“Plant spirit medicine is the shaman’s way with plants…There is nothing exotic about all this. Don’t be misled by talk about the Amazon. If you want to meet the most powerful healing plants in the world , just open your door and step outside. They are growing all around you. If you don’t believe me or if you have a taste for romantic locations, you can try going elsewhere. But if you stay there long enough, it comes down to the same thing: dealing with the local weeds.”   (Eliot Cowan, PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINE)

When the Angels gave me the title Flower Power for this week’s blog I wondered if they wanted me to write about my teen years in the 1960s? Just kidding! I knew exactly what they wished me to convey. So, let’s get right to it. This blog will explore plants and flowers, their transformative powers, a teensy bit of history and easy ways to bring flower power into your own life to heal yourself and others.

When I pondered the title I remembered that sometimes an oracle card about the healing power of flowers will come up in an Angel or Faery reading. Usually this card signifies that the client would benefit from the balancing and healing properties of flowers. I generally advise a client, under these circumstances, to spend time in a garden with plenty of flowers or to create one or if they are unable to do either to spend time in a florist’s shop and to bring fresh flowers into their home. I suggest that the client breathe in the fragrances and feel their magical healing abilities bathing every cell of their body. I further suggest that they consider buying a bottle or two of pure flower essences which most people can find at their local health food store. I might be guided to suggest rose oil to aid them to open their heart to love or I might be guided to suggest the client sprinkle lavender oil on their sheets and pillows to calm their nerves. Sometimes the angels &/or faeries will guide me to suggest that a client study aromatherapy and become an aromatherapist  and/or add flower essences to their healing work.

Merely beginning to work with flowers is an automatic permission slip for the angels and faeries to help you on your journey of change. I learned this fact from well-known naturopath Robert Reeves who also works with angels. Robert reminds us during his lectures that our natural state is health so we are only remembering and revealing and finding the way of being ourselves. Holding the flower of our choice and meditating is a powerful way to go within – knowing that the angels are always listening to our most heartfelt intention.

From listening over the years to a number of aromatherapists lecturing, interviewing Victoria’s aromatherapist, Jillie Spooner, for a natural health magazine, and my own research into plants and flower essences I have gleaned a very basic level of understanding about the plant kingdom and I am enthralled. In the Middle Ages people would go out and collect dew drops from the tops of flowers and drink this elixir. My body remembers doing this as I write this. If you are going to begin working with essences remember to consult the experts and to keep a journal. Write everything in your journal about ‘before’ and ‘after’. When you experience flower essences you are experiencing on a mental and spiritual level the mind or consciousness of the plant. Be present in every moment.

One of my teachers, Doreen Virtue, surrounds herself with flowers at all times. She knows that they bring peace and tranquility into the home and she loves their soothing energy. Some of us, for a variety of reasons, may not always have access to fresh flowers on a daily basis as Doreen does so she suggests that we can carry photos of blooms in our wallet or purse and we can put an image of flowers on our screensaver. “By doing so you’re constantly reminded of God’s love.” In the book that Robert and Doreen wrote together they tell us that flowers show us that we have two options in any situation: “do you tackle it alone, or do you ask your angels for help?” Doreen and Robert’s book ANGEL DETOX is a great resource. It is always near me on my book shelf and I often recommend it to clients and students who are purifying their lives and detoxing from stress, sugar, dairy, caffeine, cigarettes, wheat, gluten, other substances and toxic people. This book also tells you about some of the flowers that help you to dissolve stress and infuse peacefulness. For example, daisies ask you to simplify your life and advise you to release draining people from your circle of friends. Hibiscus reminds you of the great support you have from both loved ones and angels. Doreen notes that hibiscus carries the energy of Archangels Chamuel & Raziel which helps you to find the Divine light “that shines through any illusion of stress.” With jonquil there is an affirmation that only peaceful people may enter your space and a message to distance yourself from “friends” who are more interested in receiving favours from you than giving them. Doreen recommends that you let this natural transition occur and send love to everyone involved. One of my favourite flowers, lilac, is connected with Archangel Michael and lilacs help to combat fatigue that accompanies a frenetic routine and therefore are excellent for the anxiety and depression experienced due to a fast-paced life. Orange lilies help you to look past the small things, pull you out of “fear mode” and let you see who you truly are.

