“Consciousness is more than active awareness. I have noticed that it operates as if an ordering principal that processes, connects, and organizes the full spectrum of visible and invisible realities, and time-space potentials exist in and beyond vibrational frequencies. It is that font of knowingness that is intelligent & forever awake (even if we may be sleeping or brain dead). It is supramental in that it extends beyond mind and feelings and functions best via intuition, and supraluminal in its ability to move past time-space potentials in its role as the container where creation resides.”  P.M. H. Atwater

Part of waking up is the realization, and the cosmic joke, that we have been forever awake after all! Being used to struggle and suffering in the third dimension and due to its density – we work our way through the multiple conditioned layers of reality and wake up to the fact that we are created awake. It has all been an illusion that we were ever truly asleep! Kind of like the old television show Dallas where we find out at the end of all of evil J.R. Ewing’s schemes and an entire season of cliff-hangers – that it has all been a dream!

We have grown though through this apparent sleep-walking. Boy have we grown! Think about all you have learned through the trials, tests,  tribulations & initiations of your past lives and your current life experiences. Not one moment of your time or your no-time has been wasted. And, never will it be. However, being awake does not mean that we stop learning. Fifth dimension may perhaps be where we wake up to the fact that we are forever awake but we are also forever evolving. There are many dimensions beyond fifth. Nothing is static. Nothing is constant but change, Love & Light.

We are doing a lot of work on the inner planes to help the planet in our role as lightworkers. Because the largest part of ourselves lives in the Quantum Realm – we are frequently not conscious of the full scope of our work in other dimensions. Do you sometimes have an awareness that you have travelled during the night to other realms? Are you still keeping a journal?  Your life is a narrative in construction and your current life only one piece of the cosmic mystery.  Years from now your notes may fill in many pieces of the puzzle regarding your travels and lives elsewhere. Could “Elsewhere” even be a good title for your new journal? Works for me. We can be grounded and elsewhere simultaneously as we respond to the shifting winds moving us further into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Some day we will be able to identify our various Elsewheres and it is likely to be unique to each of us. Even though we are ONE. Our ego-personality does not realize that we are forever awake. Until it merges with our Higher Self.

As we dis-cover the Fifth Dimension we may feel like Lee Carroll who channels Kryon: “God is bigger than we were told.”  Lee told the Hay House listeners  last year: ” We have linearized & humanized God. We have made God a bad daddy.”  That is one reason why father- healing, which the dolphins/Stella Maris talked about last week is so important. You might begin channeling too. How will you know you are channeling? One main way of knowing is that nothing truly channeled is fear-based. God is not fearful and not a punisher.

Have you been thinking of trying something new? Now is the time! The winds are shifting, dear ones, and so things that did not work for you before may work now – and even if they do not – by trying something new  – you open adjacent doors and follow your joy further into the fifth dimension.

Since 2012 the shifting winds of change become increasingly apparent. Transparency is resulting in things coming into the light for cleansing and transmutation.

One of the things that is challenging for perhaps the majority of us is staying in awareness and alignment through our daily lives doing what we may feel are mundane tasks; however, take heart because when we realize we are forever awake we live life itself as a meditation. Keep talking to your body and keep moving out of autopilot and into your present moment.

Remember that ascension is a process of working through identifications and patterns  and shadow aspects and this liberates us to claim our sovereignty and liberate ourselves from the third dimension.  RuPaul told Oprah on Soul Sunday : “You are born naked and the rest is drag.”

Work with the Field of Intelligence and begin to respectfully command energy. Star seed Lori Spagna suggests saying something like “I am respectfully requesting, respectfully commanding …”  In doing this, I would suggest first asking your Angels to help you to be aligned with the highest and best version of yourself and that all outcomes be benevolent and for the Highest Good of everyone around you.

As we ascend, things start to get smoother and we are more aware of synchronicity and things occur with ease and grace. If there is competition  – then our heart has not yet opened sufficiently. It will – ask Archangel Chamuel for help in breaking down the barriers around your heart that have held you captive.

Our progress is not linear, so if you feel you have gone backward or fallen asleep – remember that you are a divine being and are forever awake! There are just more lessons to learn in the mystery school of Earth, more adventures on the horizon.

Love & Light, Monica  p.s  For those of you around Toronto this week-end – I will be doing 30 minute Angel Readings & Angel Matrix Healings @ the Galaxy Psychic Fair @ Best Western Plus in Oshawa Friday 2-10 pm, Saturday 11 – 10 pm & Sunday 11-6 pm. There will be many different psychic readers and metaphysical products. If you wish further info please email me. Thanks for telling others who you feel may benefit.







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  1. Gillian September 12, 2018 at 2:51 pm Reply

    How exciting to be able to see you on the psychic circuit! Thanks for “Forever Awake”.

    • Monica September 12, 2018 at 4:36 pm Reply

      Thanks for your continuous support Gillian!

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