“To become a walking master, you must undergo and pass a considerable number of challenges and initiations. For those who have been waking slowly, this has been a long process. A rapidly awakened master, however, will have worked through their tests unconsciously. To these souls, understanding and realization come instantly. They instinctively embrace the universal flow as the true workings of Source become reality. Energy and information are immediately channeled to them via the fifth-dimensional heart chakra, offering a higher angelic perspective. As the ego takes a backseat for the first time since the fall of Atlantis, all illusion will be dispelled , to be replaced by enlightenment.”   Diana Cooper

I discuss 5D a fair amount these days because during my experiences as a working psychic I find that there are still a significant number of people who are advancing into a 5D perspective well beyond the polarities of 3D but without quite knowing what is happening and having no language to discuss how they are becoming a vibrational match to the new, higher frequencies.

Last week-end I was attuning a Reiki Master Level student. We discussed, among many other topics, how human beings can hold both the light and dark simultaneously – the goal being that we are ultimately able to choose the light and merge the dark into it. We also discussed how abandoning the ‘need to know’ is an important conscious tool to greatly expand our ability to achieve and become 5D.

How do we do this? We observe ourselves. We are both the watcher and the watched. When we ask ourselves, “Why did ____________ happen?”, we notice our thought and then choose to move into wonder. “I wonder what is going on?” Allow wonder to be your replacement word for why. This is the manner in which you will be able to allow yourself to receive information beyond 3D. It will come to you, if not immediately through claircognizance then later in meditation or your dreams – day dreams or night dreams.

To become 5D we need to allow what we consider unexplainable to be possible. We need to realize ourselves and others as unlimited beings. We are also engaging our hearts because it is not possible to become fifth-dimensional without doing that as in 5D we are expected to let our heart lead our mind.  We don’t abandon our mind – but we let our heart lead.

We have all recognized, have we not, that dissolving belief systems is part of waking up in 5D. If there are people around you who wish to hold you back (not uncommon) then they will be invested in encouraging you to remain in your current paradigm. This is due to fear. They feel safer knowing that you are as limited by a narrow version of reality as they are.

Our transformation makes our ‘old’ self completely unrecognizable. That is why you often hear me talking about myself as the ‘old’ Monica and the ‘new ‘ Monica. When we are ascending we realize that change is our only constant.

Everyone’s ascension process is unique. We each choose beliefs, behaviours, feelings and actions that are based in the energy of unconditional acceptance – the energy of non-polarity. For those of us consciously choosing to ascend and willing to step fully into our divinity we are becoming ascended masters while still on the planet. This is within reach for those of us who desire it.

Due to the fact that our physical body is coming with us on this ascension – many of us have or will experience physical discomfort. Our ascended body is the same as our 5D body. It is more full of light and quite likely to be glowing and a bit translucent. These changes in our bodies are more challenging when we resist them. I have frequently talked about ascension symptoms in other blogs. If you have made multiple visits to doctors and they cannot find any explanation for your pain or discomfort then it is quite likely that nonconventional healers using modalities such as Reiki, acupuncture, naturopathy, craniosacral therapy and other tools will help you to get through your personal physical shift. This frequently includes a detox and a new way of eating.

Remember too that one of your portals into 5D is your emotions. Try to keep yourself in emotional balance. This is not always easy. Last week I discussed February energies as being challenging. For many of us, emotional trauma may be the actual source of our awakening. Emotions are what makes us distinctly human and as Maureen St. Germain points out “emotion is the ability to imbue chi (energy that has no charge) with a purpose.”  (WAKING UP IN 5D) Maureen expands on this by reminding us that most women develop awareness of feelings, while most men focus on experiences – while a balanced human equally experiences both. She says, “A blow to the heart is rocket fuel to your Ascension work. It is one key to becoming fifth dimensional.”

