“We all have clutter in our hearts and it needs tidying.”   Marie Kondo

“This Valentine’s Day, don’t just ask who you love but what you love?”   Amanda Ellis

I am recently returned from touring Ontario with Galaxy Psychic Fairs. I ended the month of January in Barrie and environs and began February in Burlington and area. So, I have been connecting with the energies out there in the ‘real world.’  It was wonderful, but, also good to get back to Angel Cottage.

Upgrades and expansions are the words for February’s energy.  Any expansion is usually proceeded by challenges, of one sort or another, to our status quo. Rising sea levels across the planet are reflective of suppressed emotions within us as we struggle to bring to the surface things once hidden – even from ourselves.

The readings I did for people in Burlington at the beginning of this month indicated people were frequently hiding from themselves. The Angels were asking my clients to admit their true feelings to themselves. Of course, most often they had no idea what I was talking about! They had hidden their authentic feelings so well. Our feelings are our EGS (emotional guidance system) and so it is so important to connect with them so that we are not at war with parts of ourselves.

Suppressed emotions was a constant theme during my Burlington readings. I had just finished visiting with my sister and her partner and they had introduced me to the work of Marie Kondo – the Japanese organizing consultant and author who is helping people clear their clutter. At the Burlington Fair my clients were being encouraged to clear up the clutter from their hearts and reveal their authentic selves. To show up as who they are.

Archangel Ariel was around my clients in Burlington – asking them to move into their lioness energy. Ariel, pronounced AHR-ee-el, means “lioness of God.”  I have told you in other blogs that Ariel sometimes appears to me as a lion. Not only does Ariel help us provide for our physical needs (money, shelter, supplies) but She also assists with environmental causes and the care and healing of animals. She was advising my clients to take better care of their physical bodies and reminding them of the time that they moved through the Lion’s Gate (last August). She was encouraging them to shine their light – not to dim it for others who are fearful to shine.

The clean-up effort encouraged by Marie Condo on a personal level is supported by Archangel Ariel on a global level. We are asked to clean up the oceans and seas so that the waters of the planet can continue to sustain life. We are not able to separate the personal from the collective.

Volatile energies are arising this month as you can likely already see. However, it is also the month when we celebrate love. Amanda Ellis asks us to contemplate what we love not just who we love. We are guided by our own intuition this month to become a master of something we love. I have a student coming this week to become a Reiki Master. He loves Reiki and has made the commitment, over time, to overcome any distractions on his path to mastership.

To become a master of anything requires perseverance. It requires working on a skill set and becoming the best you can be at it. Of course we need to love whatever it is! It could be baking, running, writing, teaching, knitting, a musical instrument… truly endless possibilities. Some of us are holding visions of becoming enlightened masters of the new Golden Age. To master anything we need to overcome the fear of shining. The fear of ‘being seen’.

The energies of February support the unearthing of our divinity. They support our learning the lessons of the past on both a personal and collective level. Become a master of surrendering to your own ‘knowing’. To your truth. Your authentic Self. Keep the faith and hold the energy of peace.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian February 12, 2019 at 3:50 pm Reply

    I feel as though this were written just for me! I’ve committed to a month of 5 minutes of daily EFT (tapping) and no matter what I think I’m tapping about (anxiety, indecision, minor aches and pains)the tapping, so far, has revealed fear. The fear of being seen, as you say. So happy for your Reiki student! Thanks for the blog.

    • Monica February 12, 2019 at 4:55 pm Reply

      Thanks for sharing. I am certain it is helping others!

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