  Acceptance is increasing and will continue to increase as our planet moves toward a time where these ‘powers’ will be commonplace.  Used by everyone in their daily lives.  All of us will be able to do acts that we once called ‘miracles’ just as today many of us are performing natural energy healing which Anne Jones (U.K. healer) says is “thanks to the introduction of Reiki.”  We are dis-covering the power of our thoughts and beliefs and with these discoveries (re-discoveries) comes tremendous responsibility.  (One of the spiritual laws is the Law of Responsibility)  If by any means we do harm to another, it comes back tenfold through natural law.  Like a boomerang.

Dr. Deepak Chopra informs us that “the return of the magical can only happen with the return of innocence … You will know your own innocence again when you can see the love that breathes within every iota of creation.”  As we find our innocence returning we dis-cover that our own personal magic is brought through via:

*  happy thoughts

*  laughter

*  deep gratitude and joy

*  trying new things

* expecting the best (because life always gives us what we expect)

*  focusing on the light within

For me, the ultimate magic is Merlin’s.  I remember in 2006 when my third eye opened so much wider and suddenly angels were everywhere – some kneeling to pray and others ministering and down my hall came Merlin.  Talk about stars in my eyes!  I was astonished and delighted.  This is a sight I will never forget:

“After Camelot fell, it took very little time for Arthur’s world to

be swept away.  The land sank back into strife & ignorance, and

Merlin proved to have been the last of his kind, just as he had

predicted.  No more wizards appear in Western history after him.

But Merlin never thought that the way of the wizard depended on

how history turned out.  “What I know is in the air,” he liked to say.

“Breathe and it will be there.”  Wizards knew timeless things, and

the storehouse of their knowledge therefore has to be outside time.

The path is open.  It begins everywhere and leads nowhere, yet it

leads to a real place.”      (THE WAY OF THE WIZARD by Deepak Chopra)

Ah, yes indeed.  It leads to a very real place.  Merlin, however, is a powerful taskmaster so be prepared to work hard at your studies and learn well.  Merlin will already know should you wish to study with him and will have evaluated your readiness.  I find him firm yet fair.  So, when you invoke him – be prepared to be guided instead to an archangel or ascended master if you are not quite ready yet for his tutelage.  Divine Timing is always in place.  I was ready.  When I was preparing for the Second Annual Faery Festival that I ran years ago in Kingston, I was gathering shells, branches, crystals for the wands I was getting my students to create.  I asked Merlin what he had to tell me about wands and he replied: “Wand is anything.  Intention is everything.”

What are your intentions?  How can you access more magic in your own life?  (There is a clue I have left for you in every piece that I have written.  They are not hidden, but, sometimes we do not see what is right in front of us).  If you genuinely believed in magic – in what ways would your life be different?

In the mid-80s a very close buddy of mine took me out to a little village at the edge of a medium sized city.  We were on an adventure where she would introduce me to a psychic who would give me my first professional psychic reading that was not a group-thing.  I was excited and scared!  But, I went because I trusted my buddy’s judgment.  She waited somewhere outside for me as I was welcomed and lead downstairs to a rec room where the psychic (an other-worldly looking woman who had descended from European aristocracy) sat.  I felt the energy swirl around her.  The session was an hour and to say it was helpful is an enormous understatement.  I was greatly confused about many things at the time.  At the very end of the reading as I stood up to leave she said:” Are you interested in Merlin?”  (My brother often gave me books about Avalon – which I loved).  My mouth fell open and I stammered “yes.”  She gave me a wry smile and said: “Well, you know, many people feel that Merlin was real, not just legend.”  I must have stared at her with my jaw dropping .  (She told me something else – but – that is for down the road dear readers).  She said, “I see Merlin around you.”

Flash forward twenty years or so to 2006 and I realized a dream that I didn’t even know (consciously) I had – as down the hall came Merlin and my studies began.  Now, if that isn’t magic, what is?

Faery Blessings to you,      Monica






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