“We have forgotten the age-old fact that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions.”   Carl Jung

A dream that is not understood remains a mere occurrence; understood it becomes a living experience.”   Carl Jung

“Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.”   Carl Jung

This period of my life at the moment I could call “Dreamscape Bridge.”  My inner planes life and my (night) dream life seem to be blending together although that could be an illusion that is part of my dreamscape bridge.  Dreams are so important now aren’t they as we weave a new future together? Are you keeping a dream journal? One of my blogs of the past was called, “Good-bye to the Old, Hello to the New” and it would be valuable to read it again at this time.

Most of us began preparing for this time on Earth so many years ago. We started listening to our intuition, meditated, practiced Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi and started our connections to our healing on the inner planes. Of which there are so many. We learned that everything we did on the inner affected the outer. We learned that the Earth is within as it is also without. As I sat to write today, a spider walked up and onto my computer table – so – before I entitled this blog or even knew what i might write – I looked up the meaning of spider in Ted’s book Animal Speak.  “To the Native Americans, spider is grandmother, the link to the past and the future.”

We of this small tribe @ Awakening Spirit know we all come from one point of Source and the deeper we go into our selves – the more we see ourselves as guardians of the past and future. I have talked of this before, but, to me, it feels as though my 1950s hula-hoop is still circling around me and with it the ebb and flow of the past winds around me and weaves my destiny. Ted says that “spider teaches you to maintain a balance – between past and future, physical and spiritual, male and female. Spider teaches you that everything you now do is weaving what you will encounter in the future.

Like many of us now – I do not know what the future holds for me as an individual. I am learning to let go of the desire to know and I am enjoying the mystery. I know it will be fun, because fun is one of my core beliefs and values. Unless it is fun, or unless I make it into fun, I am very unlikely to do it. So, I make necessary chores, like paying bills and such, into a game. It works. Try it out if you are not already doing that. My past clients know this tip as I have taught them all how to make fun a priority to raise their vibration and employ the Law of Attraction to their benefit.

However, that being said. Few of us can escape the grieving that is an inevitable part of transitioning. Some of us may be grieving the loss of a loved one to Covid-19 or another dis-ease or accident and others of us are going through the seven stages of grieving that were identified by Swiss-American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.  I studied these stages while training as a Registered Nurse so that I could aid the dying and their families. Many of us are going through these stages now and U.K. spiritual teacher Amanda Ellis reminded us recently that we best avoid the “false dawn” syndrome where we pretend that we are already through into the New Order. It is important to grieve what we are losing. We are all losing something, material or otherwise. Right now, the only connection I now have to my ‘old ‘ work life pre-Covid is this connection to you dear readers. Since I can no longer see people in my office/wellness space at home (which is my absolute favourite way to practice) due to social distancing I am having to adapt like everyone else is. Yes, I can certainly do readings and healing by distance; however, the bank is unable to fix a problem with my e-transfer without me physically going into a bank and so… I can only accept checks by snail mail – these days i find few people want to wait for a booked reading/healing for the time it takes for a check to arrive … we live, still, in immediate gratification mode…so the Universe seems to be indicating that I will largely be blogging and writing children’s books … thankfully I enjoy both.

So what are the seven stages of grief – in case some of you never knew or have forgotten: (1) shock & disbelief; the colour orange soaks up shock says Colour Therapist Amanda Ellis. Try wearing orange or use orange crystals. (2) denial; example “Covid-19 is fake news”, “my business will be unaffected”, “I don’t need to social distance or wear a mask”, Amanda suggests red as a colour for those of you in denial as it is a ‘red flag’ and a primal colour that may aid you in recognizing our current reality. (3) bargaining; we may try to bargain with Source as a way of trying to get the new world to be our own idea of ‘perfect’. Violet is a good colour says Amanda to bring balance. (4) guilt: normal part of grief, may feel you have been selfish. Forgiveness is important. Violet colour helps here too. (5) anger;  “I can’t do __________  any more!  I don’t have ____________ any more!”  Many are very angry, do not take it out on others. Channel it. Go running, go to the top of a mountain or into the forest and scream, beat a pillow.  Green is a good healing colour to use to defuse and heal. (6) depression: certainly a valid feeling right now, many may be in need of counselling so please reach out to qualified therapists if you are one of these. Ask the Angels for Their help, particularly Archangel Metatron who is the Angel in charge of our Ascension.  Yellow colour perks us all up – I knew a client who refused my suggestion to wear sunshine yellow – I tuned in to her – she was afraid it would make her happy. Unhappiness was her comfort state. (7) acceptance & hope: we accept that change is needed and we hope all is going in a positive direction.  Optimism.  Amanda suggests pink as the energy of love colour.

