“It is the Lightworkers’ mission to lend their light to a planet that is heavy with fear and sickness.”       (Sahvanna Arienta)

We create dark energy when we live, continuously, in a state of negative emotion.  Fear is one example of a negative emotion that creates dark energy.  As Lightworkers we make a decision to align with Source/Light and then we use the power of our intentions to continually renew this choice.  Sahvanna Arienta  (LIGHTWORKER) feels that we are at risk of destroying ourselves and the Earth as  mankind becomes more and more filled with our ego-driven negative emotions, most of which she feels boils down to one basic emotion – fear.  Sahvanna states: “Fear can mask itself as greed (a fear of lack), jealousy (a fear of loss), and hatred (a fear of unconditional love).  She further points out that we live in a world that “actually thrives on fear.”  I am sure we can all relate to this as we are bombarded by the media and entertainment industry with fear-fueled violence.

So, why are we being encouraged to be so fearful?  It is because fearful people are so much easier to manipulate and control.  When we are fearful we are more likely to feel powerless and become potential victims.  This then leads us to – perhaps – attack others as a form of pre-emptive strike against an imaginary threat.  We can succumb to a sense of paranoia. Now, of course, this plays completely to our ego, because our ego, composed of fear, does not trust Source, nor anyone else for that matter.  This is why Dr. Doreen Virtue teaches her students to completely circumvent the ego and move into Higher Self (always connected to God) in order to heal and receive messages from the angels.  For us Lightworkers, this is not only possible, it is what we came to do.  However, staying on the path involves a commitment to ourselves and God to ‘stay the course.’  This does not mean denying our humanity; however, it does mean a willingness to let go of our fear-based beliefs, make our guided life changes and continue to raise our frequency in order to serve.

As one of our keys to self-mastery, Dr. Deepak Chopra advises us to replace our fear-motivated behavior with love-motivated behavior.  He reminds us that “fear is a product of memory, which dwells in the past.”  Chopra cautions us that trying to impose the past on the present will never wipe out the threat of being hurt.  Dr. Chopra believes that “nothing makes people age faster than fear.”  (AGELESS BODY, TIMELESS MIND)

Some people believe that we need fear as a form of self-protection.  For example, if we didn’t have a fear of fire, we might put our hand into it and be burned.  However, Eckhart Tolle does not agree.  Tolle feels that we only need a minimum of common sense and intelligence to avoid unnecessary danger.  He delineates a difference between an instinctive shrinking back from danger and the psychological condition which is divorced from any ‘true’ immediate danger.  “It comes in many forms: unease, worry, anxiety, nervousness, tension, dread, phobia and so on.”  (THE POWER OF NOW)  Tolle feels that while fear appears to have many causes, ultimately all fear is the ego’s fear of death.  To the ego, Tolle says, death is always just around the corner. Tolle feels that anyone who is identified with their mind and therefore disconnected from their deeper self rooted in Being, will experience fear as their constant companion.

Becoming aware of our fear is the big step necessary for healing it.  What does our friend, Emmanuel, have to say about fear?  (EMMANUEL’S BOOK)


is one of the major cornerstones

of the karmic condition.

It speaks

to the distrust of eternal love.


It is a disbelief

in yourself.

It is an extreme perversion

of truth and light

and love,

which is precisely what your world

is all about –

the healing

of the extreme distortions

of truth and light

and love.


Fear is a fungus

that grows rapidly in the dark places

of the consciousness.

It is the most powerful of doors

that closes off the Word

and the Light of God.



is the dragon at the gate.

It is denial of Light

and denial of Light

is resistance to God.

It is the falsehood that separates you

from God.”


How can we heal the sense of separation from God that allows fears to thrive?  We bring them to light and into the Light.  We hand our fears to the angels.  Imagine your fears as the thought-forms that they are and then call in your angels and give them permission to take them to the light for cleansing, purification and transmutation.  I do this with clients during angel healing sessions.  I also work with Archangel Michael to cut etheric cords binding clients to any fears connected to past lives dis-covered during an angel reading.  So many fears, I find, are actually rooted in past life cell memories.  It is very rewarding for me to access the Akashic Records, on behalf of my client, in order to unearth, so to speak, the mysteries of the roots of fear from the past in THIS lifetime and others.

An anxious and fearful person is difficult to live with and also difficult to work with because they will drain your energy.  They will also be reluctant to move forward in their life because they are so limited by their fears and anxieties.  Therefore, understanding and tolerance is necessary.  You can help by listening to the person’s fears and worries yourself; however, if you feel they need professional help, gently suggest a family doctor, counselor, or alternative healer.  Many complementary therapies are helpful in clearing fears.  Some of these are : energy healing, acupuncture and past life regression.

When we decide to choose love instead of fear, we create authentic power.  Power to, not power over, is authentic power.  It is the ‘shift’ from anxiety to appreciation (a deep form of gratitude) and from pain to joy.  Although we cannot change our emotions at will, we CAN change what we will do when they come.  We can choose to respond, rather than react.  Gary Zukav instructs us on how we can choose to shift our perceptions from the frightened parts of our personality to the loving parts of our personality, because the “loving parts always enjoy loving perceptions.”  ( SPIRITUAL PARTNERSHIP)  The frightened parts of our personality always offers us our fundamental choice.  Love or fear.  Sometimes, the choice for love is a difficult challenge and sometimes we have, what my spirit guide Jo Jo just told me,  is a “falling into Grace.”  Fear just dissolves through the Grace of God.

Getting past our fears helps us to be a beacon of light for others, and it keeps us moving forward.  One of my daily affirmations is: ” I release all fears and move forward with courage and trust.  I have the power to direct my own destiny, now and always.”

Choose Love.

Blessings,      Monica




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  1. Gillian February 19, 2015 at 9:22 am Reply

    A perfect post at a time when Canada’s fear-mongering (or ought I say fear-pandering?) Conservative and Liberal leaders prepare to pass Bill C-51 which has, apparently, 90% approval from Canadian citizens. Makes me sad.In the infancy of the FBI its agents weren’t allowed guns. Think of that. How long before Hollywood North is churning out films with the two Ryans as CSIS agents bursting in with guns ablazing? Makes me mad.

  2. Christine February 27, 2015 at 8:36 pm Reply

    It is indeed sad that we live in a fear based society, that it is believed that fear is a way to control .
    Even dog trainers use fear to control , both Mike and I was appalled to find out that the most popular dog trainer here in our city used a fear as way of training dogs. Naturally we decided not to use her, yes it is a woman.
    I am proud of my son and daughter inlaw for not letting their children watch any form of adult TV, and absolutely not the news ! I don’t watch the news either, because it is so fear based and it is being shown over and over again for the effect of horror . We do have a choice, we don’t have to concentrate on those things, “what we focus on creates our reality” .
    Thank you for a well written Blog Monica.

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