Some of my clients come to me suffering from adrenal exhaustion having overworked themselves and succumbing to stress. There are many herbal remedies for adrenal exhaustion. The two key herbs are licorice and rehmannia and they will give you energy until you have restored and improved your adrenal function. Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is not the candy isle stuff coming into your mind while I write this, it is the root of the licorice plant and is energizing, restorative and nourishing to your system. However, avoid this if you have high blood pressure because it can elevate it slightly. Consult your natural health care practitioner.

Are you working on abundance? Of course you are! Robert and Doreen suggest you purchase some yellow lilies before all the buds have opened and then sit with them and pour your heart out to them! Send your true intentions into the flower buds by silently praying for help while visualizing the green energy of money infusing into the lilies. Doreen and Robert say that as the buds begin to bloom, your prayers will be released into the Universe.

Did you know that flower therapy can also help you to release old emotions and energies by spreading joy and peace? Bring these into your home and remember to journal. I suggest one bunch at a time so that you can identify their individual properties: Black-eyed Susan, Bleeding-heart, Dandelion, Gladiolas, Hydrangeas, Iris, St-John’s -wort & Nasturtium. Flower power!

When I give a Faery workshop I always have tulips in the room. Tulips remind me of Spring and tulips help us when we feel that we aren’t making any progress and they also help remove feelings of irritation and anger which makes it easier for my students to feel, see or hear the faeries on the flowers. As you likely know, wherever there are flowers there are faeries (nature angels).

A few years ago I listened to an on-line interview with Flower Therapist Katie Hess. She noted how absolutely bombarded we are nowadays with various waves. She gave a few suggestions and I took note of them. She recommended passion flower tea for improved sleep, the Hong Kong (red) Orchid for help with self-love and the Red Bird of Paradise for assistance with focus. Katie says yarrow revitalizes the body after waves of nuclear radiation.

Pepper Lewis, who channels Gaia, tells us that flowers were once among the more advanced and aware species on the Earth and that their vibration is one of the highest in the plant kingdom. Pepper informs us that “some varieties were even the teachers of the first generations of Lemurians.” (TRANSITION NOW) They taught us early humans to be stewards of the Earth. Lemurians, often considered our first “conscious- capable” ancestors, had a very highly developed sense of smell which was one of the gifts they received from their “giant flower teachers” which, in some cases, were over six feet in diameter. Apparently, these early Lemurians were quite careless regarding their attachment to their physical bodies and became easily dissociated from their physical environments. “The flower teachers taught them to breathe in such a way as to replenish the Soul’s ability to remain as Spirit in a physical vehicle.” Of course, we are all aware, as Pepper points out, that the true history of these flower beings has fallen into lore and mythology as extinct experiences generally do. Pepper says that what today is regarded as childlike fairy energy was once a very powerful yet innocent, elemental wisdom.

Grandma Bertha Grove has some wisdom for us today. “The way I see it, everything is good; the Creator said He made everything good, and it’s still the same way. It is just man that thinks, “That plant is no good; that animal is no good.” There is a reason for Him creating it. There is a reason for snakes, for flies. We say spray the heck out of them, but I have found out if you talk to them they won’t bother you anymore. These spirits are real. If you believe in them, they’ll help you. That is what those medical doctors don’t understand. They could do a lot of things if they could just believe in this Creation, in the spirits. Maybe there are a few who know that, but very few. Even in our own clinic they think we’re crazy if we talk about that. Lot of people think you’re crazy if you do things like that. ” (PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINE)

Plants have spirits that can heal and flowers want to perform their sacred service.

Many Blessings,   Monica    www.monicahemstock.ca

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  1. Gillian February 15, 2018 at 11:08 am Reply

    Talking to snakes reminds me of the time I went north of Manitoulin Island for my daughter’s karate camp. We were all bothered by mosquitoes and the host, whose yard we were in, said, “Just a moment. Let’s ask these mosquitoes to leave us alone.” They did! For the rest of that two-day camp there were no insects. Lots of Black Eyed Susans, though. Good blog :).

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