“Nowhere can a man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul.”   Marcus Aurelius

“There was a pause – just long enough for an angel to pass, flying slowly. ”  Roland Firbank

“Heaven-born, the soul a heavenward course must hold; beyond the world she soars; the wise man, I affirm can find no rest in that which perishes, nor will he lend his heart to aught that doth on time depend.”   Michelangelo Buonarotti

Nowadays we are, without even realizing it, regaining the psychic abilities we enjoyed in Atlantis. This is one of the many reasons why it is important to put time aside frequently to be quiet and still and to meditate. You receive an impression, even though you may not hear a voice, or you have a sense of what is going on, even though you may not have a clairvoyant vision – or you may have a pretty good idea of what people are thinking. This means you are psychic and you might very well experience claircognizance – which is high-frequency knowing. If you wish enlightened mastery, then your job is to accept, have faith and trust and follow your divine guidance. Divine guidance is always non-judgmental, loving and positive.

As you are aware, when we lived in Atlantis we could ‘tune in’ to many frequency bands. Like dials on a radio, internally, we easily adjusted our dials so we could be on the wavelengths of elementals, trees, animals, unicorns and Angels. When we did this we communicated directly with these beings through their senses, images or thoughts. Of course this was done with intention and aided along by the fact that we Atlanteans were telepathic, clairvoyant and clairaudient; however, many of us today have ‘woken’ up to these natural abilities and are refining them.

Most seem to agree now that at least the initial phase of ascension energy has now been integrated into our planet Earth. It began with this energy illuminating Earth’s aura which is the crystalline matrix that surrounds the planet. It reflects the 5th dimensional vibration with which we now resonate since those many planetary shifts that took place during 2015. Since then, Archangel energy has been pouring in through gateways and this has allowed us to access our 12-chakra column.

For some of us these shifts have been relatively mild and for others they have felt like a jolt. You can tell that we have entered a new era now. While ‘Trumpism’ in the United States is being called, by some mainstream media, “the age of hate” and the dictionary, I am told, now talks about the “post-truth era” –  for lightworkers around the world this is a clarion call to fully ‘wake up’ to our gifts and choose to bring in an age of love and light.

More than ever we are being ‘called’ to take full responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. Due to our ‘upgrades’ so to speak that we experienced in 2015, we are at what some lightworkers are calling a “tipping point”. Leaders in the metaphysical world such as U.K.’s Diana Cooper are telling us that Grace, intention, manifestation, instant karma, responsibility and unconditional love will be the building blocks of the new world.

For the past six months I have been consciously opening up my 12-chakra column. When the frequency of Atlantis declined 5 chakras closed down and we were left with the 7 basic chakras recognized within many spiritual traditions. However, now that we are in ascension we are called upon, by our higher selves, to re-activate the full 12.  Many of us are doing this unconsciously and that is why you may have noticed your clairs opening or strengthening; however, I am doing it consciously as well for my clients and myself. All of us have vast and untapped spiritual and psychic resources and no matter where we are in our journey we are only at the beginning of discovering them! Children are being born into the world now with the 12 chakras fully activated and therefore we need to keep moving forward in our evolution so we can help these Rainbow kids, some of whom are labeled autistic because they communicate through telepathy and do not use language. By relaxing deeply, some people have never experienced deep relaxation, we are beginning to activate our cellular knowledge and remember our wisdom from Atlantis held within our collective unconscious. We are accessing our potential and bringing it to consciousness so we can help others and the planet survive. Quiet times allow us to recharge our batteries and also remember who we truly are.  Divine beings having a human experience. This soul expansion is available to all of us willing to evolve.

