Yesterday I gave my first coaching session from my new series called Glow From Within to a small group of women who gathered in my yoga studio to explore my opening topic entitled The Power of the True Self.  It is invigorating and fun to be on this journey of increasing consciousness with such engaged and engaging people.

I explained to the group that I see my role as their coach as being a guide to the many resources available, providing them with information and tools while also cheering them on and helping them to connect to their inner coach as well as the myriad of angels and ascended masters that are waiting to be asked.

Continuing with my Thursday’s child theme, I requested that they close their eyes and imagine that the universe is a candy store.  There is no end to the variety and amount of candy as far as the eye can see and beyond.  The challenge is to choose the type/s of candy that you want and to remember that, sometimes, too much candy can result in a stomach ache.  The choice is important so pay attention and choose wisely.  You don’t need to choose the candy that Johnny likes and would choose if he were here.  And, you don’t have to choose the sweets that your parents allowed you.  In fact, you don’t even need to choose what was your favourite candy last week.

Paying attention to how you feel NOW is called for.  Since your feelings are your emotional guidance system, they will lead you to your heart’s desires.  What is YOUR candy?  The universe delivers exactly what you ask for.  So, don’t ask for what Johnny wants and remember that the universe is literal, it doesn’t understand sarcasm.  Negativity is a negative prayer.

So, loving ourselves means paying attention, becoming conscious and choosing carefully.  Who are we today and who are we becoming?

Our little group are all familiar with yoga, so we have experiences of mindfulness to draw upon.  Slowing down, meditating helps us with our quest for discernment. It helps us to be present for ‘what is’.  We attempt to come to each moment fresh and unencumbered by a difficult past or an imagined problematic future.  How can we work at letting go of the things, relationships, circumstances, habits, patterns and limiting beliefs that no longer serve who we are and who we are becoming?  The answer, of course, is love.  Love for ourselves, first, and love for others.  If we do not show love and compassion toward ourselves, it is difficult to extend it to others.

Loving ourselves means paying attention and examining our intentions to see how we are aligning with our own Higher Self – the part of us that is always connected to the Creator.  What are we thinking?  How do we feel? When we change our thoughts, we change how we feel, so it makes sense to  carefully choose our thoughts.  Most of us wish to feel joy.  Therefore, we choose thoughts that lead us in that direction.  In essence we ARE joy.  Joy is what we are when our many layers dissolve.  There is nothing we need to add to ourselves.  We are complete as we are; however, there may be things we need to let go off that served us well in the past.  This is the NOW.  And, the point of power, as the sages tell us, is the here and now.

If we wish to let our light shine brighter – if we wish to glow from within – we embark upon a journey of shedding our old skins.  This process may look unusual to others and may also be different from the way others do it as we are all as unique as snowflakes.  However, we do need to do it “our way.”  Sometimes to those around us and to our own outward eye, it can look messy, so, never forget that out of the depths of the mud comes the beautiful lotus flower.  We honour the mud/earth that provided the conditions for the blossoming.  We can all bloom where we are currently planted, even though greener and brighter pastures may be beckoning.

As we were coming to the end of our session yesterday one of our group asked me, “who is the ascended master that is with us right now?”  It was Serapis Bey.  Although before the session I had called in many angels and also some faeries to help us play, I had not invoked any ascended masters for this particular meeting.  What an honour for us!  Serapis Bey is an astounding coach.  He often joins me when I am doing angel sessions for my clients and offers guidance regarding their self-improvement goals.  However, he follows the laws of the universe, and allows us our free will.  Just as with the angels, we need to ask for his assistance.

Know that you are never alone on this journey, your angels are always with you, and if you wish you can ask Serapis Bey to be your personal coach and to help you with your motivation and focus.  They love to serve you and your “thank you ” is sufficient.  Why not start today?  NOW.  There is no time like the present and there has never been a person like YOU before.  We need you to awaken, to flower and to glow from within.  To shine your light brightly.  To help us light up the world, one person at a time.  Together, we can do it!

Till next Thursday,  love yourself.            Blessings,   Monica



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  1. Christine August 14, 2013 at 9:05 am Reply

    M, I just read your blog for the first time. I absolutely LOVED it ! You have such a way with words, you don’t use them to ‘impress, and confuse” like some, no you use them so that we can clearly see and understand what you are saying !
    I will read the second later today. You are clearly meant to be writing buddy !!!!!
    I am so exited for you . 😀
    I finally came home last night after 2 days of traveling, a nightmare . I will tell you later on the phone, too much to write here.
    I love and have missed you dear one.

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