Today is Diwali, the Hindu celebration of the lights.  Many non-Hindus also celebrate the Festival of Lights.  Kara, who writes the Ascension Notes, reminds us that this festival celebrates new beginnings and honours the goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity.  The light allows us to go deeper than we ever have before and root out everything that is not Love.  The New Moon is the time of new beginnings.  Therefore, it is an auspicious time to send out your intentions.  Be courageous enough to align with the ‘truth’ of who you are.  Our hearts are expanding into Oneness.  Forgive and expand.

Many of us now are experiencing, once again, some Ascension symptoms as the Light is anchored within us.  We are detoxing.  These symptoms take many forms including: digestive issues, headaches, dizziness, skin rashes etc.  So, if your doctor tells you that there is nothing wrong with you, this may be the explanation.  Kara reports that many of us are doing a lot of astral travelling now – not always realizing it.  As we continue to move through the ‘old’ world’s dualistic fears ( currently manifesting as Ebola, terrorism, wars) we are shifting our focus to love, using our intention and attention.

I am going to share with you the Earth Healing Meditation given to Kim Sweeney (clairvoyant, spiritual healer) by a spiritual master who awoke her during the night to transmit this.  He asked her to share this with as many of us as she was able in order that we all move to the next level in our spirituality.

Here are the steps to follow for this meditation:

” (1) Begin with whatever ritual you use to relax your body and mind.

(2) Imagine a beautiful golden cord.  Attach one end of it to the base of your spine and let the other fall down into the earth – all the way down to the center of the earth.

(3) Use your imagination and move your way down the cord all the way down to the center of the earth.

(4) At the center of the earth, visualize a large, beautiful, clear crystal ball.  Around the ball see and feel other lightworkers here for the same purpose as you.  Form a circle with these others.  Call in all of the ascended masters, your own masters and guides, and all others whose intent is for the healing of the earth and its inhabitants.  Stand together forming a sacred circle around the large crystal ball.

(5) Extend your right hand – palm out toward the crystal ball & place your left hand on the shoulder next to you.

(6) Ask the God of your understanding to use you as a channel for healing.  Allowing you to transmit divine healing energy for the highest good of the earth and her inhabitants through your hands and into the crystal ball.  Then see and feel with all of your senses the diving energy running through your body and out your hands.

(7) Watch the crystal ball begin to glow as it receives this divine healing energy.  It will turn a beautiful translucent pink as it fills with divine healing energy.  As it becomes full and is charged with the healing energy, watch as the crystal begins to transmit the energy outward in all directions.  The pink light extends out from the ball in all directions at the same time – moving through you as it goes out & fills the entire earth.  Continuing out as it breaks through the top of the ground & moves up into the atmosphere, filling everything with divine healing as it goes.  All matter and spirit that is within & on top of the earth is being filled with divine healing energy.  Watch the energy as it continues to move outward filling everything and every space on out to the edge of the atmosphere.

(8) Take a moment now & allow your entire self to feel this divine healing within your own body and soul.

(9) Now bring your hands to the prayer position ( palms together in front of your heart) & thank the God of your understanding for using you as a channel of healing.  Thank those around you for their participation  in this ceremony.

(10) Now gently come back up the golden cord, back into your body.  Bring your hands up over your face and open your eyes into your hands.”

Love & Light,   Monica            p.s.  I will be doing this meditation @ 4 pm. Ontario time today, 1 pm. Pacific time for those wishing to join me.  However, all time is NOW!





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  1. Christine October 23, 2014 at 7:32 pm Reply

    What a beautiful meditation. I will do this at this coming weekend. Looking forward to being there .
    Thank you for sharing this Monica.

  2. Gillian November 2, 2014 at 7:21 pm Reply

    I’m getting this message that all time is NOW from a number of different and varied sources so…even though I seem to be writing this in November, I will join you in October for this lovely meditation. Thanks!

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