Sometimes it’s tempting to think that only the privileged few get the opportunity to experience the full human potential, but that’s not true. Kings and hoboes have the same size dreams at night. Their fears and hopes are equally intense. There are no small parts in the tragicomic pageant of life.”  M.Thurston & C.Fazel

Each one of us is a microcosm of the universe. Our hopes, sorrows, joys, challenges as well as our achievements are a miniature model of everything that happens in the universe. We are, in our Oneness, a cosmic being. If the universe is a single grand design and God is the Architect or Web Weaver, then each of us is a golden thread – a necessary part of the whole tapestry.

Consciously understanding ourselves as one with the Creator, one with all people and all creatures, one with Time etc., requires relaxation, meditation and a life lived mindfully. As many spiritual teachers remind us, there is much more to the phrase All is One then mere cosmic platitudes. We do a deep dive and we look at our Oneness through its many different expressions. Everything from the planets to an ant is a manifestation of the One Life Force. Scientists tell us that all types of organic life are basically made up of carbon, hydrogen, & oxygen atoms and the mental & physical realities are different perspectives of the Life Force energy that is rooted in Spirit.

Whether we read Carl Jung or Carl Sagan we dis-cover, as Edgar Cayce (20th century’s most famous clairvoyant) did that while Spirit is the life, and mind is the builder, the physical is the outcome. This sequence is   known to be the underlying unity of all creation.

As a teenager, like most teenagers, I spent a lot of time alone in my bedroom – writing. Writing in my journal, writing stories and what I now know is called channeling. I had reams of channeled writings which I threw out when I left at seventeen to go to Nursing School. At the time of my channeling I knew that I was tuning into ‘something.’ I just wasn’t sure what it was. I knew it was not coming from me. At the time, I did share my stories (what I thought was science fiction) with my parents and my brother and sister, all of whom encouraged me by listening with interest. Now, I realize that some of my stories were heavily influenced from what unbeknownst to me at the time  – was channeling. Presenting it as ‘fiction’ made it, to me, more suitable for public consumption.

So dear reader, you ask me – what does this seeming digression have to do with the feeling of Oneness. In some ways, everything, in another way, nothing!

In my stories that I wrote in the 60s as a teen people were frequently transported on moving sidewalks throughout their towns. Some also travelled by a form of air-hovercraft. My character’s thoughts took forms above their heads – words they were thinking written in bubbles above them. No secrets! A form of telepathy. Funnily enough, a few months ago I finally read a series of books given to me in 2008 about Lemuria. You guessed it! A lot of what I wrote about as a teen could have been reporting from Lemuria. So, I wonder, could I have had a past life in Lemuria? The answer, stated the way my daughter’s young friends spoke in the early 90s is… Duh! …   Everything old is new again, as the song goes. Or as my mother always said, “there is nothing new under the sun.”

For some of us, feeling into our oneness can be severely hampered by thinking of Time as a one-way moving sidewalk. It isn’t. However, in 3D linear thinking we have been trained to view it that way. Today, many of our New Age thought-leaders instruct us that time does not exist – that it is an illusion created by our limited awareness. However, Edgar Cayce, mentioned above, invited us to take a somewhat different perspective. His 40 or so years of psychic readings suggest that the past, present and future are all connected. This resonates with me on numerous levels. One level being the hundreds of Angel readings I have now done over the past 12 years.

My experiences with my clients and my own experiences illustrate the unity of time. For example, I have had some precognitive dreams illustrating the oneness of time. The most disturbing example is when I dreamed in June of 1980 my mother’s death exactly one year to the day she crossed to the Other Side. Thankfully, I put it down as a horrible nightmare (which it was) and did not realize until a few years after she died, when I re-read my dream journal, that it had been precognitive. This was not a ‘warning dream’ so I was aware that I could not have prevented her death.

My mother, who is now one of my guides, agrees for me to use this opportunity for me to teach you something very important. My mother did not see a future for herself beyond raising her 3 kids to 21. Her life was extremely difficult, including having been a WW11 survivor of the Blitz. Over the course of her life, me being an intuitive and observant child, she let me know, in a variety of different ways, that her goal was to get her children to the age of majority and then make her grand escape from a world fraught with danger and pain. She felt she was living on “borrowed time” and wanted to join her brother (killed in the war) on the Other Side. My point is – and my mother Audrey’s point is – you must see/plan a future to have a future. My mother did not wish to get old. She got her wish. She crossed at 63 (long-term chain-smoker, lung cancer) after focusing for decades on not living to be old. Her message today is – envision a future. You get what you envision.

