“The Golden Temples of Light are for the Highest Good of humanity & Mother Earth.”   Linda Jarrett

I had the opportunity to listen recently to Linda Jarrett on her ‘coming out’ conversation regarding her channelings of the Golden Temples of Light. While Linda has been clairvoyant and a healer for many decades – she only recently began talking to a large audience about the work she does as an Earthly Ambassador for the Golden Temples of Light.

According to Linda, these temples range from 5D to 12D. They all exist in the Etheric of planet Earth (some are in the oceans). They have been confirmed by many other lightworkers who are also clairvoyant. By the end of June, Linda has counted 212 of these temples. She began channeling this information 11 years ago and believes she will be doing this 11 more years until in 2032 these temples “will be seen.” I am assuming she must mean with our physical eyes since so many of us see them with no difficulty with our clairvoyance. These temples are goddess temples she says (return of the divine feminine) even though there is the energy of Jesus and Buddha and many other male ascended masters in the temples. The temples are over-lit by three goddesses: Lady Nada (twin flame of Jesus), Goddess Jacinta (who works with the rainforests and nature on our planet), and Goddess Lathinda (whom Linda says comes from another universe called the Universe of Golden Light). Of course, Mother Mary and Quan Yin’s energy is also in many of the temples.

Linda Jarrett says we only just have a toe in 5D at present. I agree, although some other spiritual teachers feel we are further along. Perhaps visiting these temples will empower us to commit more fully. Rainbow Angels abound. Linda also reveals two new Archangels we may not be familiar with – Archangel Meteziel & Archangel Honoriel (spelling not verified) – however, you are very familiar with Archangel Metatron who is in charge of the Ascension and naturally these new Archangels, as with the others, work under Metatron. These Temples of Golden Light are very Angelic temples and Archangel Michael also over-lights them, as one would suspect.

What is the purpose of these temples? Linda reports that they are helpful for healing, relaxation, upliftment, inspiration, cellular renewal and the release of energy blocks preventing you from moving forward. I visited the main temple during a guided meditation from Linda. It was truly beautiful and quite massive. It is in the Etheric above Istanbul, Turkey. I chose to go into the Healing Centre of this main temple and surrendered to the healers there – whom I don’t even remember – very unusual for me but I was so relaxed it felt almost like hypnosis. My experience was very positive and I am likely to go again.

The second largest temple says Linda is over New York City above the Statue of Liberty. The third largest is in Athens, Greece, over the Acropolis, and the fourth over Antarctica and the fifth over Sedona, Arizona. They all have golden domed roofs like we see in pictures of Russia. The main oceanic one is off Hawaii and is seen clairvoyantly by so so many. The energy is very Lemurian, as one would expect. However, numerous temples have a combination of energy reflecting both Lemuria and Atlantis. Depending on which temple you are in you will experience a variety of energies. For example, if you are in a temple in the Etheric over North America, you will likely experience the energy of Jesus and Mother Mary. You will also experience the energy of Buffalo Calf Woman. Four decades ago I had a dream in which I met White Buffalo Calf Woman. It was an amazing visitation.  Many years after this I remembered parts of my life as a Lakota Medicine Woman and she helps me when I facilitate healing for clients with my Reiki drumming.

There are many different energies in these Temples of Golden Light, depending on where they are. The temples over Australia and New Zealand, for example, have the energy of Jesus as well as Indigenous ascended masters. Asian temples have Buddha and Quan Yin as well as others. The Seraphim Golden Global Universal Angels hold all the temples together and these temples are uniting people around the world together in Unity Consciousness. These are spiritual temples. The Oceanic temples have the energy of the Merpeople as well as dolphins and whales which we know are so high vibration.

Linda reports that at least 45 temples have Cities of Light around them. These cities she says are enormous and high vibrational. They have mystery schools, healing centres, colleges and universities. The largest number of temples though do not have cities around them and some temples are white and gold as opposed to completely gold.  I was intrigued by the temple above Copenhagen, Denmark, which is small and rustic.

How do you visit these Golden Temples of Light? It is done through intention. Set your intention. Connect through meditation during sitting or a nature walk, or set the intention to connect before sleep. You might remember some divine guidance in the morning. Keep a journal bedside so you can write it down. However, no worries if you do not remember. Your Higher Self does.

We are welcoming a gorgeous New Moon July 9-10th. A great time for new journeys. Why not start by visiting one of the Golden Temples of Light?

Angel Blessings,   Monica/Aurora


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  1. Gillian July 8, 2021 at 11:18 pm Reply

    These Temples of Light sound intriguing!

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