“We are like children, who stand in need of masters to enlighten us and direct us, and God has provided for this by appointing his angels to be our teachers and guides.”   Saint Thomas Aquinas

Since well before Covid-19 I have been mostly caring for others on all levels, especially helping my family with physical needs as well as emotional needs and concerns. There has not been very much time for self-care, and certainly no holiday time – which I am sure most of you will relate to. While self-care is so important and we must make the time for it, sometimes while serving others  (which is serving God) we need a few short cuts. Last night, I took a short cut. I went to an etheric retreat for purification.

I learned about etheric retreats from spiritual teacher, Diana Cooper. I found out that Archangel Gabriel’s retreat is in the etheric above Mount Shasta in California. I have visited California and seen Mount Shasta many times and have felt the draw of the energy there. I have also had, in the relatively recent past, a vivid clairvoyant vision of Adama – the high priest of Telos. I had never heard of him but one day I said his name and this vision came onto one of my psychic screens. It was Adama. I searched for some books I had packed away that I had never read and there was a picture of him exactly as I had envisioned. So, it is still a mystery to explore when the time feels right. But, what is the connection between Mount Shasta and Adama you ask?  I dis-covered that the heart of the present day Lemurian civilization abides within Mount Shasta after 12,000 years of isolation from the surface population. (Telos, Vol 1, by Aurelia Louise Jones) Therefore, the energy of Mount Shasta and area is legendary.

So, before falling asleep last night, I asked Archangel Gabriel to take me to the etheric retreat above Mount Shasta for purification as I have not been able to do my usual purification practices to the degree necessary for my well-being. Then, off to dreamland I went. This morning when I woke up I had a mild headache and runny nose and at first wondered why? Then, I remembered – oh yes – I asked for a purification at the retreat and of course received it. Toxins were being released from my body after the purification. Thank you Archangel Gabriel and all divine helpers!

A student of Diana’s, Margaret, recounts her experiences of 3 nights at Archangel Gabriel’s retreat: “On the first night two masters, one male and one female, came in and presented her with old memories of this and other lives, then cleared them from her aura. On the second night she knew she must lie very still though she wasn’t told to do so. Great energy ran through her and parts of her body where she had experienced pain in the past began to hurt. She knew it was a clearance. On the third night she felt her colon being lifted out and two-thirds of it was filled with light. Since then she has been able to eat salads and other foods she simply could not digest before.” (A New Light on Ascension by Diana Cooper)

Archangel Michael’s retreat, should you choose to visit it tonight, or in the future, is in the etheric above Banff, near Lake Louise (where my brother happens to have been married!, gorgeous area ) If you are needing courage and strength and faith – why not visit? If you are experiencing dark energies and entities – ask for Michael’s help.

Know, as I often repeat, that you can call on the Angels and Archangels at any time. You can visit an etheric retreat at any time during meditation or sleep. If you ask for Their help They will work on you without your conscious participation.

Angel Blessings,   Monica/Aurora

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  1. Gillian August 7, 2021 at 5:59 pm Reply

    A retreat above Banff sounds like a fine idea!

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