Forgiveness is not the same as condoning someone’s behavior. It is a gift that you give to yourself, first, even if you are giving it to another, because forgiveness frees YOU.

It is, of course, human to respond with anger when we suffer abuse at the hands of others. Anger is a natural, normal human emotion. However, anger is only legitimate as a response in the moment that it is initially experienced. Anger is not meant to be held for long periods of time, because then anger turns into resentment and bitterness.

Although anger is a natural choice as a way to respond, it is not our ONLY choice. We always have others. Sometimes we may need to forgive ourselves for responding with anger when another choice was possible. Whether it is ourselves or others that we need to forgive, it is best to do it as quickly as possible so that it doesn’t take root in our bodies. We need to release the ‘charge’ as soon as we are able so that we can move forward.

Sometimes it is easier to forgive others when we realize that by not doing so, we are giving our power away to them. We are in effect saying: ” you made me feel this way.” It also helps to remember that, ultimately, through the Law of Karma, everything is balanced. What goes around, comes around as the saying goes.

Compassion for ourselves and others often allows us to change our perspective , rewrite the past and release the frustration and rage that may have built up in the body over time. Therapy, running, massage and martial arts practiced with the intention of releasing aggression have proved to be useful.

The old adage that says if we want revenge we must dig two graves is true. Angry thoughts can be vengeful thoughts and that is a no win situation.

Vengeance can actually imprison us for lifetimes as the energy of wishing harm to another ties us to that person for lifetimes to come. And, since we are all ONE – when anybody suffers, we suffer too.

Therefore, forgiveness is freedom. Bless everyone and wish for them everything that you wish for yourself. This is not easy for most of us. However, it is the angels great pleasure to help us to forgive when we ask. Or, we can also do an exercise that I was taught years ago by one of my psychic teachers. It is a forgiveness exercise employing the sword of truth.

To do the exercise you visualize the person that you are forgiving as small and afraid and feeling powerless. See how much in pain they are. Using the sword of truth you cut your cords with them and tell them you forgive them and will accept the gift from them.
What is the gift from them? Now, see them surrounded by Love and Light . See the Light pouring from Source above until they are filled with light and healed of their pain, so that they harm no one else.

A lack of forgiveness often serves as a block or a feeling of ‘stuckness’ with regard to our creations/manifestations. The more we are able to forgive and thereby clear our energy NOW the higher our vibration is in THIS lifetime. And, since like attracts like we will draw to us higher and higher frequencies of experience. So, let us forgive ourselves and others for our actual and perceived mistakes and shine our light brighter than ever.

With Love, Monica

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