My mother was fed up with the third dimension. As an Aquarian – it was my mother who took me and my sister to our first psychic training day with the astounding psychic Geraldine Smith. Unfortunately, my mother saw a long life for her kids (worrying about our pensions when we were teens!) but no future for herself. I certainly do not judge or blame my mother for her choice – it was her Free Will choice to make. I felt pretty sad myself yesterday listening to the news that 85,000 children under 5 years old have starved to death in Yemen –  while we in our oneness watched and did nothing –  what can I say? Except to echo Lady Gaga’s recent words: “We are living in pretty shallow times.”

Yes, we are. However, we ourselves can make a choice not to be shallow. We can continue to hold our vision of a non-shallow future for everyone – a future where parents do not watch their children starve to death slowly as their organs shut down.

I feel that as we feel more into our Oneness and as more of us do this across the world – it is happening- that a mass consciousness change will eventually usher in the Fifth Dimension for the majority of the planet, fulfilling the promise of the Law of One.

I believe, as did Cayce, that the past, present and future are all very much connected. Albert Einstein believed this too. In a letter of condolence he wrote to the wife and family of a close friend who had crossed he wrote: “Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Einstein wrote that just 4 weeks before his own journey to the Other Side.

During my Angel readings I have the privilege to traverse time with the Angels, my clients, and once in awhile a loved one in Heaven. We ‘jump’ time together as though it is but a puddle on the ground. We can jump forward or backward, disappear into a faery portal and we can make time stand still.  As sparks of our Creator, we are created in His/Her/Their Image. “Time is a river in which I go fishing.”

In a single day it is now not unusual for me to feel the past very much around me and the future and present simultaneously. Now that I have had over a decade of intense integration work. In one single day, if I wish to, if I click my ruby red slippers and feel into my oneness –  I can practice metaphysics like I did as Hedra as a devotee of Isis in ancient Egypt, I can tap into my life as Joshua as an American slave with great faith who sings gospel, I can access the compassion I felt as the young girl, Mercy, during the Renaissance, or as Livia in Atlantis I can lie on my crystal healing bed and dream. And still be rooted firmly in my continually-becoming Monica present self. Such, I imagine, is the typical early fifth-dimensional life. Time will tell.

From where I am now, at my current level of understanding, and having spoken with a number of ‘dead folks’ I like the way the great Eastern spiritual teacher, Govinda, (Buddhist) interpreted nirvana. He turned it upside down! Rather than imagining that someday our droplet of individuality will be dissolved into the ocean of universal oneness, Govinda said, why not consider enlightenment as the universal, oceanic oneness being incorporated into each individual soul? This means instead of the drop finally returning to the ocean, it is all the qualities of the ocean that enter into the drop.

Simultaneous individuality and universality sounds paradoxical to our 3D mind perhaps? But feel into your 5D heart. We can know ourselves as individuals and yet experience and feel our connections with everything.

Interestingly, Cayce’s philosophy (which I began reading in my teens) based on about 14,145 recorded psychic readings between 1901 & 1944 promises us 2 things. One is that, as Thurston and Fazel above state, and as we know, we can create our future. The second is that our future can create us. Our destiny draws us toward it, making us co-creators with God.

My mother Audrey, around me as I write about her, did not envision a future for herself. A number of  years ago I talked with her on her birthday and she apologized for not looking after herself so that she could have seen my daughter and my sister’s daughter growing up. However, she watches over them from the Other Side where she is very happy. Audrey did not live long enough to have access to the kind of information we currently have and the spiritual communities we now have. She was very much born before her time, so to speak. But, she does confirm the knowledge that we have privy to in this bridge time – to have a future – see a future – and look after your physical vehicle.

Call in your Angels, feel into your Oneness, see your life as a work of art in progress, use your God-given powers and abilities & co-create the life of which you dream – for the sake of yourself. For the sake of the planet. For the sake of the new kids.

Love & Light,   Monica



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  1. Gillian November 24, 2018 at 8:30 pm Reply

    The story of yours I most vividly remember is the one where peoples’ dreams floated above them for all to see! 🙂

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