“Consciousness isn’t everything but it is so much of what we have ignored that it is now getting front seat. When I was younger, I knew many more truths that were coming directly from consciousness. As you wake up, you too will see and know without knowing “why.” Challenge the information. Note it in your journals. Ask for confirmation or validation. It will come.”   Maureen J. St. Germain

Spiritual teacher, Cynthia Charis, asks us to ask ourselves, “what is my song of creation?” We know that our song of creation, she says, is made up of universal mind, consciousness and thought. Cynthia asks herself, before she acts on her thinking – am I happy? peaceful? loving? calm? If she answers no to any one of these – then she knows that her thinking is off. Cynthia says, and I agree, that we are now not doing any work on ourselves, realizing that we are not ‘broken’, and so we are now conscious of needing only to allow ourselves to open up and receive.

We have moved into a state of organic beingness and are ready to continue to expand our bandwidth of consciousness. This involves stepping out of convention. Some define that as a miracle. Another element of expanding consciousness is having a vision of the future. If we have no vision of a future – then we are left with the past. Our consciousness, as we all know, can change our brain and our body.

Expanding our bandwidth of consciousness is a huge journey of trust. Trust in the Creator and our Higher Self and all our spiritual helpers. Curiosity and discernment are key features of this exploration. Having released negative energies and forgiven everyone everything we are free to fly forward.

Having overcome our ego’s beliefs in lack and deficiency we possess the courage to take the steps guided by our own soul and our life begins to unlock, so to speak. Life becomes easier, more abundant and obstacles melt away. Having learned that being energetically sensitive is not a curse, but a gift, we now work effectively with our own energy because we understand our own energetic boundaries. We no longer end up being victims of other people’s urgencies and emergencies as we are sovereign. Being aware of our own energy field we navigate with precision.

Changing our programming has changed our reality. We embraced our shadows and worked through them. We learned spiritual technologies to handle our emotional upsets and we realize that purpose, passion and profession can come together effortlessly when we show up as our authentic selves.

Knowing that our thoughts create our bodies and that our physical vehicle is like an avatar for our consciousness we take care of our bodies and our bodies take care of us. For, once we wake up 5D and are able to connect to a greater and greater degree to this level of consciousness that knows us as avatars – we become aware of the many dimensions beyond 5th and are able to create from these higher dimensions.

We have learned, through experience, that the ego does not want to follow the Path – because – it does not make sense to the linear mind. We reassure the ego that it is loved and thank it for its concern regarding our safety.

We are safe expanding our bandwidth as we are protected and guided by Angels and mentored by non-physical Light Beings. We have taken complete ownership and responsibility for our own lives and we have dis-covered that we are not here, as lightworkers, to save people but to empower them. We bring new energy into the world. We ask ourselves, “how can I help that person help themselves?”

We are in a state of constant becoming and we are aware that ascension is happening here and now in our body and on our Earth. We know that not one of us has all the answers, however, we do know that each of us holds a piece of the puzzle.

Love & Light,  Monica


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  1. Hayley October 18, 2018 at 2:00 pm Reply

    Thanks for a great blog!

  2. Gillian October 18, 2018 at 2:42 pm Reply

    Wow, other peoples’ “urgencies and emergencies.” 🙂

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