“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”   Anais Nin

When the stage of emergence arrives during your transformation process you will intuitively sense that it has begun and there will have been many nudges from your guides, Angel whisperings & numerous signs and omens along the way that herald your emergence from the cocoon.  Remembering that the process is not linear and understanding that this phase involves the redirecting of energies that have now been freed from the unconscious motivations of your “shadow” (Carl Jung) self will allow you to be kind and gentle to your self as you begin to live from your authentic Self. As with all phases of the transformation process there are challenges along the way.  Not the least of these will be people’s reactions to the ‘new’ you.  However, if you are to remain connected to your True Self, clear communication and the continual seeking of new perspectives is crucial so that you do not create new protective illusions that limit your choices.  As Jhenah Telyndru says, the challenge at this stage is –  “how can we reclaim the energies tied up in maintaining false perceptions of our selves and the world?”  I would recommend consciously reminding your self daily that everyone, ultimately, benefits when you live your truth.  You now possess the power to catalyze your new life.

The challenge involved in the stage of emergence is to use your newly released energies to continue planting your seeds of wholeness (harmony) in order that your ‘inside’ version of your new self manifests outwardly through ‘right actions’ reflecting the truth of who you are becoming.  Outward changes need to be made that reflect our inner renewal or re-awakening.

The energy center involved with emergence is the throat chakra.  Chances are high that at one time or another in your life you believed that you had to hide your feelings from others and sometimes you may have believed that you had to also hide your feelings from yourself!  Now, however, you are finding that your angels are guiding you to lovingly speak your truth.  Expressing your truth results in a healthy throat chakra.  The throat represents our ability to speak up for ourselves and to ask for what we want.  When we have throat problems it generally means that we feel inadequate to stand up for ourselves.  Louise Hay finds that sore throats are always anger and laryngitis “usually means you are so angry you cannot speak.”  (YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE)  Louise finds that the throat also represents the creative flow in the body and when we are stifled and frustrated creatively, we often have throat problems.  Louise indicates that we all know folks who live their whole life for others and that conditions such as tonsillitis and thyroid problems are expressions of stifled creativity.  Louise points out what many healers, including myself, find in our natural health practices – coughs can be used as a tool of discovery.  Frequent throat clearing and coughing can indicate changes taking place in the fifth chakra.  Louise elucidates: “The energy center in the throat, the fifth chakra, is the place in the body where change takes place.  When we are resisting change or are in the middle of change, we often have a lot of activity in our throats.  Notice when you cough, or when someone else coughs.  What has just been said?  What are we reacting to?  Is it resistance and stubbornness, or is it the process of change taking place?”

Any work with the throat chakra always involves the neck.  The neck is the narrowest part of the torso and a great deal of the time it acts as a filter between the abundant flow of energy between the mind and the body.  Therefore, the neck can be extremely subject to tension and any work with the throat chakra takes this into account. If you ever say that someone is a ‘pain in the neck’ – then you know that you need to pay attention to the throat chakra.

A linear language cannot describe non-linear states.  Emergence is a non-linear state.  In the West, we tend to discard what we cannot describe with language; however, we are learning ways to symbolically communicate about our expanding consciousness and we are ‘stretching’ the language as we move forward.  Various art forms help us to express our evolving consciousness and music is a universal language.  Apparently Ludwig van Beethoven said, “music is the mediator between the life of the spirit and the life of the senses.”  The elements associated with the fifth chakra are air and sound.  This chakra’s attributes include: speaking, listening, chanting, writing, telepathy, and any arts related to sound and language.

From many teachers I have gathered some questions to ask yourself during your emergence phase of your process.  As usual, I ask you to keep a journal so you can chart your growth:

(1) What people, perspectives, situations, and things bring you joy?  What nourishes you?  What exhilarates you?  What gives you a sense of accomplishment?  Balance?  How frequently do you allow yourself to engage in these activities?

(2) List your talents, gifts, interests and abilities.  How much time do you devote to the development of these?  How much of your inner world is reflected in your outer world?  If there is a disparity, how can you change this?

