In every moment we have an alternative energetic choice.  It is true, in extreme cases ( for example, prisoners) that we may not always have an alternative action;however, we always have an alternative response.  We have choice.  Do not let worry and self-doubt define you.  Step instead onto what is, often, the road less travelled.  The alternate possibility of self-love, trust, faith and optimism.  Create your future self from there.  The person you wish to become.  A wonderful daily affirmation to assist you is provided by Sandra Anne Taylor: ” I am strong, focused and self-directed.  I have the power to create wonderful new realities in my life.”

Become clear about what you want.  And also become clear about how much you want it and why you want it.  Do this with everything you want to create.  How important is it?  How much of a priority are you making it?  What steps are you taking to bring it into your reality?  If you are avoiding doing anything to create it and yet you genuinely want it, ask yourself what you are afraid of?  Because, if you are avoiding something that is very important and meaningful – it is because of fear.  Ask Archangel Michael to help you to face your fears head-on  and give you the courage to turn your dreams into goals.  Plan the steps that will get you where you want to be.  Take baby steps in the direction of your dreams until you hit your stride. KNOW that your angels are with you in every moment with their unconditional love and support.

Remember, when we desire something, it is actually because we desire the state that we feel it will bring with it.  We need nothing outside of ourselves – we can create the state inside ourselves and attract to us that which would support that state.  When we resonate at that state, we attract to us the people, things and situations that will support it.  We are magnets.  For example, if you wish the state of  health – you need to align with the energy of health.  Act like a healthy person and do what a healthy person would do.  If you wish wealth, then embody and OWN the state of wealth.  Resonate at its level.  Embodying it may involve adjustments such as posture and attitude.  How does a wealthy person sit, stand and feel?  As you own the state of wealth (which is your spiritual truth) affirm that it is already in your life.  That you are a wealthy being.  BE what you desire for like attracts like.

Make sure that you see yourself as an equal to those you admire.  We are all ONE.  See them as YOUR reflection.  OWN what you see and admire in them as gifts to you also & allow yourself to resonate at that frequency.  These gifts are also within you so OWN them. Own the energy of prosperity and prosper.

If we feel frustration then we create situations that create more frustration.  Frustration begets frustration.  ( I can attest to this one.  I tested it out for you in my personal laboratory!)  If we put anger out into the world, we will create situations that reflect our own anger back to us and reflect an angry world to us.  If what we want in life is JOY – then joy is what we must put out into the world and we must also be willing to SEE it in the world.

What are you choosing to expect?  If you are expecting to be disappointed, you will be.

What ingredients would make your life delicious?  This is the question that one of my teachers, the Amazing Grace, put to her pupils.  This is the question that you ask yourself BEFORE you cook up your ‘new’ life.  Grace warned us, her class, to be wary of holding contradictory beliefs.  She gave us this example: “I am a devoted mother and I am committed to total freedom.”  As Grace explained: “These two do not usually go together.  At least not for about 20 years.”  Holding contradictory beliefs impedes the flow of your Good to you.

Another contradictory belief would be the example of a woman looking for a good man as a partner.  For example: ” I want a good man in my life but I believe all men are … ”  You can fill in the blank!  Allow for what you want to exist in the world, so that you can create it in your reality.  The art of allowing is crucial to your success.

When cooking up your new life, try new things and add spices.  Don’t just use the same old things that were in the cupboards of your old life.  Devote time & energy and claim responsibility for your creations.  Act AS IF you already have what you want (this is a major magical ingredient!) and this will magnetize it to you.

Now, we come to my biggest tip in this piece – given to me by my teacher, Grace.  If you wish to, you can work with your future self to get yourself where you want to be.  Your future self has already been where you are right now!  And, ALL TIME IS NOW.   So – you can ask your future self to assist you in making your decisions and in getting you where you want to be.  The present is the past for your future self & from your perspective, now, looking back on your past, you KNOW what decisions you made that brought you to this point.  You are the future self to your past self.  Therefore, just as that is the case, your future self KNOWS what decisions can help you now to get where you want to be.  Call upon your future self to assist you.

Always remember when you are requesting something from the universe to ask for it in the form of thanking it that you have already received it. Because, once again, ALL TIME IS NOW.    So, you have already created it.  Be grateful for that.  Love and gratitude are energies that change everything.  That is why we bless our meal before we eat.  The blessing raises the energy and vibration of our food ( and we all know how much of our food today is depleted of nutrients).

We are magnets for ALL we focus our attention on.  Thankfully, the earth-time buffer allows us to clear, cancel and delete our thoughtless and unconscious affirmations once we bring them to the Light.  So, do not worry that expressing your feelings ( which, of course, are a natural part of the human condition and also your EGS  (emotional guidance system)  – will negate your creations. However, do cancel, clear, delete when you realize you have made a request that you do not wish to manifest.  If it is something negative you sent someone else’s way – it will return to YOU – so make it something you wish to see in your own life.  If you are letting go – do it with love and light.  Remember that not choosing is itself a choice.  We choose our path.  So, let us together move out of our victimhood into victory.  Choosing, as Grace says:  ” To become who we choose to be, not what we were taught to be.”  Claiming our authentic power means taking total responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions.  It is NOT about blame and shame .  That is of the ‘old’.  We are in the process of Ascension into the ‘new’.

What would happen if you were successful in manifesting the life you truly desire?  What would that mean?  What would your life look like?  How would your life change?  Is it what you truly want?  If you walk down the path, hand in hand with your future self and hand-in-wing with your angels & focus on your creations and not your fears – you can create the life of your dreams.  As someone once said, “Shoot for the moon.  If you miss, you will land among the stars.”  Allow for miracles.  Life itself IS a miracle.  You ARE a miracle.

For everything you wish for – ask yourself this question – will this bring me joy or suffering?

Choose joy.

Love & Light,      Monica

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  1. Hayley August 27, 2014 at 4:41 pm Reply

    Thanks for this great, step-by-step guide! At this juncture, I see a situation in which utilizing these techniques will help greatly!

  2. Gillian August 28, 2014 at 5:51 pm Reply

    Well, that’s a new one–asking my future self? I love it! Thanks, Monica (and Grace).

  3. Christine September 3, 2014 at 8:47 am Reply

    There is always something useful in your writings Monica, interesting, and useful . You don’t leave us hanging thinking ” well this was really interesting, but how do I use it”? Thank you for showing us the way.
    You reminded me of something that someone said many years ago , she knew of a woman that really really wanted a big white house with a gate ….. she wanted it so much that she actually got it in just a few months of visualizing having it……. along with a huge mortgage ! She had not thought of that, so we’d better have a clear vision of HOW we want things to appear.

    • editor September 3, 2014 at 12:53 pm Reply

      Thank you Hayley, Gillian & Christine for your continuing engagement with my blogs.
      It keeps me writing! I am not just talking to myself! he he

  4. Gillian October 9, 2014 at 11:29 pm Reply

    You’re welcome!

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