Following the lead of our heart is a big shift for many of us. Western society has for so long programmed us that logic is the only reasonable way to get to conclusions. And, of course within the sciences this is especially true. Maureen in her work likes to point out that most of the world’s major mathematical and scientific breakthroughs have come from meditation or intuition! Mystical experiences have resulted in huge breakthroughs. Of course, your ego wants to keep you safe and so it wants you to cling to old patterns.

Our entire consciousness is now encouraging us toward Higher Self expression as we ascend. In 5D our inner motives change. We no longer need to ‘prove’ anything. Our purpose comes from deep within – based on a genuine desire to serve and a deep love for all living things. A reverence. Things drop away because anything not in alignment with our new energies becomes very uncomfortable.

One of the aspects of 5D my Master level student and I discussed was how we know we are in this dimension. We have a level of compassion that allows us to be present and deeply loving but that doesn’t require anything from us. We know our needs will be met with ease and grace. We need compete with no one. While we have deep compassion  and care very much about people – it never results in locking us into anything that does not suit who we are or who we are becoming.

As you know – there are many dimensions beyond fifth. Most of our ascension teachers tell us that we can access thirteen. However, always investigate for yourself. Check with your Angels and guides and Higher Self. Our teachers offer landmarks from their own experiences which is very helpful. Most of us oscillate simultaneously between a number of dimensions while predominantly focusing on one at a time.

Maureen’s charts are helpful in aiding us to recognize dimensions beyond fifth. (Pages 173-175) She says they are helpful for the linear mind. I agree. But she intends them to mainly help you to get out of your own way. Remember the dimensions are nested.

Often during dreamtime we go to the sixth dimension. All the basic structures/templates on Earth are here. It is a realm of colour, light, music, geometry, and DNA templates.

Seventh dimension, Maureen says, is the last dimension where we can experience our self as separate. A place of “infinite precision” and a “sweet emotional connection with consciousness.”

Due to the fact that the eighth dimension is so vast – it is very difficult to comprehend from 3D. Here, we cannot experience self as separate. Usually, when our consciousness is focused in 8D, our 3D self blanks/blacks out.

The ninth dimension is held to be the representative of the collective consciousness of dissimilar groups: dimensions, planets, star systems, galaxies. However, awareness is inner directed. Vast. Beyond our understanding of consciousness.

Beyond 9D is called by some spiritual teachers, including Maureen, the “Upper Creation Realm.”

As I write this I am aware that my regular readers/clients are now able to perceive colours, sounds and scents previously unavailable. They also may be experiencing what we can call a very magnified “spacy-ness”  We hear loud tones as we shift dimensions. This is all part of it. It is all okay. Keep going. Maureen says that when you start seeing/feeling beings around you – that you say – “If you are of the light, I invite you into my space to be of service to me and those around me!”

If you are a light worker – and you are if you are one of my regular readers – then you have become skilled at transmuting energy. And becoming more so. You may be called upon down the road, as Jesus and many ascended masters were, to transmute dark energy on the planet. So, if you have diligently worked through all your own ‘stuff ‘ from this and past lives and then feel weight or a burden on your shoulders – then that is the time to call in all your Angels, guides, dragons and clear that energy! That is what we came to do.

Love & Light,   Monica    ps. I am doing Angel readings/healings @ the Travelodge  (Princess Street) in Kingston tomorrow and on Saturday and Sunday. Galaxy Psychic Fairs will be in Kingston Friday 2-10 pm, Saturday 11-10 pm and Sunday 11-6 pm.  There will also be products for sale such as crystals, wands and gemstones. Hope to see you!


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  1. Gillian February 21, 2019 at 8:52 pm Reply

    Gary Zukav (The Seat of the Soul, Dancing Wu Li Masters)says an indigenous man told him the longest journey he would ever make was 9 inches…from his head to his heart:-) In The Seat of the Soul he writes about becoming multi-dimensional. Good blog! Hope all you lucky Kingston and near-Kingston dwellers get out to the Psychic Fair this weekend.

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