Do you know the name of your Higher Self?  Have you asked? If you ask during your next meditation and do not receive a name which would come easily and effortlessly into your mind, then I suggest you name your own Higher Self. My name, Monica, is the name given to me by my parents and is the name of my earthly 3rd dimensional ego-personality called Monica. I love my name; however, a decade ago I received the name of my Higher Self and it is from Higher Self that I do all my metaphysical work and receive messages from the Angels. Over the past 10 years, knowing the name of my Higher Self helps me to be “in the world but not of it.”  (which I was easily able to do as a child) That is what allows me to stay grounded on Earth while also exploring and channeling messages and healings from other dimensions. I tell you this because some of you may find accepting your natural psychic abilities less of a struggle if you develop a stronger link with your Higher Self and part of my purpose is to help others to receive their Divine guidance. If you do not know the name of your Higher Self and are ready – I suggest that you set up a private session for yourself with your Angels somewhere where you will not be disturbed.  Create your own sacred ceremony. Perhaps a candle, a small altar where you have a few objects that are meaningful for you such as a book, crystal, symbol, a picture or statue of your favourite ascended master/s such as Jesus, Buddha, Kuthumi, Isis, Mother Mary, Hathor, Commander Ashtar or whomever resonates. Purify the space with Reiki or by blessing it or calling in Archangel Michael and asking him to fill the area with light and protect you from all negativity and dark energy on all levels. Your space need not be ornate or elaborate in any way unless you enjoy that! These are only ‘props’ as you actually need none of it but props are very helpful until the connection is strong and they become optional. Let’s face it, it can be so much fun – and we are here to enjoy every moment! These objects in themselves have no power  (although crystals are exceptional as they hold a tiny elemental  within!) but having them around helps you make the frequency-jump into your Higher Self.  Write your own ceremony to connect with your Higher Self and receive your name.  If a name does not arrive – you can name your own Higher Self. For example, Clark Kent would call his Higher Self, Superman. If you have named yourself – your name will likely change as you evolve spiritually.  Be extremely careful as to whom, if anyone, you divulge this name to. It is sacred. If you are not yet very strong and find handling your emotional sensitivity and burgeoning spiritual gifts challenging – it will be used as kryptonite against you by anyone descending into their ego and sending a psychic attack your way.  Psychic attacks are always from ego and often unconscious. They are not received by our Higher Self which is immune to psychic attacks but psychic attacks always operate from ego to ego because the ego is fearful while the Higher Self knows only Love.  The reason I am suggesting making a strong connection with your Higher Self is that many folks find that they are more comfortable communicating with their Higher Self regarding guidance before they begin communicating with Angels and spirit guides and ascended masters.  Always work with Archangel Michael – ask him to keep any doors closed to any realms/portals where you would be inviting in dark energies – while this can be handled – there are truly doors you do not wish to open and this is metaphysical common sense.

If you feel so guided, you may wish to consciously open your 12 chakra column.  I would not suggest doing this until you are fully familiar with the ‘old’ 7 chakra column and have learned how to cleanse and balance and work with it. There are many books and information available about the 7 basic chakras to learn and study from. Always check the energy of a book and if it is a used book cleanse it by Reiki or blessing or ask Archangel Michael to fill it with light. Otherwise you may absorb energies you do not wish to have. These energies could also have been picked up during printing or transport. If you have not yet mastered a pendulum I do suggest you do as it makes it easier for beginners to choose wisely. Your pendulum takes direction, unless you choose otherwise, from your Higher Self. If you are fully knowledgeable regarding the 7 chakras then you may be guided to consciously open the 12. Always proceed slowly as guided – never fall for that ‘ego trap’ where you start competing with yourself or others to see who has the most “psychic powers” or who is “the most spiritual.”  Yes, it happens in some circles – we are humans – still living in a competitive society at present!  All masters are wary of the ego trap which is kryptonite to psychic abilities! Your full 12 chakra column consists of: the stellar gateway, soul star chakra, causal chakra, crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, navel chakra, sacral chakra, base chakra and earth star chakra. I worked with the 7 basic chakras for 30 years (as a Yoga teacher); however, we are now in a period of rapid advancement – that said- move at your own pace. Your Higher Self will guide you if you listen.  If you are guided to do any work with the 12 chakra column – call in Archangels Michael, Metatron and Raphael and ask that they only open to the degree that is safe and for your Highest Good at present.  If you are receiving more information then you wish from the Angels and guides or it is overwhelming in some way- ask them to dial it down please. if you can’t hear it – ask them to dial it up.  Thank you Angels!

In the 3rd dimensional Earth of “post-truth” it is now, more than ever before, important to hold to your own vision of the world and to your 5th dimensional values of gratitude, unconditional love, compassion and integrity, honesty, truth and right action. Following our Divine guidance keeps us safe and on our path as old structures and ways of being are dismantled to make way for the new which is emerging amid the chaos. Keep your frequency high and do not dim your light. Not only is your light a beacon to others but it also calls to your side other light beings.

