“Awakening is a never-ending process.”   Amanda Ellis

All hell breaks loose.”   Bracha Goldsmith

“We have to change so many things. Isn’t that wonderful?”   Bracha Goldsmith


No one said the dismantling process would be easy! We have six eclipses this pivotal year. Eclipses are game changers according to astrologer Bracha Goldsmith. It is very intense. What we think may clash with what we feel. The answer is love. As Bracha points out, “the word love, backwards, is the beginning of the word evolve.” Bracha asks us what soothes us at this time? My answer is my daydreams.

Yesterday we had a strawberry full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. I had an activation in Lemuria to rejuvenate me. It worked as I felt like I had the energy I had as a child again. I felt renewed. So many planets are in retrograde this month. Bracha says that these retros are leading us to replace, reassess, redo, renew, redesign as we go inward and take responsibility for our own frequency. It is a time where we need to be especially careful that we maintain a high frequency and do not descend into negativity and violence. Obviously this is a time where we are being called to do things differently. A dying system has to die.

The strawberry full moon lunar eclipse is just what we want. Fire. The fire of Sagittarius. It inflames as it burns away the old. Sag is associated with race, religion and ethnicity – and also international space travel. We are building up to the Cancerian New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 21st. As you are likely aware, Cancer is a water sign and is associated with families, nurturing, and things like food, housing, water.  Researching for this blog I always learn something new – which I love. Life long learning. I learned what “quincunx” means. It is an aspect in astrology that is formed between planets when they are roughly 150 degrees apart. It means that the energies are at odds. A quincunx “is like extreme astrological multi-tasking. We have to serve both planets and their contrasting agendas all at once.” (astrostyle.com)  So with our fire eclipse and our water eclipse we are never able to get comfortable. Bracha comments that it makes us feel like we are in a bed with a lumpy mattress. We keep squirming to find the sweet spot (my words). Some of us now are experiencing this quincunx in relationships. Tensions will resolve when we each listen to each other. We might not agree but we do need to listen. We have to get away from any old competitive energy.

In June we will also experience air and earth energy. We will experience the free, curious, adaptable and gossipy energy of Gemini as well as the energy of Capricorn which is authoritarian, structured, and related to corporations and government. No wonder “all hell breaks loose.” We’ve been gifted, those of us awakening, with a higher consciousness. What are we doing with it? I am creating new dreams. I am dreaming a new world.

My night dream last night was difficult to distinguish between the news I hear about schools in Quebec right now. Elementary children are apparently back in school. My dream was about children in their own bubbles in school. Socially distanced. No sharing of tools or physical space or hugs. Recalling it, (retrograde) it felt very matter of fact and sterile. In the dream it was just “it is what it is.” It is necessary. However, when I woke up, I felt sad. I wonder if by the time my granddaughter goes to school she will be able to play with other children. I hope so. I dream so. The education system badly needs reforming (retrograde). It needs a complete overhaul. But, most folks realize that a lot of going to school was about social life and learning how to co-operate and work together. Learning what it means to be human. Maybe we are learning what it means to be human by learning what does not feel human.

One of the many observations I am making right now is about how it seems to be largely women, and often women of colour, who do the essential services we have always needed and need now more than ever.  Groceries, cleaning, child care have traditionally been done by women. Yet, in an article I read recently it said that women are the fastest growing population in North American prisons currently. Why are more women ending up in prison while mothering and mothering influences are so important? Is this the last gasp of eons of patriarchy playing out? As the elderly are left to die in nursing homes, more women are imprisoned and 150 species of animals go extinct daily – we are called to redesign (retrograde). What do we need to do differently? How can you participate in that?

Covid-19 is cleaning everything up. It is bringing things to the surface. “The truth will set us free.”  The truth is that Covid-19 is making us look at everything from a higher perspective. A perspective that deals everyone in and leaves no one out. Our hearts are opening. People are hopeful. United States Civil Rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton says: ” We are on the brink of real change.”  Senator Cory Booker agrees: “I am hopeful in this moment.” If they are hopeful, this gives us hope! Astrologer Pam Gregory points out that ” these are astrologically huge times, with huge opportunities.”

What feeds your soul these days?  Daydreams are feeding my soul. I am a magician focused on the Light, family fun, communication, and hope and faith regarding the future. I am welcoming in the new energy of a new Lemuria into my heart. I realize that the chaos and conflict is because we are shedding our old skins in our effort to renew (retrograde). Magic wants to happen for all of us. We are all magicians. What are you creating?

A critical mass of us meditating and praying and daydreaming the new world into existence is powerful.  What is happening close to you right now that you need to take care of?  It could be a stray cat that needs helping. Start with what is right here, right now. In your face to do. That is what I am currently doing. Someone is trying every day, sometimes multiple times a day, to shut down my blog site. So, if it happens – just to let you know – it was me shut down by someone more technologically skilled than I or my webmaster!!  Nevertheless, I will pop up somewhere down the road! Folks can help me quit my blog, but they can never cause me to quit my daydreams!  We live in strange times where shutting down voices is happening everywhere. Apparently those with you tube channels have been given some new rules as to what they cannot say. Three strikes and they are out. Of course, these are those speaking truth as they know it.  There is truth and there is Truth.

Covid-19 at present is a teacher. Teaching us to consider everyone and appreciate everyone – not just ourselves and our own families. Opening our hearts and making us kinder, more loving and compassionate.  More appreciative of life’s smaller pleasures. Encouraging us to go deep within to heal the wounds of the past and daydreaming a new world, for ourselves, and others, into existence.  Offering us opportunities to explore our multidimensional selves without having to travel to a far away country as we are now so aware of our carbon footprint.

Astrologers tell us that there is a possible new wave (they call it the second wave) coming around October or November. What can you do to help this to NOT happen?  Do that.  And, never quit your daydreams.

Love & Light,   Monica


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  1. Gil Lian June 6, 2020 at 4:55 pm Reply

    Good stuff! I just read an article about how well Iceland is handling the pandemic. The Prime Minister of Iceland is a 44 year old Left-Green Party woman. She handed responsibility over to three doctors and the people of Iceland didn’t have to see politicians on TV every day, they just saw these three doctors giving them the facts. And, of course, at home we have the example of Bonnie Henry in B.C. Hey, Monica’s readers, let’s all visualize some white light around Monica’s blog site and thwart the hacker!

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