Last week you received the message from the Runes of a call to a new life. This week your messages from the Mermaids & Dolphins are “Explore Your Options” & “Empowerment”. This is a timely message because exploring your options will result in a feeling of empowerment!

I pulled 2 oracle cards from the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle Deck ( by Doreen Virtue) after asking what my blog readers need to know today? The first card is guidance to explore your options: “It’s time to look at other possibilities. It’s a good time to make changes.” The image on this beautiful card is of a young mermaid diving into the water and coming upon a beautiful sea turtle. She wears a crown of pearls. What does that mean to you? Writing about that in your journal is likely to bring personal messages to the surface.

This oracle card, sent to you by the magical mermaids and dolphins, asks you to stop saying to yourself “this is just the way it is” and asks you to question any situation you think can’t be changed. Take a moment right now to pretend that a magical mermaid has just granted you 3 wishes. You can have absolutely anything you want. What do you wish for? Almost anything you desire is possible and so you are being guided to explore your options. Let yourself daydream the way you did as a child when you knew everything was possible. Pay attention also to your nighttime dreams this week. What small steps could you take right now in the direction of your wishes? Did you know that as you explore new opportunities the energy of the Universe begins flowing in that direction! Any step, even a baby one, will help you to identify options you may never have previously seen.

The second oracle card is empowerment. “You’re more powerful than you realize. It’s safe for you to be powerful.” This card confirms that your inner power wants to surface. As a lightworker, you will use this power in appropriate ways, you need not fear that you would abuse it. People who truly love you will be happy that you have taken your power back and that you refuse to see yourself as a victim in any way.

Releasing victimhood is empowerment. It means letting go of all blame with respect to past conditions, other people or present circumstances. You can be powerful and gentle simultaneously.

“Affirm frequently: It is safe for me to be powerful! I accept my God-given power to be used in service of light and love.” Use your empowerment to make the world a better place. “You may never feel self-conscious again!”

Love and Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian October 17, 2019 at 9:12 pm Reply

    I will add your affirmation of gentle power to my nightly routine!

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