“Through the fifth dimension, all particles in existence link to all other particles. We can detect the fifth dimension through emotions, intuitions, intangibles. It is a single field – wave function is actually a volume in the fifth dimension.”   James E. Beichler, Ph.D., physicist

There is another way to look at that Fifth agreement, though. It goes like this: ‘Show up. Tell the truth. And don’t be attached to the outcome.'”   P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D.

It is obvious to me that we are still in Fifth World Energy, and I predict we will remain so until 2132 or 2133, with the thirty-third passage of Halley’s comet. As that comet once again streaks across earth’s skies, Aquarian energies will ascend like never before, revealing the results of our efforts now and during years to come. We have another chance to remake this world and self-correct. Let’s not muff it.”   P.M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.


The 1st to 3rd dimensions have to do with the laws of space and time. The 4th dimension includes the etheric and astral planes. The 5th dimension frees us from time/space dynamics completely – simultaneously allowing us to merge our intentions directly into the fabric of what we wish to manifest. Intention directs movement and manifestation in this dimension and transparency is operant.

In 5th dimension, as masters of our own energy, and with a foot in multiple dimensions, we now experience our body differently than we did while 3D. Our body is now our ‘centerpoint.’ This is what anchors us in whatever physical dimension we actually experience, along with our beliefs, actions and where we focus our energy. Naturally, the more dimensions we occupy – the more presence we must have. Lisa Transcendence Brown states: “Fully present and functioning from Zero Point Field, totally consciously aware of what we are creating with every breath, thought and energy we are constantly transmitting across multiple dimensions all simultaneously from this NOW. Mastering the physical is a whole new ballgame, governed by Universal Cosmic Laws instead of human ones. Expanding your consciousness and maintaining this expanded state, will change your entire reality and how it correlates to you!”

My spirit guide is clairvoyantly showing me a baby right now learning how to walk. This is us – we are wobbly as we are learning a whole new way to be. The baby stands up, falls over, gets up again, a few wobbly steps and falls again. This is us as we learn to navigate multidimensional multilevel states. As the light continues to come in some of us may have flu symptoms, FLU (frequency light upgrades). Others of us may now be experiencing what I have been seeing for many years  – new colours and new geometrical shapes. Bright magentas and the sublime lime green colour of divine feminine energies. Our electrical energy within our cells increases as our structures become more crystalline. While in 3rd dimension we berated ourselves for our perceived imperfections, in 5th we experience self-acceptance.

In 5th dimension we follow what we know. If we don’t it hurts. We cannot manifest, remember, from a place of resistance. And, we also remind ourselves that we do not have to make something wrong in order to create something new. Things may have been ‘right’ for the 3rd dimension and not ‘right’ for the 5th. However,there is no duality in 5th.

If you are feeling resistance to what you are manifesting, then sit in that uncomfortable feeling. Things open up. When you no longer need something specific to happen anymore – it becomes easy to receive it. Those of us successfully manifesting have realized deep within ourselves that every experience is here to serve us. By being present with every experience we have those small awakenings that eventually add up to a larger awakening. When we allow ourselves to feel what we don’t want to feel – everything changes.

Change is threatening to the ego. Because, to the ego, safety means everything stays the same. The ego will always avoid whatever would actually set you free. So, you need to dive into your resistance.

Ask yourself when you have an experience  – “what is this experience inviting me to feel?” Zak Rehder pointed out in a lecture I listened to last year that “when you are who you truly are there is nothing missing and nothing to avoid.” Why is that? It is because your own presence, your I AM Presence, heals everything.

Zak also gave us a good way to get out of the downward spiral of depression. The word depression makes us feel depressed. As we know, our mind loves a definition. So, Zak says why not ask ourselves, “what if this doesn’t mean what I think it means?” What if we are just incorrectly labeling things? For example, when we feel what we think is fear – we can ask ourselves, “what if this isn’t fear?”  This helps us to get off autopilot and also helps us to dis-cover new energy. Nothing ever turns out to be what we thought it would be anyway!

Those of us on the Path have dis-covered the profound effect the spiritual world has on the physical world. As we move more fully into fifth dimensional energies we find the intuitive capacities of our guts, our hearts and our minds coalescing and expanding to work with our third eye. We are all psychic. On the inner planes we can examine our third eye.

Our third eye is a gateway to other dimensions. Problems in the gut can affect the 3rd eye. A person who is very fearful or has heavy metal poisoning may have a third eye that is virtually shut down. There are many remedies for this situation. A heavy metal detox is one. Another way is to ask your Angels to help you to safely open up your third eye and also, always ask the Angels to protect you while you are working with it. Words are very powerful and can shut down the third eye – as children many of us were told we could not see the things we saw and also we were told it was not safe to do so. If you were one of those kids – then travel back in time and find that kid who shut it down and tell them it is now safe to open it up and work with them – have FUN! A high vibration opens it up further. Love and trust your psychic abilities.

We are all learning to navigate the New Matrix together. We are learning to comprehend the new energies. In a new world of no time, no space, no limits –  we must all bring our own inner saboteur on board with a Higher vision for ourselves and our planet. As Lauren Galey says we must get rid of our old BS (belief systems!). “This is my dream and I decide what happens in it.” We are entitled to miracles, however, we need to remember that purification comes first.  Part of being an alchemist is the ability to transmute negative/dark energies.

Numerous spiritual teachers working with fifth world energies talk of working with “recovering intellects” to help them move out of their heads and into their hearts. We all need to come from our sacred heart because the fifth dimension is a non-dualistic realm of unconditional love. Being in the state of love connects us with Source energy. When we are doing and trying we are in our mind. Reclaim the power of your High heart which takes you into the fifth world energies.

Love & Light,   Monica


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