“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win.”        William Shakespeare

Are you currently experiencing any difficulties manifesting your desires?  Are you doing your daily affirmations, your spiritual rituals and meditations, focusing on your Vision Board, employing the Law of Attraction, giving gratitude and yet seeing little evidence in the ‘real’ (physical) world of your efforts?  Perhaps doubt is the stumbling block.  It is for many. If doubt is your current stumbling block, take heart.  Doubt is part of the human condition and has much to teach us.  This is what our dear friend, Emmanuel, has to say about doubt:

The serpent

In the Garden of Eden

is not sexuality.

It is doubt.


Do you doubt

that you are here as a spirit being

to function within a physical reality?

Of course you do.

Let me assure you that this

is a common misconception.


There is, all too often,

a feeling of non-worth,

of limitation,

at times of hopelessness and futility,

because of the constrictions of the physical body.

Yet within the structure

of your physical realm

great progress can be made.

This is the purpose of reincarnation.  ”      (EMMANUEL’S BOOK, channeling by Pat Rodegast)


We have many lifetimes to clear these doubts, should we wish this option; however, as Lightworkers waking up to our divinity, it does not serve us or the planet to delay this process, I feel.  The angels will nudge us to the door of freedom from doubt, however, they cannot, due to the Law of Free Will, push us through.  We need to ask for their help and then walk through when we feel ready to assume complete responsibility for creating our lives.  Most of us go through much struggle in order to release (banish) doubts.  Much of this is not necessary.  It is a decision, like any other.  It isn’t necessary to experience ANYTHING that we don’t want to experience  – including doubt.  Needless to say, learning to master our mental energy regarding doubt, is for many of us, a sometimes arduous journey – but – one that moves faster with the assistance of the angels, guides and ascended masters.  WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

So, let me tell you the story of one of my clients many years ago.  Let us call her Pamela (not her actual name).  Originally when Pamela came to Awakening Spirit, my wellness practice, she came for a service other than an Angel Reading; however, she became curious about communicating with angels and decided to not only come for a reading but also for some spiritual counseling and an Akashic Record reading.  The time in her life had arrived where she realized that although she had a good career, a satisfactory marriage, children and a home, she was not feeling confident within herself and was lacking self-esteem which  there seemed to be no reason for.  In other words, she doubted herself.  During an Angel Reading, which Pamela had never experienced before – she asked the angels the “root cause” of her lack of self-esteem?  Onto my inner screen flashed an image of a servant girl carrying water in a pitcher.  She was young and weary and obviously downtrodden in posture.  I relayed to Pamela what the angels were relaying to me.  It resonated for her as truth – her body acting as the barometer of truth that it is, she was covered in goose bumps ( I call them angel bumps!).  In another life that the angels showed me she had been a daughter of wealthy aristocrats in the 18th century and had never had to lift a finger to do any form of work or help anyone else – she died in her late teens after falling from a horse and therefore never ran a household or was responsible for the welfare of others.  And this had left her feeling incapable of caring for herself or others and with a sense of low self-esteem.   Pamela’s eyes, when these two past lives were related to her changed dramatically and a sense of peace descended upon her.  She understood now that she was carrying memories from the distant past and no longer needed to ‘lug around’ these burdens that were causing her to doubt herself and her capabilities in this lifetime.  She had been suffering from what we know as “imposter syndrome” and now understood and, of course, became curious as to other lives and scheduled an official Akashic Record reading with me – where to my surprise – it turned out that Pamela and I had shared one life together when we were sisters.  Maybe that is one of the reasons why we were able to work together so efficiently that Pamela’s self-esteem was restored through God and the angels and I have not seen her since!  (In my 9 years of angel readings – there has only been one other client who remembered a life with me.)

