“My intuition works with me and for me.”   John Holland

“I enjoy opening, and working with, my intuition.”   John Holland

Since I was a child, as my regular readers know, I have seen spirits. Psychic awareness runs in my family. Our sixth sense is something that belongs to us all. Whether or not we wish to develop it. While I have used my intuition in one way or another my whole life – it was not until I trained with Doreen Virtue ( as guided by the Angels) that using my sixth sense became an official part of my profession. While I enjoy teaching people who may wish to hang up their own shingle as a working psychic, if that is what they wish to do, I am much more interested in helping people to realize how their intuition is an important part of their life no matter what their occupation or journey is. How our intuition, which is such a natural ability, enriches every aspect of our lives and also saves our lives at times. That is why I am once again in my work going to test out the waters to see if people where I live would enjoy interactive psychic development workshops. Every workshop I give will be psychic development regardless of what name I give it. Whether it is attuning to Angels, faeries, spirit guides, animal spirits or whatever – this all helps to develop a capacity that each of us has – we don’t need to hang up our shingle as a professional psychic to employ our intuition in a way that enriches every aspect of our lives and the lives of others. I wish to testify & demonstrate to people and educate them as to the fact that our intuition can be used on a daily basis in every walk of life for direction, insight, clarity and wisdom. Playing and detecting with Angels lifts our vibration and our life to a whole new level. Besides, it is fun and if it isn’t fun – then I don’t do it!

Like every other muscle in our body, our intuitive muscles require consistent workouts. Practice, practice, practice. However, just as most of us will not stick with a boring exercise regime we don’t enjoy neither will we practice using our intuition unless it is fun. Everything that I personally need to practice – I make into a game. One of my many, many games that I play is detecting with the Angels in Angel Cottage where I reside. Besides keeping my intuition oiled up and ready for work – my detective game keeps me on the road of lifelong learning, growth and self-development. So, for me, it is a win-win process and journey as well as a lifetime commitment.

I thought today I would share with you a fairly typical 24 hours in Angel Cottage, whereby I am required to ground myself to attend to the necessities of daily life while also shifting into the energy of the Angels in order to perform Angel readings and healings. I have now had 11 years of professional practice shifting between the energies of this world and the energies of other realms and the Other Side. I am in awe every day regarding the magnificence and power of the Angels.

The 24 hours I am speaking of is now past in my ‘real’ world but early this week I was dealing with two happenings in my earthly realm – teeth and floods  – a dental infection that required antibiotic use – for the first time in 27 years – I am on antibiotics. It is necessary at present but I do not like it. The other happening is the flood waters rising on the lane where I live – to the point that they have reached my next door neighbour’s house – and the water kept rising. Due to the fact that I had client readings/treatments scheduled and might need to evacuate a client  – I needed to keep a close eye on the waters in case we had to build an Ark!

Nothing happens without reason or meaning, so, I pondered what my dental infection means as a personal issue and what our floods mean on a macro level. Teeth mean decisions to make and I have been indecisive lately – largely because I am changing again and any decision made now will not be by the person I am going to be a few months from now! The floods on our planet I feel are a purifying and a detoxing symptom. We humans are toxic to the planet. Many of us are now aware of this and others of us are waking up to this reality. My client who arrived the day I wondered about building an Ark – said to me on the way to Angel Cottage she saw a bumper sticker that said: “The world is waking up!”  True.

So, those 2 issues were the mundane events of my earthly life early in the week. These issues, or a variation of them, are the kinds of things we all experience and have to be attended to – we notice them because they are not subtle. We call them ‘our everyday lives.’ However, our everyday lives have great depth, meaning and symbolism and act as a bridge to the Other Side and also include numerous and constant messages from Spirit. For example, your guardian Angels are always making attempts to connect with you. Are you open and aware? Or, are you so immersed in what you perceive to be ordinary physical 3D life that you are not receiving them? Well, that is where I sometimes come in – as I act as an intermediary between you and your Angels and convey their messages. At this time in my own life I am more and more interested in teaching others how to receive messages for themselves – hence my psychic development workshops.

As the water was rising I kept entertained and absorbed by the Hay House World Summit’s presentations on-line. I listen every year to as many as I am able to as I have attended classes with a number of the teachers. Listening to fabulous teachers for free that would normally charge a great deal for their expertise – is part of my abundance. Perhaps it is also a part of yours? Recognizing our abundance brings more abundance. Part of my fascinating and fulfilling work as a Law of Attraction coach is to help people recognize adjacent doors to their abundance.

I was scheduled to do an Indian Head Massage yesterday for a new client. Initially I was tempted to suggest my new client try Reiki with me instead. Why? Because as a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Angel Therapy(R) Practitioner – I feel totally confident that in those areas I provide not only competent work but I believe I excel at them. Why? Because of decades of study and practice. So, why I wondered would I now be required by the Angels to perform an Indian Head Massage when no other of my clients have been interested in this form of the healing arts for 2 years! How much easier it would be for me – but of course it is not about me! – if I could offer one of my other services. Any other service! But, I work for the Angels – so – I scheduled the session knowing that they always have the big picture that we humans do not see.

