“A butterfly is not a flying caterpillar”   Adyashanti

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”   George Bernard Shaw

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”   Ralph Marston

What are you when you are no longer a caterpillar and not yet a butterfly? A flying caterpillar of course! Yes, I am down the rabbit hole today and inviting you to join me as we explore that place where we are looking at our past choices and decisions and realizing how many of them, perhaps even in our most recent pasts (yesterday is the past), were based on old parental/cultural programming rather than the unlimited thinking of a divine being.

Mastering conscious manifestation (which involves the capacity to play), for most of us, does not occur overnight. It requires considerable learning, insight and practice to make choices and decisions that contain the most light for us and keeps us, or puts us, on our Higher path.

In order to create abundance (remember abundance is not merely money) in our lives we need to be able to play and refine our capacity for discernment. The path of most light is the path of most joy. We wish to create our results from the place of truth and integrity that brings not only blessings to ourselves but also to others. We are all ONE and what we wish for ourselves is what we wish for others and what we wish for others is what we wish for ourselves whether or not we realize it.

Naturally we have a myriad of divination tools that aid us to make the Highest choice and unless there is an emergency there is always plenty of time to make clear decisions. However, there is a simple way to check-in with your Higher Self if your pendulum, oracle cards, Runes etc. are not with you. Imagine that you have one choice in your right hand and the other choice in your left. Ask the hand holding the Higher choice to raise itself. Voila!

Remember that in every moment of every day you are creating your future. Learn to love getting there as much as being there because you must love where you are to get where you are going.

Sometimes not having something is the impetus for incredible growth because it pushes you along into discovering new or adjacent possibilities of which you have been previously unaware. It will come to you within Divine Timing when you have gone down the rabbit hole and avoided over-thinking and have let go of what Mike Dooley (a master of manifestation) calls your “cursed hows.”  If it is not coming, as yet, remember the universe is assembling all the pieces of the puzzle behind the scenes and arranging all the people you’ve yet to meet. Or, if it is not yet coming, maybe you have not as yet learned the new lesson the ‘seeming problem’ is teaching you. An obstacle dissolves when the lesson is learned. Or, and this may surprise you, maybe you no longer need to create it in physical reality because, in some way, you have already received the essence of what you want? For example, one of my young clients a decade ago wanted to manifest fame on a grand scale  (actually if she had proceeded with her plans to be a singer – that was in the cards down the road my clairvoyance showed me); however, that desire was emanating from a place of a crippling lack of self-confidence (of course we can suffer from this at any age; however, she was a teen and Mom had brought her to me). She developed and grew into the self-confidence (the essence of what she truly desired) and the desire for fame evaporated. Do not misread my example as discouraging to you if you have a desire for fame, because I always assume that with a lightworker, such as you are, your desire for fame is to allow you to shine your light and spread your message in order to reach a wider audience and bless a multitude of people with your gifts. Teachers such as Doreen Virtue remind us that fame for fame’s sake is a hollow victory – but if we are able to use it to help make the world around us a more equitable, compassionate and kind place – then we have fulfilled a divine mission. If what you are manifesting remains elusive – it is because it will not serve your Higher good. The things you are manifesting may have forms that are not right for you at this time; however, something better for you will manifest – so keep going! Do not give up five minutes before your dream comes true. Remember when you are manifesting to always add the codicil – “this or something better.”

Never underestimate the little choices that you make each day. These are creating your future. If you examine your life today you will see that you have a myriad of decisions. For example, you decide what to eat, drink, think, believe, feel, do and perceive about circumstances you find yourself in on a daily basis. It is the ‘little choices’ that are actually ongoing that truly come together to make up your life force and consciousness. Therefore, it is crucial to investigate your choices in terms of both the ‘real’ and energetic results when you are designing your ‘grand plan.’

When you design your grand plan (this or something better, do not become attached) remember to create your intentions from your soul not your ego because when we make choices from our egos we experience struggle, fear and anxiety (contraction). However, when we make choices from our souls – which is love (expansion) – everything becomes possible. Most of us followed role models who struggled.

In order to build your energy and happiness bank I advise you to be impeccably careful as to with whom you share your dreams. Negative folks or disbelievers can throw metaphysical buckets of cold water on us emotionally sensitive lightworkers when we are at our most vulnerable times. Marci Shimoff calls these folks “the discouragement committee!” The discouragement committee can hold you back from shining your light and you came to shine!

Your own sense of worthiness is crucial. You are a divine child of God/Source and your worthiness is inherent. If you do not love yourself then you will push away miracles, unaware. If you do not love yourself unconditionally – then please read Louise Hay’s bestseller YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE. Work with it and heal your life. You must own your worthiness to receive your manifestations. Are you having any difficulty receiving compliments and gifts? Do you continue to downplay your good fortune when it arrives? If so, there is still work to be done. Ask yourself now – how can I expand my ability to receive today?

Julia Cameron has some wonderful exercises for you which I feel are just perfect for those of you in flying-caterpillar mode.

(1) Make a list of 25 things that you love. “If we have drifted away from what we love, we will see the degree of drift and be able to correct it.”

(2) Name 5 imaginary lives. What would it be fun to do or be? (age is not a factor) When you are finished, choose 1 of your 5 imaginary lives and see if there is a step in your current life that you could take toward this imaginary life. Julia says, for example, if your imaginary life is to be a fashion designer, you might have fun visiting a fabric store. Allow your step to be small and allow your list to include “delights, not duties!”  (IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO BEGIN AGAIN)

One step taken today (doing these exercises is a step!) can improve all your tomorrows. And, as you emerge from the rabbit hole (one of my very favourite places) you will understand, fully not just intellectually, why a butterfly is nothing like a flying caterpillar.

Love & Light,  Monica



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  1. Gillian March 30, 2017 at 1:56 pm Reply

    Baby steps! Great advice. Also love the quotes. Thanks!

  2. hayley March 30, 2017 at 10:15 pm Reply

    Thanks for the great blog! 🙂

  3. Cadwyn March 31, 2017 at 4:59 am Reply

    Absolute gold! Comforting and encouraging! Thank you

    • Monica March 31, 2017 at 1:18 pm Reply

      Thanks for your feedback Cadwyn! Etheric hugs coming your way!

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