“The way I approached a question, my habit of mind, the way I looked at things, what I took for granted – all this was myself and it did not seem to me that I could alter it.”   Simone de Beauvoir

We need a repeated discipline, a genuine training, in order to let go of our old habits of mind and to find and sustain a new way of seeing.”   Jack Kornfield

What if you loved yourself? What if you felt joyous and also had a fabulous vision of yourself?

Joy, love and vision are the breakthrough forces that help you to create a new consciousness that replaces old habits with happiness. What if old habits were the only things standing between you and happiness? Would you let go of them and choose joy? Write about this in your journal. Are you willing to work with your Higher Self and the Angels to let go of old habits that keep you stuck and embrace new habits that move you forward? Admit the truth to yourself. Many people realize that they expect something quite different to happen in their lives from what they want. Once they do a self-examination – they often find that their bedrock expectation is ‘more of the same.’ Therefore, they do not change their habits to support their new and expanded vision of themselves.

Our reactive patterns create a chronic undercurrent that becomes our predominant energy in our lives. That is one reason why an upheaval in our own life can ultimately be seen as a ‘gift’ when we look back at the past. An upheaval or disruption can bring attention to areas in our lives that are not working for us. This allows us to let go of old patterns/habits and adopt new ones that bring us happiness. For most of us, this requires doing what is called in the self-development field “the work.”

There is no question that many of us doing “the work” have experienced a lot of our breakthroughs through pain and suffering. Our pain and suffering have increased our inner strength, stamina and resilience and has led to astounding insights that have allowed us to mold our own character into something we can be proud of. Goethe said that life is a quarry out of which we chisel, mold and complete a character. This often involves pain and suffering. However, the Angels remind us that deepening our connection to our Creator and to our own Higher Selves allows us to shift from creating through suffering (an old habit) into creating through joy (a new habit). Some of us cling to our pain and suffering through habit. It is what we know. Familiar. While it is true that we ‘can’t heal what we don’t feel’ it is equally true that we can become addicted to our emotions. If our emotions are consistently negative – rather than being signposts for what we wish to create in our lives they become the ‘quicksand’ that keeps us ‘stuck.’

Pain from loss is inevitable but suffering is optional – sometimes we do not realize this. We go through many kinds of losses while on Earth: divorce, job loss, death. These losses can break our hearts which can open us up or close us down. When we are in a period of grief we become very vulnerable to the bubbling up of old wounds and when we are conscious we realize to ourselves ‘this is coming up for healing.’ For example, I often need to remind my Reiki clients that they may find things surfacing that they thought were healed – this indicates an opportunity for a deeper or complete healing that has yet to occur. A peeling of the onion so to speak. When we are unaware we can distort our experience into the feeling that ‘this will never end.’ This is suffering.

When we feel stuck – this is an invitation to go deeper. To go deeper in order to decode or clear negative reactive patterns and energy blocks and to then ‘code in’ new powerful statements that shift our lives in a healthy, new direction. There are a myriad of ways to clear blocks and recode, so there is sure to be a way that appeals to you. Awareness of these blocks is the first step to healing. I find the work of Sandra Anne Taylor particularly helpful. Her “quantum breakthrough code” is a very simple to use technique. I have used her Energy Oracle Cards on a daily basis now for many years – I pull one a day (all oracle cards work by the Law of Attraction) so that I can start off the day with knowledge about where my own energy is at. While I have many, many Oracle Decks ( they are friends as well as divination tools to me!!) that I use as specifically guided for my clients (by the Angels) – this deck of Sandra’s I keep for my personal use.

I pulled an oracle card today for all of you my dear readers. Gillian commented last week that she likes it when I do this. I was guided to my GATEWAY deck and I asked what was important for you all to know and received the card called “Hearing Messages From Spirit.”  Every one of you reading this today has spirit guides and loved ones sending you messages of love and healing.  The card has lovely Spring flowers on it and hearts seal the envelopes as Angels are bringing you messages from Heaven. Are you receiving these messages? Have faith that you can discern them – and you will!  Affirm daily, “I am a clear channel for messages from Spirit.” Watch for signs in your dreams, a feather or butterfly that drifts by, a coin that mysteriously appears, voices in the wind and whispers in your mind. Frequently messages are conveyed during nocturnal hours, dawn and the betwixt and between times. One of the greatest secrets of the Universe is the power of belief. If you are reading this – you are a vibrational match for the energies of other realms and can receive if you believe. SPIRIT IS TRYING TO GET YOUR ATTENTION. Answer these questions in your journal today or during meditation: If I knew who was trying to reach me from the realm of Spirit, who would it be? If I knew what the most important message was – what would it say? Let the loving messages flood your soul.

Let receiving your messages from Spirit be a new habit that leads to increasing awareness and increasing happiness.

Light & Love,   Monica


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  1. Gillian April 29, 2017 at 2:02 pm Reply

    Synchronistically a friend I was visiting the other day had a book he’d just finished called Quantum Theology and he’s loaned it to me. Thanks for pulling the Gateway card for us!

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