This title has been coming into my head for the last few weeks or so which indicates to me that I am to write a piece about my latest past life discovery.  This is how my guides sometimes work.  The message is infused until I get it!  I have not particularly wanted to write this piece because it is a work in progress.  It feels strange to write about a past life while still in the archeological phase of it.  A life still not fully discovered, nor integrated, as yet.  However, I always follow my intuition as one of you out there may also be currently exploring a past life that ‘won’t go away’.  Either that or Joshua is getting impatient for me to connect with him on a deeper level!  Maybe, it is both.  We are ALL eternal works of art in progress.  So, here goes.

I know, at present, very little about my past life as Joshua.  So, when did I first become aware of him?  Sometime this past Spring.  I remember there was no snow on the ground.  I ‘woke up’ with a very cherry bright mark on my forehead.  This unusually shaped red mark appeared many years ago now and was examined by my family physician who was not concerned about it.  However, that morning it had become very bright and was inflamed.  Asking to be noticed.  My first response was to tell my dear friend with whom I exchange distant healing sessions on a regular basis as needed.  I sent off an email immediately.  What I didn’t realize was that after receiving my email she set to work on me with Matrix Energetics (R)  ( one of many healing modalities in her toolbox) that same day.  Usually we schedule each other into our calendars.  Unless it is urgent.  We have been discussing metaphysics and telling each other about our metaphysical and healing and spiritual practices for over 28 years now.  Since she has a thriving practice I assumed that she would be occupied with clients this day, but, I knew she would send me a treatment when she could.  One of the many beauties of our strong connection is the fact that we give each other permission to ‘dive into’ each others personal energy field without needing to ask permission.  Our numerous past lives together and our current life connection renders permission unnecessary.  Especially. as we send each other a report following EVERY session we do on each other regarding EVERY detail.  We have absolute trust in each others skills, capabilities and integrity.  We learn from each other continuously and we hold nothing back that would help each other or be of assistance to a client.  This is a gift from the universe that we both treasure.

So, this same Spring day, it is early afternoon and I have finished lunch and am puttering around in the kitchen putting some dishes into a cupboard when, suddenly, the face of a black man flashes quickly and vividly onto one of my inner screens.  I was quite surprised as I had not ‘seen’ him before.  However, I immediately KNEW his name is Joshua.  He looked stable and strong and that is the only way I can, currently, describe him.  Hmmm….interesting, I thought.  But, as you would know by now if you read my pieces regularly, not unusual in any way.  So, I returned to washing my dishes, thinking to myself that I would look further into this down the road a bit.  After all, like everyone else,  in order to function in the NOW I need to be able to make smooth transitions through earth time back and forth between realities.  There is always lots of time because there is NO time.

Immersed again with my hands in the sink I find myself spontaneously breaking into a gospel song that I don’t know that I know!  It is about Jesus and has an upbeat tempo.  I only remember singing a few lines, but, it is not a song Monica knows or has ever heard.  Although, Monica has always loved Jesus too.  Now, I am intrigued!  I try to remember more of the song, however, I cannot.  I only have two lines so I sing them out a few more times, smiling.  Wondering?  Then, I hear the ding of my blackberry indicating that I have a text.  I dry my hands and go and see.  It is my friend who is texting me that she had some time off from clients so had begun ‘working’ with me right away.  She had just finished our session and would send a report later today.  O.K. !  I had asked her to help me discover the underlying life behind the cherry red mark on the forehead and at that moment realized that I had been branded with a hot implement.  This did not surprise me, of course, because I have ‘worked through’ many lives where marks from previous injuries and tortures erupted on my body.  I was very happy that my friend’s treatment was helping me to dis-cover Joshua.

EVERY past life remembered is another valuable opportunity to excavate, explore, heal and integrate wounds from the past and then receive the lessons and gifts from that lifetime.  It is lessons from so many past lives as well as my current life that helps me to navigate with my clients their past/s.  Clearly, I am dealing with some of my own resistance when it comes to Joshua.  So, very soon I am going to set aside a chunk of ‘time’ just for him.   I will ask him what he needs and how I can help?  I will be open to receiving his gifts during our explorations.  Meanwhile, I keep repeating a mantra as guided.  “Joshua, you are free.  Joshua you are free.  Joshua you are finally free.” Since I started this mantra in the summer, the red mark on my forehead is changing.  It has bubbled, blistered, peeled and is now fading away.  It is now barely visible.   I deal with my lives one at a time as I deal with this life one day at a time.  It is working well.

To understand past lives can be challenging .  If you wish to read about it I always recommend the books of  best-selling author Dr. Brian Weiss.  It is always worth the time and energy to discover a past life that is coming up for healing.  Once in awhile a client asks me to access the Akashic Records for them.  I work with the angels and an ascended master when I retrieve this sort of information.  It is very useful.

Just as I am writing this a friend I speak with occasionally phoned me and out-of-the blue said, “I just plugged in your name for some reason into the internet, and your name came up linked with Joshua?”  I said, “I am currently writing my blog about my link with Joshua – you have to read it to discover the mystery!”  Another amazing confirmation that we are ALL linked on the web of life.  And that there is no time.  It is ALL happening NOW.    Thinking back today about some past life snippets obtained for clients during angel sessions, I remember how healing this was for them, eventually.  This knowledge keeps me on the path of discovery.  Like an intrepid explorer I soldier forth,  answering the call & discovering Joshua.

Blessings to you,       Monica





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  1. Hayley September 18, 2014 at 12:06 pm Reply

    Wow, what an interesting piece on past lives and the impressons they have on the present…The way you move back and forth through time in the writing of the blog is intriguing, I look forward to more entries as you always offer up something enlightening for our contemplation, thanks! 🙂

  2. Gillian September 19, 2014 at 11:00 pm Reply

    Thank you for sharing a “past” life with us. I look forward to hearing more about Joshua.

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