What we are observing right now on both a global and personal level is that which gives us an opportunity to acknowledge, heal and integrate our shadow self.  Remember that the battle of the spiritual warrior is always with the self. Sometimes we forget this and when we do the Universe reminds us by sending us opportunities to delve down deep into our own natures and tap into our most profound resources. Often we call these opportunities trials and tribulations. How we handle these lessons defines us. The spiritual warrior learns to embody the energy of discernment and discrimination. When to be patient ( the Universe always has the first move), when to step back and out of our own way, and when to take bold action. While bold and ill-timed action can sometimes leak away your life force (been there, done that, got the t-shirt!) – no action also can have consequences. Nevertheless, if you maintain your authenticity regarding your way of being in the world and follow your Divine guidance – you are on your path. Patience and perseverance are virtues of the spiritual warrior.

Honour your emotional sensitivity as the gift it is. It helps you to know if a new person in your life is trustworthy.  Ask your Angels to work with you to trust your intuition and do not berate yourself if you have ignored your ‘gut feelings’ in the past. (I know people who have developed issues with their digestive systems and I feel it is because they are not listening to their gut and it is speaking louder) Every day is an opportunity to begin anew. Our Angels and spirit guides aid us along the lightworker path with good information and help. It comes in the form of unmistakable and loving messages through an inner voice, a hunch, a vision or a ‘knowingness’. You get a message asking you to exercise, or to stop drinking alcohol, or to stop eating meat, or to avoid people you hang out with, or to change your job, or partner, or living situation. When you receive such information you know when it is the right thing for you to do. When my clients come for a reading it is often for confirmation of messages that they are hoping are ‘correct’ or they are hoping that the Angels will advise them to stay in a job or relationship they know deep down that they have outgrown but their egos are telling them that they are not worthy of happiness. God/Source wants us all to be happy.  We are not intended to sacrifice ourselves – that is the guilt and fears of the ego speaking.

As lightworkers we can be overly concerned about what we do in the physical world of the 3rd dimension which our bodies inhabit. Our focus needs to be on how we remain centered in our Higher Self’s Love and allow our actions to always be guided by that love. If we do not first ‘awaken’ ourselves from the ego’s dream of dis-ease, depression, despair and destruction then how are we to help our children and fellow human beings to awaken from their own nightmares?  This we came to do. As Gandhi said, we must be the change we wish to see in the world. “I change the world around me by changing myself.” Once we realize on more than an intellectual level that we have everything within that we could possibly need and that we are perfect in the eyes of God/Source then we are willing to finally release everything that held us back from our sense of worthiness and deserving which is a block for so many of us to our manifestations. When we feel deserving we allow our Good and are happy to be enfolded in the wings of the Angels.

Ask your Angels to steer you away from harsh energies and toward peace-loving and happy people. Surround yourself with gentleness in all your relationships, home life, media choices and work situations. One of the Angel’s favourite ways of helping you to clear away physical and emotional toxins is to put a live potted plant beside your bed so that the plant can clear and transmute anything you may have absorbed. As the plant transforms toxic carbon into breathable carbon, it also transforms fear energy so you will be able to sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed.  Obviously, take excellent care of this plant! Invoke the faeries for help and beam love to it or bless it every night before you sleep.

Keep going on your spiritual warrior path. The first phrase over the gateway to the temple at Delphi was “Know Thyself.”

Sometimes, taking a step back from what is not serving us – is the biggest step forward we will take!

I asked the Angels today what our particular message is and they reminded us to play and socialize with happy and peaceful people.  They suggested that we look at our challenges from a higher perspective and take delight in all the good in the world.  Thank you Angels!  And, thank you, Archangel Metatron for this mostly channeled long, long blog – now I know why you kept giving me an image of an old-fashioned typewriter last night!!  I feel like an old-fashioned clerk!  Putty in your fingers.

Love & Light,   Monica






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  1. Gillian December 1, 2016 at 1:18 pm Reply

    Ah, Metratron, good stuff! Monica, I gave my best Reiki treatment ever this morning. Still on 7 chakras but will remain open to 5 more.

  2. hayley December 1, 2016 at 4:15 pm Reply

    Wow! Thanks for another enlightening blog 🙂

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