“You don’t get to know where you are going but you are elevating up.”   Erika Barth

“Find your power to just be.”   Erika Barth

Yesterday I took a free  class from Jewels Arnes & Erika Barth called Reprogram Your Cells To The Light Body. It was quite interesting and Jewels and Erika radiated a high frequency. As one would expect. I don’t know the background of either of these lightworkers, however, I thought you might be interested in hearing about the class which was an introduction to DECU Face Reading (Dermal Expression, Cellular Upgrade). I had never heard of it, although it is a form of biofeedback – which likely all of us understand. They offered the class so that those of us who wish to can carry on and become certified down the road should we wish to be. At this time I am choosing not to become a practitioner of DECU (but I never say never!), but I think it may appeal to others as it is a way of receiving information from your body that has the potential to be very empowering.

Jewels feels that at this time in particular we need to be standing in our deep power so no matter what hits us – we aren’t shaken.  I am sure we can all relate to that even if our pandemic is going well. By the way, I got that term very recently from a lovely couple of artists that I met who asked me, “How is your pandemic going?” No one had asked me that. I warmed to them immediately! I thought it was a great way to acknowledge that it can be very different for everyone. Some are dying. Some are thriving. And there is everything in between. I was going to say I am digressing, but, I don’t think I actually am – as this couple strikes me as two people who stand very much in their deep power and because of that – are deeply kind and compassionate.

So how can we learn to stand deeply grounded in our power? Well, there are many, many different ways.  One of many paths is DECU. I am not advertising this programme and I doubt either Jewels or Erika need much advertising  – I just like to share with you any new paths to detaching from our story and living in the NOW. Not only am I not a DECU practitioner, but, I haven’t decided whether I will try it out – but I might – I love learning new things.

The first thing to know about this system is that as Jewels says: “The paradigm of ‘broken’ does not exist anymore.” It is a 3D paradigm. So we need to understand that we no longer need to be “fixed.”  That being said – If you still feel that you need to be fixed, and there is no shame in that at all – then you will likely choose another form of healing. And, that is absolutely fine! There is a wide variety of processes that are very effective that meet us where we are right now in this moment. If you feel broken – there are numerous ways of healing that will start right there. Because, that is your current reality. Always accept yourself wherever you are in your journey. Wherever you are – is exactly where you are meant to be at present on your path. Just be cognizant of the fact that you can pop up to a higher dimension at any point or shift tracks like a train and enter a new station.

This class in DECU acknowledged that the next step in human evolution is to ascend the physical body. So, using your body and face as biofeedback puts your healing back into your own hands says Jewels. It is a process that is based on a premise that we are not leaving anything behind but rather are shifting the reality of that experience altogether. “Our truths are always increasing in frequency.” Jewels encourages us to “choose the truth beyond your programming.”  We are all up for that are we not?  DECU is one way, there are so many other ways.

So DECU uses the feedback from your skin to see what level of consciousness you are holding. Jewels asks us if we can allow ourselves to ‘see’ what is being shown? I am going to try this sometime today for FUN!  I am going to connect into a worry line – I have 2 deep worry lines vertically above my nose and between my eyes. I have had them since my teenage years. They are very much part of me. Can I part with them? I believe I can, but, … I guess we shall see – I have never been much worried about wrinkles – although North American women are supposed to fear them! However, it does seem like a way to find out where the root cause of these wrinkles exists. Information from our bodies is always valuable. So I will have a go. I look at all these things as play so I won’t beat myself up or feel any less empowered if they continue to deepen as they have been doing!

So, we are instructed to trace the energy of the wrinkle to get to the root cause of a belief system.  We connect into the wrinkle, breathe deeply into it, and listen as it tells us what is going on. I am now getting a bit excited about trying this out! As a retired nurse it seems to me like the joy I experienced getting the pus out of a wound. It is just a method of getting to the root cause and then “clear, cancel, delete “- just like Doreen Virtue taught me in 2005. A wave of the hand – a swish of the wand. Replace the old belief with whatever is desired. “I am fully supported. I am divinely aligned.”  Your choice. It can take 21-45 days for the cells in that wrinkle to work past its old identity – you can reprogramme it with any I am statements of your choice.

If the wrinkle remains, within the DECU system – it means that you are still holding that frequency pattern – you need to connect to the higher frequency over and over again to teach your cells “this is where we are now.” Our cells have intelligence and are conscious. How do I know? Because the Angels told me. As you go along your increasing frequency path – remember that if you are constantly asking yourself “am I there yet?” like a kid on a long car ride – you probably aren’t there yet – but – hey – the journey is the goal!! At least for me. What about you?  I’m embracing the journey – rocky though it frequently is. I am not going to judge myself if my wrinkles remain. I hope if you try this – you won’t either. After all, for some of us – the journey may actually be that we love ourselves wrinkles and all. Self-love is a great healer. For some of us, our disappearing wrinkles may mean we have healed something and/or moved into a higher frequency in the multi-verse. Its all good.

If you are a woman who has bought into a lot of the pressure to look young, and most of us are bombarded in North America with ads that tell us we must get rid of our wrinkles at all costs (to put money in the pockets of those selling wrinkle creams) then be aware of how this exercise may trigger you – it will lead to information though that will, ultimately, raise your frequency. But – go cautiously – if this exercise is going to cause you to obsess over your wrinkles (rather than give you rich biofeedback)  – during a global pandemic may not be the time for it as unless you  live on an island with no Covid – I am guessing you are feeling stressed and don’t need more to stress over! Focus on the biofeedback if you do decide to try it. Not everyone who uses DECU uses it to erase wrinkles. It is a system adaptable to helping you to lose weight, feel abundant and other intentions. Don’t judge !  You don’t say: “I’m not there yet, I still see that wrinkle.”  It is just biofeedback. Information is power. Use that information.

As we commit to a higher frequency we become aware of the programming and we choose something different. Density begins to fall away. The lightness of being occurs. Detach from the story you told your cells so long ago. Tell them a new story. A story that takes you up the ladder to a higher level of consciousness. DECU is just another tool in the toolbox and it is not for everyone. I will modify it for myself if I decide to try it. I always call in Angels. And I also work regularly with many ascended masters, as you know. And, a final reminder that if you try to ‘make things happen’ – this usually results in resistance. I suggest if you get interested in DECU – that you play with it.

Jewels says: “My ability to hold a frequency pattern shifts the reality of what my experience is – and that’s how powerful we are!”  Amen.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian May 22, 2021 at 1:45 pm Reply

    You frequently come up with something I’ve never heard of before–DECU? Sounds cool!

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