In the last little while I have been pondering longevity.  I realize that in less than two months I will be the age my mother was when she crossed over.  Obviously, she was still a very young woman!  I agree with whomever made the statement that “old age is always at least fifteen years older than whatever you are now.”  Kidding aside, my ego has been nudging me that I should take note of this body memory.  Thankfully, I recognize everyone’s ego, mine included, to be perpetually fearful.  Fortunately, lightworkers learn  (remember how ) to bypass the ego on a daily basis as we perform our services of healing and intuitive work and aim to live primarily from our Higher Selves.   If you are reading this – chances are excellent that you too are a lightworker – so you are aware of this fact.

My Higher Self, through my focus on longevity, must have called in some extra help, because on the eighteenth of this month I was in a metaphysical shop when I was suddenly assigned a ‘new’ guide and directed to my new pendulum simultaneously.  My new guide is Methuselah, who was also my guide in my early teens and who helped me during one of my near-death experiences.  So, I guess I can refer to him as a ‘returning guide’.  Methuselah is the son of Enoch (now known as Archangel Metatron, one of only two archangels who have experienced a human life,  whom I work with frequently) and the grandfather of Noah.  I am honoured to accept his help as I navigate this year.

As I look back, I remember my mother saying often that she “couldn’t see herself as an old person.”  I understood what she meant.  Our North American culture is very dismissive and often cruel to aging women.  It is a culture that  sees youth and beauty as synonymous and also still regards women as the “second sex” even though progress is being made.  Now, I am not saying that my mother was destroyed by her adopted culture, but rather that her statement acted as an affirmation that she was not planning to inhabit her body as an elderly person in this particular lifetime.  She did not ‘vision’ it.  In other words, she took her final exit point as she had chosen.  We choose to be born and we choose when to cross over.  We also choose absolutely everything in between, consciously or not, either before we incarnate and/or after.  This learning is one of my lessons of this lifetime.  To become aware of my complete freedom of choice and to help others to be conscious of theirs.  To realize that I can choose consciously rather than to merely react to my life circumstances.  Fortunately for me, my mediumship skills allow me to converse with my mother (who acknowledged my psychic abilities) who told me before she crossed over “if there is a way to communicate with you from the other side, I will.”  My mother is very happy on the other side.  I also speak with other discarnate people on an as-requested basis when asked to do so by clients seeking messages from loved ones.  Many of these messages ask us to “look after our physical bodies, our vehicles of consciousness.”