We can go through these stages at different periods and not in order. These are non-linear. So do not judge others or yourselves as you go through these stages of grieving. Be kind and gentle and loving to yourself. When you move through them all  – then you will not be frozen in time, but, the process is important to work through.

Many of us are feeling separated from home and Home right now.  Maybe we are sheltering in place alone, or with an ex, or out of our own province/state, or our own country, feeling cut off from home and Heaven. This is when our dreams give us clues to our own lives. My dream a few nights ago ended with me back at the farm in the country near Owen Sound where I spent the happiest days of my childhood. My childhood (this current lifetime) was mostly traumatic (this helps to make me an effective, skilled & compassionate healer) and so the farm (my happy place) represents for me both home and Heaven. My earthly life and spiritual life are very intensely connected to the spirit of a place. The farm is that place. So… the dream had me wandering over the gentle green hills from the house to the barn with my brother as we chatted away. In ‘reality’ this happened in the past, of course, as children. However, in this dream we are our current ages. It was a nostalgia dream, yes, but it was also confirmation that time has moved on – we weren’t children in my dream, but in our hearts we might as well have been. Our home is where our heart is – you can go home again. Everything is also within. Our inner landscape is a part of our dreamscape and our dreamscape is creating and weaving (says grandmother spider) our pasts and our futures.

It is normal to mourn a loss. Even if the loss was dysfunctional. As we see our societies struggling through Covid-19, it is exposing the dysfunction in so many areas – yet – to many of us – even though a lot was dysfunctional – it was a comfort spot, or there were happy elements of it –  and we need to grieve its passing or at least need to grieve the fact that we did nothing about it in the past – so we are grieving a lost opportunity. I think many of us could be grieving lost opportunities. Opportunities we didn’t take before Covid changed our lives. We are grieving an old way of life that is disappearing. Perhaps we understand our own grandparents more now that we are watching our own ways of living change and/or disappear. The way we do things like business, schooling, finances etc. is changing. Hopefully, ultimately, for the better. But, as Amanda says,” anything is easier than the new.”  She says, “we can revert back to the old masculine energy of eons and push our minds over hearts or we can learn to respond the way Divine Mother would – being soft, gentle, flexible and forgiving.” We have the power to choose.

Many of us are choosing to listen to the wisdom of trees at this time. As the destruction of the Amazon rain forest continues we are mourning the loss of trees across the Earth. Gillian and I were in sync last week about this. I find that Amanda Ellis is also talking about trees and their wisdom. She suggests finding a tree and leaning up against it and sensing its wisdom and receiving its healing. I asked the Green Man today to guide me to the tree with today’s message for my readers. It is the Sugar Maple. Makes me smile as last week I wrote about the “honey of life.” All these blogs are guided of course. I have no plan. I sit and a spider walks across my desk, an animal comes in a vision, a dream is recalled and then I start … as my guides like spider and sugar maple stir my subconscious mind. Sugar Maple’s message is: “VERSATILITY; “Although my leaves are green in spring, they have changed colour dramatically by the time they drop in autumn. I can show you how to introduce similar versatility into your own life to make you stand out as a unique individual.”  Sugar Maple, channeled through Jane Struther’s Wisdom of the Trees oracle deck, guides you to ask yourself these questions when sugar maple comes into your life – as it just has! “Are you getting stuck in a rut in some area of your life? If so, do your best to become more versatile and flexible in your ideas and attitudes. Learn to embrace change wholeheartedly, even if you do not know what it will lead to.”

As you embrace change wholeheartedly, remember that spider has long been associated with death and rebirth. Spider is considered the totem of those “who weave magic with the written word.”  One of my teachers now on the Other Side, Ted Andrews, says, if spider has come into your life it is time to answer some very important questions. “Are you not weaving your dreams and imaginings into reality? Are you not using your creative opportunities? Are you feeling closed in or stuck as if in a web? Do you need to pay attention to your balance or the balance of those around you? ”  Are those around you off balance? “Are you guided to write and/or draw and not following through?”  Please answer these in your journal – your insights may surprise you dear  ones.

I hope I have spun a web around you today with my guided words. Spider is the primordial holder of the alphabet.  I feel that spider came into our lives today to help us to create our Dreamscape Bridge and to consciously create a new destiny.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian May 30, 2020 at 6:05 pm Reply

    My dreams (the ones I remember anyway) have been scary lately. From a crashing plane just at the edge of my own yard to two “murder” dreams in the last two days. Since I live a fairly isolated (country) life anyway, I’m taking these dreams as a way of processing what I know is actually going on Out There. I think it’s wonderful the way you can sit down and, with a little spider inspiration, weave an entire blog post!

    • Monica June 1, 2020 at 7:56 am Reply

      Thanks Gillian for your continued support and engagement.

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