As with Pamela, once in awhile I get a client who comes to the angels to dis-cover why they are not manifesting their desires – when they are following the three easy steps regarding the Law of Attraction: (1) ask, (2) believe & (3) receive.  The answer is usually DOUBT!  Doubt regarding God and God’s Love for them or doubt regarding themselves.  So, let us use again, an example of a past client, one of my few male clients, and let us call him Nick (which is not his name).  Nick was my client many years ago and was a very sensitive man who belied all stereotypes regarding men.  He was extremely intelligent and knowledgeable in many areas and also very psychic himself; however, he was not trusting his own judgments and inner truth and was being pulled in all directions by everyone in a way that we usually see as the stereotypical 1950s woman who tries to please everyone and ends up pleasing no one and also ill herself.  So, Nick was referred to me by another alternative healer who had worked with Nick and yet felt that angelic assistance was needed.  Thankfully, Nick was ‘open’ to angels.  He was in a job that was way below his capacities, but, one that used his sensitivity and caring for others.  He was under a lot of pressure meeting his financial obligations and also trying to help family members financially and all this while he was also struggling through a big transformation in his life. He was overwhelmed.  Nick and I worked together well, in an organic process, that is unique in its applications and also completely guided by the angels and ascended masters who come to the aid of my clients in droves.  Nick was very much in need of etheric cord cutting to doubts and fears built up over lifetimes – which certainly included this one! Nick was very much aware of Archangel Michael but had no idea of cord-cutting and its value so there was a lot of teaching involved for me as well as a number of cord-cutting sessions to doubts and fear.  Archangel Michael and Nick and myself worked hand-in-wing to cut cords and disentangle Nick sufficiently from the fears and doubts of others in order to identify the difficulties regarding manifesting his most authentic life.  An ethical man, he was not fully aware of the Love that God had for him and was concerned about displeasing Source.  I was able to channel messages from the angels that reassured Nick that he was not here to sacrifice himself, that he was deeply loved by Source as are we all.  Every session we had I noticed Nick’s eyes being filled with more Light and his lines around his eyes disappearing as his eye muscles relaxed and his arms folded protectively over his chest relaxed as well.  There is nothing like basking in the Love from God and the angels to begin the healing process.  Nick had been engaged outside the flow of giving and receiving.  He was all giving and no receiving and therefore living in imbalance.  His part in this imbalance had come from a lack of understanding of metaphysical principles and a low sense of self-worth.  Doubting himself.  Over time we worked with the angels and particular ascended masters who came forth to assist Nick, so that he felt sufficiently comfortable to pursue a life in keeping with his own true beliefs and feelings which had been buried since childhood.  This particular client changed his life in the most dramatic way that I have ever witnessed, and is happy today and found a path that has resulted in him creating something entirely ‘new’ within his community.  Love flows when doubt goes.    Oh, just in case I didn’t make things clear enough – Nick’s problem with the Law of Attraction was in the receiving phase because he was “asking” and “believing” but not  “allowing” himself to receive the life he wanted – which was way outside the “norm.”

The Art of Allowing is an important piece of the equation when manifesting our authentic life.  Often beliefs have to be changed in order to receive.  Nick changed many beliefs.  He decided to believe that he was worthy of the life he wanted.  He accepted that God’s Love is unconditional and does not depend on Nick’s adhering to rigid rules created long ago in a different time and place.  He unearthed deep seated old beliefs in lack and sacrifice and pain.  He allowed the angels and his Source to ‘heal’ him.  He asked for and received the courage to boldly set forth on a very new path – knowing God’s Love would sustain him and Archangel Michael would protect him.  I am inspired by the way he followed through with the hero’s journey and became his true self.  There is a figurine of a female spiritual warrior that sits on my altar even today. It is the one that Nick gave me when he completed his sessions with me. To remember him by!  As if I needed it!

What vibrational offering are you broadcasting to the universe?  If it is doubt, then there is some detective work to do.  Make this FUN!  God wants you to be happy and peaceful living true to yourself and why you came.

You are here to shine your light and uplift others and HOW you do that has no fence around it!  Do not let doubt grow into a tumbleweed that bowls you over.  Ask for help from the angels and it is yours.

Much Love,   Monica















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  1. Gillian March 5, 2015 at 11:57 am Reply

    What a great post to bring in March with its returning light and promise of spring. Henceforth I shall have “angel bumps” also.

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