“Emergence: the act of becoming known or coming into view: the act of emerging.”   Merriam- Webster Dictionary

“Emergence – the process of becoming visible after being concealed.”   Oxford Dictionaries

“Emergence… A more nuanced definition is higher-order complexity arising out of chaos in which novel, coherent structures coalesce through interactions among the diverse entities of a system. Emergence occurs when these interactions disrupt, causing the system to differentiate and ultimately coalesce into something novel.”   Peggy Holman

“If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”  Carl Sagan


The process of your True Self emerging can be interpreted as an emergency. It can look and feel like one. This is because in our North American culture spiritual transformation and metamorphosis is poorly understood – if understood at all. That is why I do the work I do and that is why I write these blogs – to educate others so they understand the difference between an emergence and an emergency. The folks who make their way to Angel Cottage have sometimes been given a mental health label and are often struggling with low-self esteem and lack of confidence because they themselves are only partially aware that they are transforming and often people around them see them as “crazy” and feel that if they are sufficiently medicated they will eventually come out of their delusion that life is much grander than what they have been taught.

Awakening is a non-linear process so it can look strange on the 3D level to those still asleep. Also birth can be very messy – ask any woman who has given birth. There are estimates that only 5% of the world’s population is yet awake. That seems an underestimate to me  – but maybe that is because I work exclusively with people healing themselves and waking up to their divine magnificence. People willing to invest in their soul. We are the pioneers of the New Golden Age – if you are reading this – you are my fellow pioneer. It still requires courage in North America to come out of the closet with our awakenings and our psychic gifts; however, in many countries we are no longer killed for using them. As multidimensional human beings we chose to be here for this period of Earth’s ascension – I know eh? What were we thinking? However, it is also a very exciting time to be alive. Children being born now as I write this are “born knowing.”  Like Lady Gaga – they are “born this way.” Let’s not let them down (the sapphire, emerald and diamond children) as they come to create a planet where love and peace reign. What Eckhart Tolle calls the “New Earth.”

The New Earth will be populated by people living by the Law of One. People shining their light and accepting 100% responsibility for their own choices and their own lives. People who realize that what the future holds for them is dependent upon their state of consciousness – we are creating our future in every moment. With every thought, word and action. Understanding this we do our ‘shadow work’ so that we stop projecting our shadows onto others and are able to model a ‘new’ way of being. Have you noticed that our manifestations are happening faster now? We have realized there is now less of a gap between our thoughts and them coming into form. Are you seeing 111 more often now? I am. Some of my clients are. When we see this it is as though the Universe has a camera and is taking a snapshot of our thoughts at that moment. Are you pleased with those thoughts? Are they ones you wish to manifest? If not, correct them. Ask your Angels to help you. They love to help.

When we no longer allow our ego to run our lives (old Earth) there is, inevitably, a period of uncertainty and insecurity. Eventually though we learn to cease searching outside ourselves for an external, illusory security and we find our security within. We learn not only to live with uncertainty but to befriend it. When we befriend our insecurity it no longer prevents us from engaging in actions that initiate change. When we befriend uncertainty it no longer morphs into fear. Rather, infinite possibilities open up in our lives.

In every dis-ease, disability, loss or personal tragedy lies the potential for a life-changing awakening. This potential is the sun behind the cloud. It is obscured until we begin the dis-identification of consciousness from form. (This is why I am asking you to establish a consistent meditation practice). Through our ‘shake up’ which rocks us on our heels and/or brings us to our knees (I often think of Job in the Bible) our fragile ego cracks open and things no longer seem to make sense because our ego (concerned with survival and physical safety) had led us to believe that our purpose in life had only to do with protecting, building, accumulating, succeeding and gratifying our senses. In other words, we had always known ourselves as human doings, not human beings. Do you know how to just Be? For most of us in our fast-paced never-still culture, we have forgotten how to Be.

As our outer purpose collapses we go inward and dis-cover our True Self. We find within ourselves infinite resources of what some today are calling “wild wisdom.” What has been lost on the level of form has been gained on the level of essence. Tolle articulates. “In the traditional figure of the “blind seer” or the “wounded healer” of ancient cultures and legend, some great loss or disability on the level of form has become an opening into spirit. When you have a direct experience of the unstable nature of all forms, you will likely never overvalue form again and thus lose yourself by blindly pursuing it or attaching yourself to it.” (A NEW EARTH)

Where do you go for wisdom when you awaken? You go within and everything that you need to not only survive but to thrive is there. It always has been. It always will be. The Akash is in your DNA. Wild wisdom.

