This piece was intended, by me, to be about the Law of Purification.  Maybe next week?  Because, the angels have asked me to write about Grace.   Something that is much more difficult, for me, to describe with words.  I can feel Grace; however, I have a much more difficult time describing it.  While Grace is there for us in every moment of our lives, it seems to emerge after a genuine dark night of the soul – as one of the many gifts of staying the course of the spiritual warrior.  Holding our feet to the fire, Michael Beckwith, the amazing spiritual leader of Agape International Spiritual Center makes it clear in his book SPIRITUAL LIBERATION that there is an enormous difference between improving ourselves and transforming ourselves.  He describes the dark night of the soul as occurring within individuals who “have made a profound commitment to evolve and awaken… I speak from experience when I say that a dark night experience puts an end to your life as you know it, including those parts you would like to cling to and never have changed.  But, when you mean business with the Spirit, it means business with you, and a re-qualification of consciousness ensues.”  My understanding of Grace, at this stage of my evolution, is that it is always there, but when we have gone through our dark night of the soul, we now recognize it as part of the fabric of God’s Consciousness – we are swimming in it – yet – before our dark night we were like fish in water unable to recognize what we are swimming in.

One of the many spiritual laws is the Law of Grace.  I was given 3 signs this week to nudge me to write about Grace.  And, then I was sent a ‘new’ client this week who epitomizes Grace.  She had emerged from the cocoon a beautiful butterfly with Grace oozing from every pore.  The embodied form of Grace.

It is in a form of Grace, I believe, that I receive the messages from the angels.  Angel messages are delivered in so many ways, always in a way the receiver of the messages can easily understand, providing they are observant and willing to receive.  Aware.  The angels know how to best get our attention whether it is by us hearing a familiar song on the radio associated with a loved one, angel numbers, an image on a billboard, feathers and/or coins, dreams, animal totems. It is always in a way that suits our individuality and way of Being in the world. So, how did the angels, this week, get the message to me to write about Grace?  Well, first, they gave me this title!  Then, they gave me 3 clear signs.  So, at the beginning of this week, I emerged from angel cottage and was walking down Princess Street in Kingston when an elderly man came, seemingly, out of nowhere –  and got up in my face with the words, “Jesus is Divine.” (my naughty self was saying – tell me something I don’t know!) but – the intensity of his words and demeanor captured my attention.  Hours later, I was sitting in my favourite inside place in Kingston – the central library – reading about spiritual laws and quite absorbed in my book when I felt someone behind me.  I turned and an elderly woman delivered the message to me, “Jesus loves you.”  I said, “thank you, He loves you too.”  Satisfied that she had delivered her message – and after an intense look – she turned on her heels and quickly left.  When I met my friend for tea, I described to her the 2 signs and said, “But if the angels don’t send a 3rd person to tell me about Jesus within the next day – then – it is not a sign!  We both giggled.  I did wonder how the angels would arrange for a person to get that 3rd message to me, because, for many years now I have been releasing my inner-hermit and boy am I enjoying it!  The next day was a hermit day and I was not going to venture out.  Next morning, as is part of my morning routine at present, before I begin my spiritual practices, I allow myself the treat of a coffee while I sit in a chair and gaze at my garden view outside my huge, sliding-door onto deck window.  I call this view, to myself, the Garden of Eden: evergreens, red maples, squirrels, rabbits, many varieties of birds.  Often there is a morning mist that arises from the lake at the bottom of the lane.  As I blissfully gazed and sipped – suddenly – in front of the glass window – flew a dove with a leafy-twig in its beak.  It hovered for a short while, dropped the twig on the deck and flew away.  O.k. it wasn’t an olive twig – but as close to looking like one as a Southern Ontario twig gets!!  And, yes, it was a real dove!  There are a lot of doves around my cottage.  O.k.  Not Jesus, but Holy Spirit!  Knowing God’s sense of humour –   I realized this was my 3rd sign!

Pondering Grace, I was reminded about one of my daily spiritual practices.  In 2013 I became a life-long student of A COURSE IN MIRACLES.  Each day, one of my spiritual practices, is to meditate on a lesson.  Most of my spiritual teachers believe this course, which is entirely channeled, originally largely in iambic pentameter, to be the words of Jesus.  Some believe, like peace troubadour, James Twyman, that they are also coded. Perhaps he is correct.  I have been experiencing a feeling that I call Grace – ever since beginning my studies of THE COURSE.  I believe that the codes go deep into our subconscious and the result is Grace.  For me, it is ineffable, but, this week – I woke up understanding from my dreams that I receive and understand messages in code.  Must be from A COURSE IN MIRACLES.  From 2013 onward, I realized, that this course, will be a lifelong spiritual practice along with my path of Hatha Yoga.

Lesson 169 in ACIM (A COURSE IN MIRACLES) is: “By grace I live.  By grace I am released.”  (pages 315-317)  The Course describes grace as being “past learning, yet the goal of learning” and that it becomes inevitable “instantly in those who have prepared a table where it can be gently laid and willingly received; an altar clean and holy for the gift.”  It goes on to say: “Grace is the acceptance of the Love of God within a world of seeming hate and fear.  By grace alone the hate and fear are gone, for grace presents a state so opposite to everything the world contains, that those whose minds are lighted by the gift of grace cannot believe the world of fear is real.”

Forgiveness leads to Grace.  And, Grace allows healing to occur because the high-frequency vibrations of Love transmute lower vibrations of pain and fear.  Healers are channels through which high-frequencies may pass ( next week, Law of Purification!) – instruments of God’s Grace.  Both the giver and receiver of forgiveness receive the healing effects of Grace.  The more grace we give to others the more we receive.  The Law of Grace, according to well-respected spiritual teacher, Diana Cooper, can be defined as ” a dispensation of mercy.  It dissolves karma and creates miracles.  It can change matter.”  The angels have been guiding many of us to healers who can help us to release our karma: therapists, doctors – allopathic, naturopathic, herbalists, chiropractors, angel communicators etc.  However, when you are ready to give and receive Grace – it could also be a book, a movie or your next door neighbor  or stranger who transforms your attitude and sets you before the Gateway to Grace.

We are now living in a time on Earth where we are learning, as we ascend, that as Kara of the Ascension Notes states: “Detachment is not a lack of caring or passion but is a higher degree of love and care. ”  It is care and compassion without attachment to outcomes.  And, knowing that :”The Wise One never claims to be anything, for the Wise One knows that life is a continuous evolution.”  Divine dispensation in the form of cutting karmic ties is available on a scale that most spiritual leaders believe has not been experienced before on this planet.  We are here to be instruments of Grace – to give and receive it – to be a beacon of Light.  Claim your birthright as a divine being.

Love & Light,    Monica




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  1. Christine June 11, 2015 at 5:40 pm Reply

    I’m not sure why yet, but this Blog touched me the most , so beautifully written Monica.
    Everything you write says something and teaches me something.
    Thank you .

  2. Gillian June 11, 2015 at 7:54 pm Reply

    Well, here’s a “do do do do” moment for you. Was walking the Bruce Trail today when I spontaneously burst out with the first few lines of “Amazing Grace”. For all I know it was at the same moment you posted your blog, Monica. Lovely.

    • Monica June 18, 2015 at 7:58 am Reply

      Yeah! Synchronicity!

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