Today I am remembering an angel reading that I did over eight years ago for a woman whose brother was very ill.  Let’s call the woman Peggy and her brother Stan.  Stan was living in another country and Peggy could not visit him because he was refusing all visitors, including his family.  Previously, he had told Peggy about the nature of his illness and that the doctors told him there was medical treatment that very possibly could save his life and that they wanted to help him.  Stan refused treatment.  This had been going on for some time.  Peggy asked me to connect with Stan, which I was able to do very quickly.  Stan was very depressed.  Yet, it was not about his illness that he was depressed, it was about a life that he felt was meaningless.  He wished to die and had made his decision.  He had lost the will to live.  Peggy asked if I would ask the angels to “cure” him, regardless of his own wishes.  I very sensitively and compassionately explained that the angels follow God’s Law of Free Will and cannot intervene in a soul’s journey, without that soul’s permission, except in unusual, sudden, life-threatening circumstances before a soul’s final exit point.  Stan was taking an exit point of his own choosing.  I had a difficult time telling her this because her love for her brother was palpable.  Peggy then asked me if I would ask Stan’s Higher Self if he would accept healing from the angels.  I asked.  The answer was NO!  My clairvoyance showed me a vision of a middle-aged man in a wheelchair and my clairsentience allowed me to feel his weakness.  His doctors were asking him to please accept treatment and were shaking their heads when he refused to sign the medical forms.  I relayed the message to Peggy that Stan’s Higher Self said no.  He had made his decision quite awhile ago.  There is no way to force healing against a person’s free will.  It is also unethical to try once the Higher Self has definitely refused.  Since LOVE is what heals, and love is NOT force or control, there was nothing to do but accept Stan’s decision.  I thought Peggy would be very disappointed with our session.  She wasn’t.  In fact, Peggy said that she felt a “big relief” .  She told me that she felt the angels comforting her and she could now take a deep breath, knowing that she had tried everything within her power to help Stan to stay alive.  She came to an awareness, she said, during the angel session, that it was Stan’s choice to make and that her love could not over-ride his free will.  The angels brought her to a place of acceptance and peace.  This was a learning experience for me as well as for Peggy.  Up until this session I had not previously consciously encountered an incarnate who refused healing treatments from the angels.  I haven’t since.  However, the session with Peggy, did not end there.  She asked me to do an oracle reading for her.  After connecting with her guardian angels and guides I pulled six cards from the decks and placed them before us.  Before I could begin to relay the information connected to the cards Peggy began laughing loudly!  I was surprised.  She saw my face and said, “these cards are the exact same six cards you pulled for me six months ago!”.  I replied, “have you followed any of the angels’ suggested advice or action steps from our last session?”  She said she had not.  This was an indication from the universe that nothing had changed.  Her situation remained the same, because her thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions had not altered; therefore, the universe could only deliver more of the same.  She got and appreciated the message.  She told me before she left to go on a business trip, that the angels had changed her view of life forever.  She went out the door with light in her eyes and a spring in her step and has not requested a session since.

I just asked Methuselah if he has a message for me today and for my blog readers.  This is what I heard:  “Avoid the temptation to give in to your ego and accept the aging process as inevitable.  You can live as long as you wish to.  It is a decision.  A choice made between you and God.  Everything is in Divine Order and perfectly suited to those who accept their freedom to choose their destiny.  For those among you who have accepted your freedom, there is absolutely nothing to fear.  You choose it all.  Now and Always.  Lovingly, Methuselah.”

With my freedom to choose, I choose to live a very long time.  I may not live to be as old as Methuselah  who lived, according to the Old Testament to 969 years (because I do not wish to!) ; however, I choose to request and then allow my angels and guides to help me to make the choices that are for my Highest Good.  I ask them to remind me every day to choose what to eat, drink, think, feel and believe (and how to exercise) with great awareness of the consequences of my choices.  I do this because not only do I want to be around in the physical for my family and friends, but, I wish to keep my intuitive channels open in the hope that I am able to help others and to fulfill my purpose as a lightworker.  I follow the advice of Sandra Anne Taylor and use her suggested intention: “Today I am … aware of the many choices I face.  I consider the consequences of every option and pick the one that’s best for my energy and my life.”  Our freedom is in our power to choose.  We can do it with great joy!

Choosing carefully, can lead to a longer life in which to learn more lessons, fulfill our purpose in coming to this planet and to spread our love and joy with gay abandon!  Deepak Chopra, M.D. , says: “longevity is still an individual achievement; it comes primarily to those whose expectations are high enough to reach it.” (AGELESS BODY, TIMELESS MIND: THE QUANTUM ALTERNATIVE TO GROWING OLD)  My expectations are high.  Very high indeed.  Are yours?

Love & Light,        Monica

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  1. Christine January 30, 2014 at 5:20 pm Reply

    Wonderful . Yes my aspirations are very high. I have known always that I will be a very old woman, and I am doing the best I can to keep my body healthy so that it will be enjoyable. I also see you and me together in our old age, what fun that will be 😉

  2. Janet February 1, 2014 at 9:13 am Reply

    I love all of your posts, Monica, and I look forward to each one! I can always take something for myself – each has a good reminder or connection to my own life. You are an excellent writer with so much to share and you told me once that I will live to an old age so I know it is true. Thank you!

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