Becoming fifth dimensional is different from anything you have done before. In this your intention is paramount. You cannot move into this realm without an act of will. Of course, once you start to inquire and explore, you then have enough information to use your will to ask for assistance in becoming fifth dimensional. I recommend you ask every day.”   Maureen J. St. Germain

I am just back from doing Angel Readings and Angel Matrix Healings at a Psychic Fair in Oshawa. The psychic medium who invited me asked me to please offer treatments beyond the readings themselves (which are also healing). She said that people ‘out there’ are very much needing access to healing as well as readings. This is true. So, I offered readings and healings separately and also a combination turned out to be the most popular choice.

It has been many years since I did my readings at a psychic fair.  Although I have done a number of  them in the past. While doing readings and treatments with the Angels I found myself also doing a lot of teaching which I love to do. There is a limit to what can be done with 30 minutes per person; however, it does make the reader (in this case me) laser- focused on helping the client make best use of the time & it was quite remarkable how the Angels supported me to cut to the chase, so to speak, with each client.

My clients were all women of varying ages and all lovely people. It was a pleasure to read for them regarding their most pressing issues and to communicate with their Angels, spirit guides and deceased loved ones. The deceased loved ones caught my attention in their own way, one particular Grand-dad butting in right at the beginning of a session so that I had to deal with him! (turned out he had saved his grand-daughter from drowning as a baby and was still watching over her from the Other Side) and other loved ones waving a hankie (Aunt Bea) or showing himself lifting weights (“Oh, yes – my closest friend Jack , we always worked out at the gym together!) and others waving just behind the client’s shoulder because they had a message of love to convey.

What I noticed this time around on the psychic circuit is the greater knowledge and understanding of people regarding metaphysics and spirituality since 2012. Some of my clients needed help with some language/terminology in order to describe what they were intuiting about themselves and their situations. Many were moving in and out of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions and did not have the lingo we tend to use so they were very happy when I described to them (mirroring back) what they were sensing.

The majority of my clients at the Fair were highly sensitive and intuitive themselves and one woman was in tears due to being overwhelmed by the energies. A crystal healer gave her a grounding crystal and when she sat down at my table I told her she was having trouble handling the harsh energies of the 3rd dimension because she was almost entirely fifth dimensional and being in the energies of 3rd and 4th were now jarring, but, that the Angels would help her. Which, of course they did.

Many of my clients needed etheric cord-cutting, psychic vacuuming and chakra cleansing and balancing. Across the board every client felt Archangel Michael’s energy while doing these treatments. In the past, pre-2012, about 50-60 percent of my new clients would be sensitive to the energy signatures of Angels! This makes my work easier of course because their feeling confirms their believing.

People in the fifth dimension have completed their ‘shadow work’ and have made a commitment to themselves to love themselves unconditionally. Each one of them has ethics, although, in the fifth dimension we don’t really need ethics – because – as Maureen St. Germain says, ” … in fifth dimension the not-God choice does not exist.” We stay in 5D when our thoughts, words and deeds are all lined up in agreement. Thoughts or actions of getting the ‘upper hand’ over another, in any way, no longer exists. We are compassionate and therefore fairness and friendliness is the way.

One of the main signals that you are fifth dimensional is that you care as much about others as you do about yourself. This, naturally, will change the world as more and more of us decide to choose to become 5D. When we compete with others (3D) it steals our joy. Competition and comparison are thieves of joy.

Since there is no judgment in 5D, we choose based not on what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but rather what is a match for us! We move to a place where we merely observe rather than judge and we decide if something is a match. This is powerful because we can engage in third dimensionality while being 5D. We are multidimensional beings.

Always follow your own intuitive guidance regarding your choice of spiritual teachers and psychic readers. When people came to my table at the Fair I told them what I do as a psychic medium who channels Angels; however, I recommended that they take their time and go around to all the various tables and see who they were drawn to. Of course, being psychic, I already knew which ones would come back to me! However, part of my mission is to empower people through teaching them to honour their own intuitive wisdom.

Sadly, a few people told me that they could not stop at my table because “Angels are not for me.” This is unfortunate because Angels have the highest frequency in the universe surpassed only by Source. However, Free Will is always operant in the third dimension and choosing to not accept the help of the Angels, at this point on their path, may ultimately serve in a way we do not understand.  Free Will is not necessary in the fifth (although I believe we still have it) because all choices are God-choices anyway.

One unfortunate person at the Fair (not a client of mine) had been the victim of some ‘dark forces’ playing with her mind (previous to her attending). Sadly, when we are at our most vulnerable, there are unethical people (who pretend to be psychic) who not only do not help us but put thoughts in our heads of things like “dark angels” (no such thing). There are dark people and dark energies – but no dark angels. Angels are messengers of God. Celestial Beings of Light.

We are living in an incredible time now to be on Earth. We have the opportunity to clear and balance all karma! I was able to help a lovely lady at the Fair who was being held back only by her belief that she had karma that she could do nothing about. I offered her a karmic clearing from Archangel Michael that would clear karma in all directions of Time and she is now free to also spread the word to others that we are living in a unique time on Earth. This lady is helping children – and she gives them Reiki – what could be a more important mission than helping the New Kids? The light came back into her eyes so quickly once her karmic cords were severed.

Remember that as we become fifth dimensional we now have access to the higher chakras. These higher chakras open us up to the spiritual gifts that in the past were only available to ascended masters such as Jesus and Buddha. We now have full access; however, most of us are choosing to upgrade ourselves slowly so as to not cause problems for ourselves or those around us. Call in the Angels and ascend with ease and grace at your own pace.

Love & Light,    Monica   p.s. I will be at a Psychic Fair in Barrie at month’s end, so, if you are in or near Barrie & want to pre-book a reading/healing or would like some info re times, just email me. Thank you!

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  1. Gillian September 20, 2018 at 2:33 pm Reply

    Awesome post–I can just see those folks flapping their arms on the other side! I think people who come to you as a medium are lucky as they will only receive messages from friendly and helpful entities and energies. 🙂

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