“Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm.”     (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

It seems to me that enthusiasm is grounded in the NOW even though it anticipates the future.  When I think of the word enthusiasm, the words that come to mind are love, joy, passion, abundance and gratitude.  To me, the word enthusiasm contains them all.  Perhaps this is so because enthusiasm is such a high vibrational frequency and that the word itself, coming from the ancient Greek language –  en and theos meaning God also is related to the word enthousiazein which means ‘ to be possessed by a god.”

Enthusiasm is related to the feeling of a love of life.  Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks) states: “When you allow yourself, in your physical form, to ride the rocket of desire that the Source within you is riding, you feel passion, you feel enthusiasm, you feel love, you feel certainty, you feel flexibility and vitality, you are energizedyou are in love with life – that is who-you-really-are.

“Riding the rocket of desire” is a term that I heard over and over again when attending a class of Esther’s in Toronto many years ago.  Abraham talks frequently of the “rockets of desire” that we send out into the universe.  Both Esther & Jerry Hicks radiated enthusiasm to us the audience and Abraham’s words combined with the Hicks’s enthusiasm ignited the audience in a way that empowered us to identify, clarify, commit and act on our own desires.  Enthusiasm is very empowering.  In fact, Abraham instructed us in how our enthusiasm was both a vehicle and a result of being aligned with Source.   Abraham and Esther taught us about achieving “vibrational alignment” with our desires.  Creating “vibrational outlets” that magnetize to us what Source wishes to accomplish through us.  “That’s what eagerness is.  That’s what passion is.  That’s what your feeling of enthusiasm is.”

Eckhart Tolle says that when we look closely at ourselves if we are not in the “state of either acceptance, enjoyment, or enthusiasm” then we will find that we are creating suffering for ourselves and others.  (A NEW EARTH)  I have found this to be true.  Tolle indicates that when we allow ourselves to be a vehicle for Source we are still “an ordinary human” but that what comes through us into this world is “extraordinary”  –  which is the essence we share with all beings.  Tolle feels that the Persian poet and Sufi master, Hafiz, expresses this with great beauty:  “I am a hole in a flute that the Christ’s breath moves through.  Listen to this music.”  ( THE GIFT)  In A NEW EARTH Tolle links enthusiasm with more than deep enjoyment.  He sees enthusiasm as encompassing a goal or vision that we work toward.  Tolle says that when we add a goal to our enjoyment of what we do “the energy-field or vibrational frequency changes.”  Tolle expands upon this by pointing out that at the height of our creative activity, fueled by enthusiasm, results in an “enormous intensity and energy” behind what we do.

We all KNOW what Tolle means.  We have all experienced the empowerment that comes from letting go of our attachment to our desires and allowing the creative energy borrowed or channeled from the ascended masters, angels, deities, goddesses & other Light beings flow through us.  KNOWING this extraordinary ‘power’ comes from Source.  This IS the ‘being possessed by a god” that we spoke of earlier.  Just as Tolle carefully indicates the differences between stress and enthusiasm he also clearly articulates the fact that enthusiasm and the ego cannot exist together:

“Enthusiasm and the ego cannot coexist.  One implies the absence of the other.

Enthusiasm knows where it is going, but at the same time, it is deeply at one with

the present moment, the source of its aliveness, its joy, and its power.  Enthusiasm

“wants” nothing because it lacks nothing.  It is at one with life and no matter how dynamic

the enthusiasm-inspired activities are, you don’t lose yourself  in them.  And there remains always

a still but intensely alive space at the center of the wheel, a core of peace in the midst of activity

that is both the source of all and untouched by it all.”          ( A NEW EARTH pgs 303-304)

Enthusiasm tends to come in cycles while joy is WHO WE ARE.  When we are aligned with our Source, we know ourselves as joy.  However, I have found (in my personal laboratory) that we can ‘conjure’ up enthusiasm from using all the various tools in our toolbox.  I often employ memories, past-life memories, affirmations, visualizations, creative workshop techniques, and alchemy to achieve the high vibrational frequency of enthusiasm if I am not in such a cycle!  And, if that is not sufficient then I will ‘borrow’ the state from an enthusiastic goddess or ascended master.  As yet, they have never refused my request, and I am deeply grateful.

So, what are YOUR enthusiasms and passions?  How are you currently expressing your enthusiasm and how do you see yourself expressing it in the future?   Where is your enthusiasm taking you?

Love & Peace,          Monica


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  1. Gillian January 2, 2015 at 6:47 pm Reply

    Yes! Yes! “Exuberance is beauty” wrote William Blake and I think that unbridled enthusiasm and exuberance is something we love in children and animals but don’t always “allow” ourselves to express, or only allow in private moments (singing in the shower, dancing alone in the bedroom). Here’s to 2015 – I’m enthusiastic about it too.

  2. Christine January 3, 2015 at 7:01 pm Reply

    Dearest Monica,
    let me first say how much I respect you for all the reading-research you must do before every Blog that you post. I know there is vast knowledge in you, but there must be hrs spent reading books and articles before each Blog. Thank you for bringing us all this always interesting information. Sometimes you remind me of information I already have, but every time I go away learning something. Thank you for that .

    • editor January 5, 2015 at 6:22 pm Reply

      Christine, thank you for your always supportive, encouraging words. The books I use I have read over many years, they are all in my personal library (many of them given to me by you!) & I do spend quite a lot of time searching through them when I pick my topic in order to accurately reflect the nuggets of wisdom of the various writers, teachers and healers that I quote.

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