In the process of becoming we live one moment at a time. Savour it. One day at a time, learning Presence. No longer reacting (auto-pilot) responding (Presence). In the case of a genuine emergency we react as is appropriate (as in dialing 911) the rest of the time – we respond. Another name for this is peace. This becomes easier as we let go of our cultural addictions to fear and drama.

When Ariella Indigo (of Glastonbury, England) awakened 2 years or so ago to two light beings standing in her room – she says she was extremely fortunate that no one called an ambulance! We are fortunate as well – because – as a non-medicated  self-professed “star seed” now we have Ariella’s wild wisdom. This is not to say that medical assistance is never required – some people have great difficulty handling a sudden awakening (do not hesitate to seek medical help when you need it) – however – this day and age – when someone tells you an Angel or ET has landed in their room – chances are that it is possible an Angel or ET has landed in their room. Especially if they have seemed ‘sane’ to you up until that point! Remember, I know of what I speak.  People still cross the road to avoid me in the village where I live at present. Humour is essential to surviving an awakening. Call in Maitreya, the laughing Buddha, he came to me frequently and reminded me to see the humour in my awakening/s.

Would you like a tool to help you to connect to your “wild wisdom” that you can begin using today? If so, I am going to share Peggy Phoenix Dubro’s  “energetic posture” for “wild wisdom”. If you are not ready for an experience at this time – put it aside for when you are. This is a super-simple and effective technique which, naturally, as one of your spiritual midwives, I have employed for myself. I love it! Thank you Peggy.

Find a place you call a sanctuary.  Sit alone and quietly and take a few beautiful, slow, deep breaths. Ask Archangel Michael to protect you in an egg of luminous white light that affords you both space and complete safety. I always ask for the experience to be for my Highest Good and for the Highest Good of whomever is connected to me on any level.

(1) Sit up straight and be ready to work with your energy. Rest your hands, palms up on thighs.

(2) Centre yourself 24 inches below your feet (earth star chakra). Affirm (I do it aloud but silent works) “Grounded.”   Breathe.

(3) Focus on your Crown Chakra Centre (24 inches above your head). Affirm “Opened, Connected.”  Breathe.

(4) Now, come into your Heart Centre.  Affirm. “Loving.”   Breathe.

(5) Now, focus on your Solar Plexus (area of the belly below the sternum) . This is the area we will now be radiating enlightened energy from (the change from power over to power to) – focusing into solar plexus and beyond ego – into a fuller sense of Self.  Affirm. “I Am.”

beautifully done!  Now…

(6) Focus in the area of your third eye (pineal and pituitary connection) between your eyebrows. Affirm. “wild wisdom.”    Breathe.    Listen.   Receive.

This technique of Peggy’s opens the doorway, energetically, for you to think in a way that is coherent and focused and different and from the different ways and thoughts and different ways of considering comes different actions and from different actions comes the changes  in this world that we know we came to this planet to be a part of.  This technique, to me, is similar to yoga in that we are creating new energetic patterns. When we do our part – the Universe does the rest.

Sometimes when we are not honoured and supported during our awakening we fall back to sleep. So, please honour yourself if there is not a human being in your life to support you. And even if there is!  Your Angels and guides honour you and never leave your side, so, you are never truly alone although at times it may feel that way. Remembering that you are a pioneer helps. We are here to help the children arriving on the planet who may be coming into families who do not understand what it means to be born knowing. Born spiritually awake. Just our Presence helps. There is not always something to do. There is something to Be. Be present dear one – shine your light – that is why you came. Remember the old saying I had hanging on my wall in the 60s. “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”  Be that candle.

Namaste,   Monica







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  1. Gillian August 31, 2017 at 2:36 pm Reply

    I recently watched a Deepak Chopra video wherein he ranked, from highest to lowest, the following: being, feeling, thinking, doing. Now…how will that go over in this world where stress-related illnesses are a badge of honour and folks brag about being “crazy busy” and always having to be doing something? I’m glad I have such a strong “play ethic” which this blog supports!

  2. Cadwyn August 31, 2017 at 7:49 pm Reply

    Absolutely wonderful support. Thank you dearly. Brilliant writing and comforting energy.

    • Monica September 1, 2017 at 11:19 am Reply

      Thank you Cadwyn for your support! Sending hugs through the ethers.

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