(3) If there were no obstacles to achieving your ideal life – what would it look like?  Detail it completely.  What would your guiding values be?  What are your non-negotiables with regard to your own self-care?  How can you manifest your ideal life?  ( hint – engage your angels!) Map or chart it out dear spiritual warrior – you are now your own cartographer!  How do you see yourself in the next 9 weeks?  9 months?  9 years?  What one change can you make today that will set you on your path?

You will dis-cover that rest, relaxation, solitude, meditation, contemplation and prayer allows the space for divine guidance to illuminate and enrich your choices.  You learn to trust yourself.  Your Higher Self.

“I would think seekers must be rare, given how hard the struggle is,” said Galahad.  “Many

must fail and lose hope.  Is that why so few are born to attain the Grail? ”

“Everyone is born to attain the Grail,” Merlin reminded him.  “The reason that seekers seem

to be rare is mostly a matter of social appearances.  Seeking is a completely inward

experience.  You cannot tell from outer signs who is seeking and who isn’t.  Society holds

out no special distinctions or rewards for the seeker, who may completely retreat into

isolation, leaving society behind, or may continue to live a life of high position.”

(Dr. Deepak Chopra, THE WAY OF THE WIZARD)

Emergence is the phase of your transformation process where you take all the wisdom of your struggles and ‘dark nights of the soul’ and put them into service of your Higher Self and your Source.  Eventually, you dis-cover that your will and Divine Will are ONE.

Research reveals that at the phase of emergence, in the Celtic tradition, the wren and the hawk are totems.  I find this fascinating, especially with regard to how wren and hawk medicine can help us during this stage of our process.  Ted Andrews ( ANIMAL SPEAK) provides information regarding hawk and wren.  Hawk’s keynote is “visionary power & guardianship” and Ted says that of the birds of prey, they are among the most intriguing and mystical and as messengers, protectors and visionaries of the air – along with the owl, they have the keenest eyes of all the raptors.  “Hawks are occasionally harassed and attacked by smaller birds.  This is very significant for those of you who have hawk as a totem.  It indicates that there are likely to be attacks by people who don’t understand you or the varied and different uses of your creative energy.  They may attack your ability to soar.”  Also of significance to your emergence is the cautionary tale: “Because of the strong energy (the intensified life-force) activated by this totem, an individual with it must be careful in how they express themselves.  There will unfold within you the ability to tear off the heads of any snakes in your life, or anyone or anything seen as an enemy.  Your comments and actions will be like the hawk’s beak and talons – strong and powerful, but with a capability to tear and/or kill.”  The release of repressed energies can be very powerful and I suggest following this cautionary tale from hawk and also getting plenty of exercise so the energy is distributed and harnessed for good.  Hawk is said to inspire us to a creative life purpose.  Wren’s keynote is “resourcefulness and boldness” and the story in the Native American tradition speaks of a time when the wren tricked the boasting eagle into carrying it far into the heavens, until the eagle could go no higher.  Then – the wren hopped off the eagle’s back and flew beyond the clouds, laughing at how much higher it was flying than the eagle ever would.  “If wrens have come into your life, it is time to ask yourself some important questions.  Are you using the resources available to you?  Are others?  Are you not displaying enough confidence?  Are you so wrapped up in daily worries that you are forgetting to sing?  Are you not staying grounded?  Are you not seeing the forest because of the trees?  Are you not attacking your life with enough gusto?  Wren holds the medicine for using what is available, and it can teach you the most effective means to build within your own environment.”  You can see from the above that hawk and wren have valuable messages for our time of emergence – pondering their messages is well worth the time spent.

There are stages beyond emergence; however, this phase can last for quite sometime.  We are all unique and proceed at our own pace.  Remember that life is not a short distance sprint but a long distance run.  Pace yourself as you may experience periods of intense exhaustion followed by periods of incredible energy and then find yourself tired, again!  Ask for help from your angels and reach out for professional help if and when you need it.  Practice extreme self-care as recommended by Cheryl Richardson and continue to enjoy your journey to wholeness as you shine your light ever brighter.


Love & Light,  Monica




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  1. Gillian May 7, 2015 at 12:45 pm Reply

    There’s lots packed into this post. Spoke to me on several specific points as I’ve recently been offered twice as much money to continue doing a job I had quit (!), I’m (slowly, slowly) learning the first movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, and someone close to me just developed a bad cough. Dum de dum dum.

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