“Wizards never condemn desire. It was by following their desires that they became wizards.”   Deepak Chopra

Cherish every wish in your heart, however trivial it may seem. One day these trivial wishes will lead you to God.”   Deepak Chopra

Would you cherish your desires if you were conscious of the fact that they are leading you closer and closer to your Creator? I am going to go out on a limb as a psychic and predict that you would!

Our desires move us forward on our spiritual journey. Therefore if we feel unworthy to express and follow our desires we are creating obstacles to our highest fulfillment which is becoming aware of our own divine nature. If you believe that you are unworthy this self-judgment creates blocked energy in the natural flow of your life. Since every desire has a spiritual meaning there is no such thing as ‘a trivial desire.’

In Deepak Chopra’s book THE WAY OF THE WIZARD he informs us that our desires never end – yet this has not stopped people (often very spiritual people he says) from trying to renounce desire. “In the West, Christians condemn the weakness of the flesh because of its base desires; in the East, Buddhism blames desire for being at the root of the endless cycle of pleasure and pain. But in a wizard’s eyes there is no reason to cast judgment against desire.” Chopra teaches us that from the moment we are born there was never any hope that we would be fulfilled by status or possessions or achievements. However, our quickest path to God is through desire. “Look upon desire as the willingness to receive what God wants to give. This world is a gift; there was no compulsion for the Creator to make it. God’s ability to grant unto you is limited only by your ability to receive.”

When we love ourselves and feel worthy we allow ourselves to receive our wishes. When we feel worthy we move out of the comparison trap which is of the ego trap and we unhook ourselves from the desires of others and are able to distinguish our desires from theirs.

The world is abundant although there is a severe distribution problem that lightworkers around the world are addressing. Your denying yourself what you desire and refusing to receive is not going to help anyone. You can never be poor enough to make another wealthy. Your poverty, on any level, is not an answer because the more abundance you claim the more abundance you can share. Open up to receiving and become conscious of what Nancy Levin (author of WORTHY) learned. “When you live in alignment with your truth and desire there is no wrong way to live.”

Nancy, as a Master Integrative Life Coach has a wonderful exercise for you that will break things open in your heart and head. Write down 50 desires in your journal today – 45 of these must be purely for you. Then, this week take one new action that will help you to move consistently forward in service of your desire/s. I did this exercise yesterday. At first I thought it would be daunting to come up with 45 desires just for me! And when I got to 45 I could have kept going!  Thanks Nancy. My action was ‘letting go’ of something I had become attached to in order to make space for something new. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Remember what Merlin told Arthur. “If you could see a way to fulfill all your desires – which is what God has had in mind all along – you would see that without desire you couldn’t grow. Imagine yourself as a child who never wanted to go beyond playing with toys; without new desires constantly arising inside you, you would be trapped in perpetual immaturity.”

Problems such as violence arise when desires become sublimated and/or distorted or emerge from a psyche in distress. Therefore, it is important to affirm your worthiness from the place of your consciousness of yourself as a divine being and claim 100% responsibility for absolutely everything. Including your desires.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian May 31, 2017 at 12:49 pm Reply

    I just did my 50. At first I thought it would be impossible–ha! Took about 5 minutes. Thanks.

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