“You can’t commit a bit of yourself – this is an all-in process.”   Lisa Transcendence Brown

Ascension isn’t about who is ‘higher’ than another, it isn’t about better or best.” Lisa T. Brown

“Be ready to relearn everything all over again. Ego resists this if our human is running the show.”   Lisa Transcendence Brown


So this month the energies are, and have been, high. Some are calling it the “wave of March.” Changes are afoot for many of us even if they have not yet manifested. I have been listening to speakers at the Multidimensional Human Experience Summit on-line. Maybe you have as well. So far, I have resonated a lot with what Lisa Transcendence Brown is currently speaking about regarding Ascension and these interesting times we live in. Like Lisa, I have chosen to embrace the adventure and I recommend that you do too!

I like that Lisa reminds us that there will be ups and downs until we are fully ascended when we will remain high and rather than going up and down  – we will only contract and expand. If I am understanding Lisa correctly our expansion is 5D and our contraction 3D. After all, our physical body currently inhabits 3D.  I believe this is the time that the pedal hits the metal so to speak. Some of us will commit fully and others may sit back content to work around the edges. Whatever your choice, it is your choice to make. There is no judgment in 5D about those choices. One is not better than another as 5D has no ‘better than’ – competition and judgment is a 3D state of being.

For those of us who are already ‘all-in’ or those considering that commitment, I want to go through some information that will aid you on this adventure which can be quite like a roller-coaster at times. These changes are greater than what we intuit has happened on Earth in the past with the exception of Atlantis and Lemuria. So, do not be surprised to find yourself going through some more cleansing as you shift again. On this increasing consciousness journey we find that the time does arrive where the ascension process becomes a priority and while others can definitely help us – no one can do it for us.

We are finding that the old ways do not work anymore. Lauren Galey of Acoustic Health tells us to get rid of our b.s. (belief system). That is why we need to be willing to relearn everything we ever knew. Of course, the ego resists this strongly in many of us because it wants to run the whole show. However, it is by choosing to surrender ego to the Higher Self that will eliminate duality within. This is occurring while simultaneously our DNA is being activated (from 2 activated strands to 12) so we can not only awaken but also undergo a physical reconfiguration. You see, the veils of amnesia are lifting, and it occurs inside the body. So, it can feel confusing when we are unaware that these changes are happening on so many levels in individuals as well as on Gaia.

Lisa has gone through many phases of ascension: the light body phase, human body phase, crystalline phase, plasma phase and the avatar/etheric phase. Having experienced all of these phases – many lasting a minimum of two years – she is well equipped to tell you the numerous ascension symptoms that we might experience. Physical pain is one of them, because as we deeply clear – pain is the body’s way of trying to release something that was trapped (emotional pain). Obviously we always consult our medical practitioner, but, oftentimes when it is an ascension symptom Western doctors will be puzzled. Also, our bodies are likely to fluctuate with regard to our weight. Although many of us gain weight from emotional eating – ascension weight gain or/and weight loss is common. Lisa herself experienced wild fluctuations from being very heavy to very skinny and unrelated to what she ate. She also experienced a lot of belly bloat (this can sometimes be a sign of ovarian cancer) related to her ascension. Belly bloat is a common ascension symptom. Lisa said at a certain phase she realized that she had to get serious about eating for the ascension process and listen to her body’s needs for complete detoxing and she found that when she loved her body at whatever weight she was – she then found it was not difficult to care for it. She also found that her nutritional choices changed as she went through phases. She required salt during the plasma phase and sugar during another phase – even though generally speaking, for our health, most of us stay away from those substances. These periods did not last but she ate what her body wanted.

I have been aware with clients as well as myself  in the past that when we very sensitive earth angels/lightworkers put on weight it is usually because we are attempting to ground ourselves and protect ourselves with food. However, we can also put on weight in the physical dimension because our consciousness has expanded so much and our ratio of physical matter changes as we try to hold what Lisa calls ” a ridiculous amount of light.” Our multidimensional vessels (bodies) are changing in order to “rewrite DNA and genetics and when you are anchoring light you will feel weak, lethargic, and your body will want to sleep” and won’t be pushed! Sometimes Lisa needed 15 hours of sleep in a particular day. A big ascension phase can take up to two years. Remember, our bodies are moving from a linear body (3D) toward a quantum body (5D). Eat to support your body.

Lisa asks us to ask ourselves – is my body happy right now? It is important to listen to your body as it changes toward becoming a bio-electric ecosystem. When that change occurs –  a stargate system activates and the bio-electric system and the stargate system – now connected to it – gives us access to all these other dimensions. While these changes are on-going it is important to keep your vibration high and body cared for. For example, whatever room you are in – if you do not raise the vibration of the room – your body will have to work harder. Surrounding herself with live plants, colour and crystals are some of the ways Lisa keeps her body happy.

One of the things Lisa recommends is being open to paying money to create your new reality. I agree with Lisa. Spending money on various alternative therapies, spiritual sessions, and investing in training and education is a high consciousness choice that supports the ascension process as well as the abundance process.

Most of us now are deeply exploring our various aspects of Higher Self, human and Galactic while we move forward toward functioning, eventually, through the unified field of consciousness as we take our power back. Our power to, not power over – which was the old 3D b.s.  (belief system)

As Lisa says, and as we lightworkers know – our ego always says, “I’m not ready,” or “I’ll wait till its comfortable.” If we wait till we are ready – when will we be ready? I did not feel ready to open Awakening Spirit directly after training in California with Doreen Virtue about 12 years ago; however, the Angels asked me to start giving Angel readings and gave me the name and nudged me through that door. My Higher Self was ready. Doreen told our class to not wait till we are ready to start doing what we came to do, because, the ego is fearful and will always delay, delay, delay. Lisa told her ego, “Enough is enough – you do not get to run the show anymore.” Love your ego, but surrender it to your Higher Self – merge them – and embrace the ascension adventure!

Love & Light,   Monica   monicahemstock.ca




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  1. Gillian March 23, 2018 at 10:50 am Reply

    Hadn’t heard of Lisa or her work till this week’s blog–fascinating!

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