“Love is a sacred reserve of energy; it is like the blood of spiritual evolution.”   Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“Spiritual evolution is part of every soul’s destiny on Earth, and each soul grows and evolves at a different rate. You are right where you need to be.”   James Van Pragh

“Our crisis is the birth of a new species.”   Barbara Marx Hubbard

We all know that a new species is emerging. Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard called this new species “Homo Universalis.”  She says this new species “is a higher conception of humanity that co-evolves with nature, co-exists with high-tech genius, co-creates with spirit and leads with love.” How does it feel to know that you are the next stage of human evolution?

The new human, says Hubbard, experiences “vocational love affairs” and  “vocational arousal.”  The new human has a different definition of “work.” For the new species, work means ‘of service’ and it is self-rewarding. Serving and expressing your gifts feels joyful!

Hubbard discusses the 4 E’s of evolutionary spirituality:

“Eternal: One with consciousness with Source/God.

Embody: We are each a resume of the universe in person – the genius that created the Universe is within each of us.

Emerge:  The Universe always wants more. Each of us is the Universe emerging. Yes, Universe, I am here for you!

Eros:   Evolution of sexuality has hit a limit of procreation & instead of joining genes (babies) the impulse is to join genius = “vocational arousal.”  Hubbard links the impulse and evolution of sexuality to the 60s and feminine equality.

As you likely know, Hubbard married in 1951 (the year I was born) when women were expected to marry and procreate. She had 5 children and as a housewife was “depressed.” She lacked motivation she says. At the age of 89, she was an internationally famous visionary and helping to awaken the new species within each of us. And, as one of her many, many admirers said to her a few years ago “you are crushing ageism.”  She transited quickly in April after a brief illness.

I listened to a lecture she gave a few years ago. At 87 she lit the room on fire with her energy!  As Neil Genzlinger said in May: “… she offered an aggressively upbeat view of the future she foresaw for the human race.”  She motivated people to wake up and to “claim the powers of our ancient gods.” Encouraging people to say yes to their creative potential.

Yesterday, as I was pondering what to write about today and thinking about how Hubbard and Dyer were so amazing at motivating people – simultaneously – synchronisticaly – a message came in from Hay House talking about Wayne Dyer as  “the Father of Motivation.”  The Angels were guiding me to talk about the importance of motivation. Both Hubbard and Dyer felt motivation to be a key regarding the awakening of the new species.

As a bored housewife (crisis) Hubbard dis-covered her motivation (visionary spiritual leader). Spending most of his first ten years in an orphanage (crisis) Dyer became the “Father” figure to people on a grand scale (motivational speaker). Hubbard said that if you don’t have motivation “you can be very mentally ill by the time you are 30.”  She went on to say that people can be very highly educated and brilliant but without motivation can take drugs and overdose and die.

The antidote, or at least one antidote, is helping oneself and others to find their motivation to awaken as a Homo Universalis.  This means attuning to what is inside themselves. An internal rather than external focus. Those aware of themselves as a new species – are attuned to what is within. Coming from the inside we innately know motivation as the power to, not the power over. We become motivated by our own creativity and also co-creativity rather than “winning.” (winning as motivation is 3D) Finding our sense of inner purpose helps us to let go of our limiting self-concepts such as – I am too old, too fat, too skinny, too young, too short, too tall, too lazy, too strong, too weak, too dumb, too smart, too poor, too worthless, too stuck …  There is always a potential reason to resist positive change.

We see now in our world old structures starting to crumble before our eyes. This means new opportunities when seen from a 5D perspective. We also see that members of the new species are attracted to each other – really not attracted to another type – so – the Law of Attraction is bringing together, as it inevitably does, “birds of a feather.”  With her unique sense of humour Hubbard said: “one way to tell a new species person is like the saying one species cannot mate with another. I don’t think I could mate with Dick Cheney.” (the interviewer said she couldn’t mate with Donald Trump) Species evolving by attraction. The greatest gift in the new species, Hubbard feels, is motivation!

The will to search within is needed to unlock and awaken and some, Hubbard says, “are lost in non-loving.”

“The Universe is a love story.” Our poets and our visionaries are leading the way in what we often term the “New Age.”  They inspire us and therefore motivate us to live from our inner purpose. However, most of us need help at times. And, besides all the coaches and spiritual leaders and healers – we have so many Angels and ascended masters willing and happy to be of service. Archangel Michael is known for helping with life purpose as is Kuthumi and Vywamus.  The first time I called in Vywamus (2006) I received a slight electric shock. Powerful energy! Now I no longer feel that.  I long ago adjusted to his energy. If you want to be helped regarding more healthful eating, Apollo is great at that and Apollo will also motivate you to exercise as will Serapis Bey and faery goddess Oonagh. Ask. And it is given.

Before she crossed over Hubbard said that she thought “God is reproducing God.” What do you think/feel?  Are you ready to awaken as a godling?  Will you allow it?

Love & Light,   Monica



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  1. Gillian September 5, 2019 at 2:56 pm Reply

    I’ve just come across the phrase, “Find the others” in a book called Team Human. Your blog is one way for people to do that.

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