“You’re not stretching far enough if some folks don’t think you’re crazy. This is not a journey for wimps. ”   Ariella Indigo

“…whatever our innate passion and mode of expression is, it’s time to up our game to the next level and consciously use our distinctive gifts to affect the tone of the mass consciousness globally through our chosen vehicles of manifestation in the ripple effect, in every word, thought and deed. Starting from where we are right now by working on dissolving any limiting beliefs or fears we’re still attached to that feed and churn the deep divisions in our society. No small feat!”   Joan Pancoe

A few days ago I took a Master Class from Ariella Indigo (U.K. Ascension Wayshower) regarding the steps of Ascension. The Angels guided me to do this. The information she discussed I already knew, as it turned out; however, I realized that she gave an excellent summary of the ascension process that my readers would likely be interested in and also I received another activation. Creation Code 21. This code is “on rent” from Thoth and Hermes for the next 30 days and is a code of inner strength and divine endurance. It was channeled through Ariella who comes from a long spiritual lineage of divine magicians. I have received many activations over the last number of years. I am very discerning about what I receive and from whom they are channeled. I always ask Archangel Michael to block my reception of anything negative or anything that is not for the Highest Good of myself and those around me. I hope you do the same. I too channel, as you know. I channel Angels, ascended masters, faeries and activations from my E.T. Arcturian guide, Eularia.

However, as Ariella points out: “Ascension is not about aliens coming to save us or going up a mountain to meditate – but rather it is about fully expressing ourselves in this lifetime. Sharing our own unique gifts and embodying our soul consciousness.” As individuals and as a planet we are ascending. Our service potential gets bigger as we ascend into our higher calling. Interestingly Ariella was born on August 8th an ascension portal, Lion’s Gate. Each time I travel through this portal with conscious intention. Sometimes with companions. This time I will be going through the Gate with Ariella’s channeled Creation Code. Feels good. I have followed her work for a number of years now since meeting Eularia because Ariella is a Starseed and I resonate with her knowledge and her experiences.

Ariella says that our number one mission is to “fully activate and embody our soul.” Ariella calls this the “epic journey.” This resonates as truth for me. This has been my conscious quest for  as long as I can remember. Since childhood when I saw spirits and knew they were “Real” I have accepted the call to adventure within. As a child, however, I did not have the language to realize my quest was to become a “quantum human.” I do now. Likely you do too?

One of my mother’s favourite sayings was “there is nothing new under the sun.”  The age I am now – I think that is true. Ariella discusses the Atlanteans and Lemurians as “walking monads.” We did this before, dear ones, it is mostly remembering and re-learning what is already within. However, we need to go the distance in this lifetime because that is why we came at this time in our planet’s history. Ariella has found, after helping thousands of people that “most people don’t go the distance – they get stuck or go back. Most choose to go back.” If you are reading this – you are going to keep moving forward, because you are humble enough to ask for support from incarnated guides as well as helpers in the Angelic Realm. Not only is this path harder on your own but it is much longer. We stop thinking “me” and start thinking “we.” Covid-19 has churned things up and brought an opportunity. When we wear a mask we are choosing “we.”

What I call four phases, Ariella calls “the four golden keys.”  These are (1)Illumination (2) Purification (3) Activation (4) Creation. The first phase is when you have your spiritual insights/revelations. This process is non-linear remember. Who are you? What is your soul heritage? What is your Source make-up?  Starseed? Angelic? Elemental? Hybrid? What are your spiritual patterns and programmes? Ariella herself comes from a long spiritual lineage of alchemists, magicians, geneticists. She sees gifts as super powers. At the illumination phase you get deeper clarity regarding why you are here and get plugged into Source guidance. You get motivated to do the inner evolutionary work.

The purification stage, I find, is on-going. It is also absolutely essential to getting onto the transition bridge. You don’t step onto the bridge without purifying. This multidimensional ‘detox’ helps us to dis-cover our higher gifts. This stage is where people can split into two groups says Ariella. One group (the group I began in) does absolutely loads of inner work. This group does the family of origin work, inner child and core wounding work, emotional stuff like trauma, anxiety, depression, co-dependency. Deep work. Handling addictions, shyness, scarcity programming, self-worth and self-love work. Transmuting challenges into gold. Mastering energy and learning to disentangle from any dark entity work.   The second group – goes straight to magic, spirit and DNA activations.  However, we need both the involutionary and the evolutionary work to make it onto the transitional bridge to ascension. One is not enough! People with things such as drug, alcohol and sex addictions (victimhood addictions) must heal those before they can get onto the bridge. In my work I have facilitated, with the Angels, people overcoming huge challenges as they access their courage and perseverance and accept Higher help as part of their quantum tool kit.

The activation phase only comes after the phases of illumination and purification phases (and yet, it is not really linear!). We are talking 3D till you are fully 5D. I believe that with Source we can clear and activate absolutely anything. Though, moving forward and through this phase means we follow Spirit until the end. This is also Ariella’s understanding. Ariella is a “blueprint activator.” I activate through the Angelic Realm.  We are both divine conduits for activations along the ascension path. Guided by Spirit and channeling Spirit. Activations (there are so many kinds) lead to soul integration, high frequency, and the ‘letting go’ of all old identities.  (You will receive activations as you progress (as your soul agrees) , whether you are aware of them or not) This happens so the ‘new’ you can emerge – wear the new you to the max and then let that go as well! As you are activating – you are also crossing the bridge. You are becoming what Ariella calls a “master creator” and on the bridge, plugging into Source, you can re-write your soul script.

At the Creation phase – you fully step into your soul inheritance as a goddess/god in a human body.  You can create and de-create, says Ariella, what your soul agrees to. Having fully crossed the bridge you are a master creator.  I would add you are also humble. After an epic journey of courage and endurance and love and compassion.

Before we reach the creation phase – we have gone through many, many initiations. At the time, we may not have seen them as such. But, to jump onto that bridge to ascension we most likely met a big health challenge, experienced a big betrayal, lost a valued job, experienced divorce, experienced loss of a loved one, and that lead to us metaphorically jumping off a cliff that ultimately resulted in us landing on this transitional bridge of ascension. Giving us the opportunity to anchor in a new identity and gifts. Along the way, friends may have dropped from your life, and relationships changed frequently. These challenges and obstacles likely didn’t make sense to your ‘head’  but  you mastered your mindset and you pushed through your fears  (some were/are HUGE ) and doubts and all your resistance. You made friends with your shadow side and accepted the help of guides and mentors. In other words – you completed/and/or are completing the hero’s journey – the epic journey that allows you to claim your divine inheritance as a powerful creator.

Modern mystic and powerful creator Joan Pancoe inspires us: “I read a story this past March about William Shakespeare, who was forced, because of the plague of 1606, to vacate his busy and very entertaining theater-life in London and retreat to his family farm. There, in under a year, he wrote the majority of his greatest works during his quarantine. Little did i know at the time (well, maybe a little) that, three months after reading this, my second chakra energies (creative/sensual) would finally be freed up again enough to be transmuted into a cocreative channel for art again.”

Angel Blessings,   Monica





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  1. Gil Lian July 25, 2020 at 2:59 pm Reply

    I must check out this Joan Pancoe–not only do I love the opening quote, but years ago I co-wrote a script about Shakespeare’s wife having to adjust to his return to the family during that very plague! Coincidence? I think not 😉

    • Monica July 25, 2020 at 4:03 pm Reply

      A very cool synchronicity!

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