“Vampyre… the old English way of spelling ‘Vampire’. It’s also the title of the first vampire story written in the English language; which was published in 1819. Seventy-nine years before the publication of Bam Stoker’s vampire novel ‘Dracula.’ ”   (Urban Dictionary)

“Empath: a person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation.”   (Urban Dictionary)


I have been unable this year to listen to all the Hay House Summit lectures, so I had to choose the ones that I thought would most interest my readers of my blogs and future blogs – for those of you who are also occupied with other things. So, I am choosing to write today about Dr. Christiane Northrup’s recent book about empaths and vampyres. (Northrup uses the modern spelling – vampire. I like the old spelling) Dr. Northrup’s lecture that I listened to on-line was called, “Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Guide to Freedom, Health & Joy.” I have had quite a lot of personal experiences with vampyres during my life as an empath. Vampyres are very attracted to empaths, so if you are one, and if you are reading this  – then you need to be aware of how to protect yourself from them so they don’t drain your life force.

We empaths feel things that others do not. We feel the pain of others and are often labeled “bleeding hearts.” Dr. Northrup says, “we feel uber-responsible for others and can neglect ourselves.” We often hold on to excess weight in an effort to protect ourselves. Living with or in close proximity to a vampyre can lead us to feel angry, depressed, sad and tired. A vampyre could be our mother, father, child, friend, co-worker, sibling, or partner.  Often it is a family member and people do not realize that.

Empaths often think something is wrong with them when their life force is being drained by a vampyre. Empaths will think that they themselves just need to improve or to do something to ‘fix’ it. When a client of mine is living with or dating a vampyre they will often say to me, “He has such potential!” Sadly, a vampyre will drain you dry and leave you feeling like a dishrag. This is dangerous because it leaves you vulnerable to serious illness. Dr. Northrup says, “empaths who are dead can’t help anyone!” As Esther Hicks, who channels Abraham, says so frequently, “You can’t get sick enough to help others who are sick get well nor poor enough to make poor people rich.” So true.

So what are the characteristics of a vampyre? Northrup says that they run the full spectrum of personality disorders. From garden variety narcissist to full-blown psychopath and everything in between. Generally they are charming, good-looking, and out-going, especially in their younger years. They prey on empaths because empaths are loyal, optimistic and like to co-operate. They have no conscience and have complete disregard for right and wrong. Northrup says they have “malignant intuition” and therefore know how to manipulate empaths. Vampyres will do everything that they can to get attention, money, sex, and status and when they are through with you they will be vengeful and completely lacking in remorse.

We know that we are born as empaths. Within the last ten years Northrup says that we can see that vampyres are also born this way. In the past we thought that childhood wounding had led them to be the way they are – however – we now know this is not so. MRIs show a problem with the brain.

Vampyres are not in denial, as many of us would like to believe. They know what they are doing but they are so good at manipulation that you can easily be drawn in, as my experience with vampyres shows many of them to be excellent actors. They can ‘copy’ empathy. And, as empaths, we are prone to falling in love with the potential of someone. Northrup says that these vampyres often prey on particularly vulnerable people such as incest survivors, breast cancer survivors and rape survivors. Since a healthy empath knows how to give unconditionally, we are often targets.

So, it is best to be a loving human, as we all are who are reading this, however, unconditional loving does not need to be synonymous with being naïve. Especially because an exhausted, absolutely drained empath has the potential to turn into a vampyre. Think about it! If you are so drained of life force that you can barely get through the day, where are you going to turn for your energy? This is the stuff that horror films are made of.

If you are an empath – you have to learn how to recognize a vampyre and change your response to them so that you can get your life back. One way is to join a support group to learn about them and how they operate. Northrup says the second way is to “own, feel, deal, with your own pain.” Many of us had a vampyre parent and so we became addicted to serving them and it became a way of avoiding dealing with our own pain and loneliness. We need to learn to focus on ourselves. If you relate to any of this, Northrup recommends (as do I) that you read Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life and begin to do the mirror-work she recommends for self-love. We empaths/lightworkers are here to heal the planet but in order to do this we must first clear away our own pain. Pain of any kind keeps us in a low vibration which is a great match for vampyres.

Northrup suggests that we be as certain about the light as a vampyre is about the darkness. Any feeling, of any kind, just wants to be felt. Acknowledged. Say “thank you” to your feelings, whatever they may be. And to all others who may attack you, say, “I am sorry for your pain.” Vampyres cannot exist in sunlight. Nor can they exist in clarity.

Northrup says that the triumph of her life is to thoroughly enjoy her own company. I understand what she is talking about because I feel the same way. It took a lot of work, and a lot of help, but, it was so worth it!

Northrup doesn’t want to scare you, to make you afraid – and neither do I. Both of us just want you to be educated about energy and to know that light, prayers and self-love always, always, wins. When possible, it isn’t always possible, stay away from anywhere alcohol and drugs are consumed – bars and pubs are notorious places for attracting a vampyre. So are hospitals and cemeteries. So, if you frequent any of these places ask to borrow Archangel Michael’s shield for protection and stay the minimum time possible.

Dr. Northrup was told by a psychic, in her past, “you are a rescue addict.” Northrup’s heart was beating much too quickly and being a rescue addict is not good for the heart. As Northrup tells us, “We, as healthy empaths, are here to love the world, not rescue it.”

Surround yourself with Angels and vampyres will not be able to withstand the light. They will stay away.

Angel Blessings,   Monica



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  1. Gillian May 17, 2018 at 5:27 pm Reply

    Good blog! I watched Dodging Vampyres too [what a coincidence ;)]. Loved her advice to “become a grey stone” around them.

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