Since this is the title given to me by my guides today and I have never used the word eschew before, although I know what it means, it signals to me that my mother has come ‘on board’ as one of my guides.  Methuselah just told me that she is now my “ancestor guide”.  Thanks, Mum.  From now on though, since you are now one of my guides and spiritual allies, I will call you Audrey.  Urgency is a word that I associate with stress.  It means that we are feeling something must be done, now, or something terrible is going to happen.  An emergency.  A need to spring into action immediately, as though one’s life hangs in the balance.  The heart pounds, the breath often becomes quick and shallow, hands get clammy and we go into the flight or fight response that most of us know so well.  This sense of urgency can serve us at times.  It can save our physical lives.  In this state a mother has been known to lift a car to rescue her child who is pinned underneath it.  However, this state is not one to be ‘living in’ for those of us practicing our manifestation skills.

Some of us in the twenty-first century  are living our lives as though it is a short distance sprint rather than a long distance run.  We need to slow down and look after our bodies if we are expecting them to carry us into the elder statesperson , wizard or wise woman part of our lives.  As one of my yoga teachers taught me almost thirty years ago while I was training to become a classical hatha yoga instructor, the flight or fight response is so that we can run away from that enormous woolly mammoth that is charging toward us.  I haven’t seen a woolly mammoth for awhile, have you?  So, we can relax, slow down and put forth a more attractive energy for obtaining our goals of peace and joy.

The opposite of living our lives as a perpetual emergency, is to practice “the art of surrender” talked about so frequently these days.  Talking about it is easy, practicing it, not so much.  However if we truly wish to see our desires manifesting in our lives, the art of surrender is a crucial piece of the puzzle that manifestation can be.  Like everything else in our lives, it is a practice.  The more desperate we are to achieve a goal, the more our energy will push it away.  Sandra Anne Taylor, best-selling author of SECRETS OF ATTRACTION calls it the “law of paradoxical intent.”  She tells us that the more desperate we are to achieve a specific goal, the further away it gets.  This is because we are sending a signal to the universe that we are lacking in peace and joy and therefore, the universe will ‘match’ our vibration (we are magnets) and send us things that match our sense of urgency and desperation.  The universe resists our consciousness of lack and misery.  Our present lack of joy makes it impossible to attract that which would give us joy.  The secret?  Surrender attachment to a specific outcome as being the ONLY one that could meet your needs and enjoy the actual pursuit –  finding your fulfillment in the pursuit itself.  Living each day in a state of happiness, by choice, drawing toward you, through the law of attraction, all of your heart’s desires.  Letting go of impatience and the sense of urgency that it fosters helps us to move out of our state of paradoxical intent and to realize and accept the abundance available to us that we actually have been resisting through our lack of understanding of the laws of the universe.  The laws of Creation.

Naturally, it may take awhile to learn the art of surrender; however, it is key if we wish to change our energy from one of desperation into determination.  These are NOT the same energies.  Even though our North American culture may sometimes indicate so.  One of the best ways to learn ‘surrender’ is to accept ourselves as we are right now and to value ourselves the way our Source values us.  Unconditionally.  This helps us to accept who we really are.  Meditating on our true identity, regularly, allows us to ‘awaken’ to the knowledge that we are not our goals, emotions, personalities, bodies, roles, careers, families or possessions.  We are divine beings of unconditional value (because we are children of God) and we ‘surrender’ to the inner peace this knowledge, once embodied, brings.  To be constantly searching and seeking for ANYTHING outside ourselves implies a sense of something missing.  Lack.  And, the energy of lack, through the law of attraction, draws toward us – more lack.  So, make the decision, right now, to perceive your unconditional value.  This is seeing your Self through the eyes of Source, already perfect, whole and complete.  This ‘new’ vision leads toward what the yogis call non-attachment.  We enter, completely, that who am I? meditation and realize that deep within ourselves is all that we ever need.  We surrender to ourselves and to our Creator and find the peace and joy that eventually, as we pass through the buffer of earthly time, leads us to step fully into our authentic power (our gift from God) and allows us to live our lives from that place  of truth.  For the truth is that we ARE love and joy, and when everything else falls away, the urgency ceases and we stop identifying ourselves as being ‘not enough’ and doing ‘not enough.’  We claim our divinity and allow others theirs.  When we ‘awake’ and realize that we are divine  –  what can be missing?  Nothing.  No thing.  Now, we are at the point of attraction and we can live from a state of love and joy rather than urgency and fear.  We no longer repel our Highest Good.  We live on purpose and with purpose.

Here is a wonderful affirmation from Sandra Anne Taylor:  “I release urgency and desperation.  I live in the energies of patience, persistence, and peace of mind.  Everything I do, I do with joy.”  Claim your state of joy.  Your natural birthright.  The state befitting a divine being.  Move forward into the Light.  Attract from there.

With Love,   Monica


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  1. Gillian March 14, 2014 at 8:36 pm Reply

    I’ve always loved a line from the Book of Tao which reminds me of your last two posts, “It is not wise to rush about.”
    It comes to me especially when I’m rushing about!

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