The night before – after popping in my antibiotic and checking the basement for water before bed, I decided to treat myself before going to sleep by listening to my current favourite famous hypnotist, Joseph Clough, on-line at the Summit. This would be a treat I knew. If you listen to Joseph then you know he is amazing and his voice is other-worldly and what we all imagine would be the Hollywood-hypnotist voice! I always drift easily down into trance with his voice. So, I lay down on the bed and trusted Joseph to do whatever. Whatever Joseph wants to plant into my subconscious mind is OK with me. And I am picky. Just because someone is on beloved Hay House doesn’t mean I park my free will. I practice what I preach to others. Discernment is everything.

The focus of the session Joseph did with us was on confidence – planting into our subconscious mind that we would increase our confidence. I was aware of how many times he used the word confidence and in how many ways he reinforced this word into our minds. As usual when I listen to Joseph while I am in trance – I drifted away from his voice and just surrendered to my experience –  after asking for Archangel Michael’s complete protection. And after, off to sleep.

Yesterday came and the water had stopped at my driveway and all was well. My Indian Head Massage client was not coming till 4 pm and I had no other clients today so I could bone up on IHM and prepare the treatment room in a leisurely way. I reminded myself that while I had not given a session of IHM in 2 years – I had studied in Wales with the award-winning tutor, Marie Lloyd, and am certified by the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapies) in the U.K.  I got out my IHM manual and my notebook from my training and I began to read my manual. “This form of massage, known as ‘Champissage’ in India, has been practiced for over a thousand years. It is an integral part of family life as well as a profession.” (TeachTherapy IHM Manual by Marie Lloyd) And, suddenly, I remembered part of the dream I had while waking up that morning to the ring of my daughter’s cell. A vignette came back to me – winding its way onto one of my mental screens. Vivid. Textured. I remembered I was reluctant to come out of my dream because it was blissful. A tiny slice of life. In the dream, I opened a door and to my surprise – there was, sitting on the floor, an East Indian woman with some others and she appeared about forty years old or so. She was beautiful. A roundish face and gentle smile and thick, black, long, luxurious hair. She was wearing a bright red sari. I looked at her intensely. She smiled…

WOW! What does this mean I wondered?  Who is that woman? Why did she come into my dream? I let these thoughts play over my mind and went back to my review of my manual. Dreamy, of course. I was surprised that my IHM techniques came back as I relaxed and as the Indian woman on the screen smiled that luminous smile – she seemed to have a secret – she knew I would remember what to do and how to do it. She had faith in me. Time passed and it was time to put away the manual and to energetically cleanse the house for my new client’s arrival. This I do before and after every client and I teach my students to do this.

I was eager and ready to meet this new client who was sure to be interesting and amazing!  Every one of my clients teaches me something new of course. It is an exchange of energy. I felt my curiosity peak about the woman who was about to arrive and what adventures would unfold for us both as a result of this meeting planned by the Angels. I was eager to give her what she wanted today – an Indian Head Massage and I said a prayer that it would be for her Highest Good and healing.

Ten minutes to the session that would begin at 4 pm. (the Angel number) I suddenly had a thought come into my head about the Indian woman in my dream. Could that possibly be me in a past life? I wondered. Of course it could be. I remember parts of quite a few past lives. So, I asked Archangel Michael and he said yes! Then, looking out at my driveway as my new client’s car  arrived I asked for my name in my past life and heard “Bhalla.”  I didn’t know the spelling but received it phonetically. A name I have no conscious memory of ever hearing or knowing about.

The client is a lovely woman likely around my age. She is coming again for more things with me – including Reiki which I feel she will love. Guess what? She liked the IHM. And she is at a time in her life when she is ready to open, explore and become aware of the whole grand tapestry of life. The mystery. Readiness is everything. There are so many more synchronicities in this story  – too many to include. She is ready!

And so am I. Ready to give more “Champissage” if the Angels guide me to. Because – Joseph Clough (thank you!) planted in my subconscious mind the confidence that I needed to provide that specific service. And the woman in the red sari reminded me that I am merely remembering IHM. I gave it to my family, as part of my tradition, a long, long time ago.  I see her smiling at me now while I write this – maybe in time I will discover more beyond her family surname. Who knows? At this point in my life, it is not a priority, but, I am always open to learning more. For now – her beautiful warm smile is sufficient – this woman in the red sari who gave me confidence in my IHM. The Angels then guided me to some basic information about my family, the Bhalla Clan of Sri Hargobindpur Dist., Gurdaspur, India.

Our intuition, our sixth sense, is a muscle that we need to keep exercised. Like everything else it requires practice. As I said above I am offering psychic development classes to those of you who wish to open further. If you are in or around Kingston, Ontario, on Victoria Day, I am giving a Messages From Your Angels workshop to a small group and if you wish to join us you can contact me through this web-site. Detecting with Angels is my profession as well as my hobby.

Namaste,   Monica








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  1. Gillian May 10, 2017 at 8:15 pm Reply

    Lovely post! Again, you’ve introduced me to someone I’ve never heard of–Joseph Clough–I must check him out as I could use a confidence boost. Thanks!

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