You can tell your dragon anything you wish from the centre of your heart for he has infinite wisdom and can find a way of responding to you.”   Diana Cooper

Water dragons spread the Christ light through your body.”   Diana Cooper


Although dragons have been with us since time began – during this period of history – many are now tuning into them as dragons are coming forth to help us on our ascension quest. While I have been consciously working with Angels, faeries, ascended masters and spirit guides (including animal spirit guides) for over a decade – it was only last summer that I went through another faery portal and began communicating with dragons. Dragons are elementals so they may be fire, earth, air or water or a combination but they do not have all 4 elements. Originating in Lemuria, dragons can be small or can expand to a massive size if necessary. They have names, so if you are not already connected with your personal dragon, next meditation, should you wish to, ask your dragon its name and it will drop into your mind. This is nice because then it makes for a more personal bond. When I did this I was surprised and delighted to find out that my dragon’s name was the name that I had given to my only boy doll in childhood. Your dragon will be wonderful for you to connect with as he provides you support, protection and companionship. Dragons have a huge, wide open heart centre.

There are fire dragons, water dragons, air dragons and earth dragons. Water dragons are also called water serpents and are a shimmering green, blue, or silver and carry feminine energy. You can call upon them to raise the frequency of your local sources of water. Air dragons help to push out the old and bring in the new and earth dragons protect the ley lines. Fire dragons, which are the ones I work most closely with so far, are under the command of the elemental master, Thor, while the entire element of fire is overseen by Archangel Gabriel. Due to the fact that fire transmutes negativity – fire dragons are wonderful helpers for those of us undertaking spiritual work that is especially challenging. You can ask fire dragons to burn up any negativity in your chakras and ask them to clear your aura.

One of my favourite Angel ladies, besides my own teacher, Doreen Virtue, is the U.K.’s spiritual teacher, Diana Cooper, who recently went through another extraordinarily tough challenge  (spiritual initiation) with cancer and survived three major operations in a row. The whole time she was in the hospital she says a little green and blue dragon sat by her bedside. Diana says that in Atlantis we each had a unicorn and a dragon. Unicorns can help us to work deeply with  the desires of our souls  and dragons can help us to transmute and burn up negative energies and protect us. Many people such as myself, in the past, have been connected to their dragon without realizing it. Angels, unicorns and dragons all see our Higher Selves. They come in at the higher frequencies. Angels have the highest frequency and that is why I am always urging you to purify your life and work with them. Dragons will come in at the 4th dimensional frequency to help those just beginning to wake up and unicorns come in when you are 5th dimensional. The dragons can help us to become masters at living in the fifth dimension. This requires taking total responsibility for all our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Talking to our dragon (or unicorn) is the first step. Establish a relationship. When you ask a dragon to help you or another person they are with you. “Please come to me dragon.” My dragon is green with blue wings. While I see dragons clairvoyantly, dragons appear to me as very large undulating streams of light. This is how I see dragons with my physical eyes. Honour your own experiences – everything is an expression of Source.

We can employ everything in our life, any situation or circumstance, to heal or expand ourselves or we can contract and refuse to acknowledge our limiting belief system. Enlightenment is seeing with the eyes of Love. Angels, dragons and unicorns help us to rise above our egos and to see with the eyes of Love. We can choose to see clashing egos (3rd dimension) or we can choose the Angelic perspective. Because the planet has raised its frequency – the journey to mastery is available to all of us who are willing to take responsibility for everything that we think, say and do. My paternal grandfather taught me to ask myself the following questions before I said anything. Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it truthful? Enlightenment is seeing everything from a higher perspective – like the Angels. This, by the way, does not mean we are not still human. Remember the old Zen saying. “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” Enlightened individuals you will recognize by their kindness and compassion toward others.  Having worked through so many conditioned layers of reality they do not negate the suffering of others. They may or may not be gurus or spiritual teachers. They are just as likely to be your local Tim Horton’s server, postal worker, teacher, nurse, CEO etc. and unbeknownst to you – are working with Angels, dragons and unicorns.  They are undercover lightworkers. They are everywhere helping to bring in and anchor the light. Having been a Yoga teacher for the past thirty years – when I moved to B.C. from Ontario I had a yoga classmate tell me, “yes, well all nuts roll west.” Most joined in the laughter. So, that may help you to understand why some lightworkers prefer to remain undercover. We are very sensitive people.

When you ask a dragon for help, you will receive it if it is for your Highest good. Diana tells us how to serve a dragon, reminding us that energy flows two ways and that it is just as important to give as it is to receive. If you read Diana’s books then you may have already done a dragon thanking ceremony or maybe you sit and light a candle for the dragons and send them love and healing. They love this as elementals have feelings just as we do. I love Diana’s many suggestions as to how to work with dragons and over the past year have followed her suggestions and found them simple to do. In Diana’s books you can find wonderful guided meditations and steps to communicating with many aspects of Source Energy. Diana is on the leading-edge of those of us working with a new vibration post-2012 and offers many steps to accelerate your journey of cosmic consciousness. (THE ARCHANGEL GUIDE TO ASCENSION: 55 STEPS TO THE LIGHT)

Diana will guide you if you are currently wanting to delve deeply into dragonology and wondering who you can trust to help you to stay on the path of Light. The dragons I work with now are mostly the fire dragons. I send them to war-torn areas and I ask them to burn up lower energies. I sometimes ask the air dragons to help me move forward when I feel or think that I might be “stuck”. Of course we are never actually stuck. But, if you feel like you are – why not ask the air dragons to blow away the ‘old’ and bring in something higher? The other dragons I work with at present are the Golden dragons that I am seeing frequently. Diana calls them “the golden Christed dragons”. And, the Violet-flame dragons that are fifth-dimensional dragons (not fourth-dimensional service dragons) who work with Archangels Gabriel and Zadkiel to burn up and transmute lower energies. I wrote a blog in the past on the Violet Flame should you wish to revisit that. I was initiated by Archangel Zadkiel.

The best way to know ONENESS is by working on ourselves. When we are Spiritual Warriors – working on ourselves – we actually do not have the time nor the energy to sit around gossiping or judging others because we are working on the evolution of our own souls. This alone helps us to raise our frequency to the level necessary to communicate with the many, many Beings who are helping us during the ascension of planet Earth. Including the beautiful dragons. When we close our minds – our chakras start to contract. Open up your mind to unlimited possibilities and embrace the Divine magic.

Namaste,  Monica



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  1. Gillian August 3, 2017 at 4:20 pm Reply

    Around the time you were posting this, I was mowing the lawn (I always ask that any insects or critters clear out). I looked down and there was a fair sized salamander–black with yellow dots–so I lifted him to safety. I think he’s my little dragon. Thanks for this post!

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