“We are all spiritual astronauts and we create our own atmosphere.”   Michael Beckwith (Founder of Agape)

“Disease is a revelatory process that’s engaging us to awaken.”   Dr. Habib Sadeghi

Did you get a chance this past week to listen to some of the participants at the on-line Hay House Heal Summit? It is free each year and I listened to quite a few of them. Like you – I have my personal favourites that I watch year after year but each year I also watch a few healers who are new to me. This year one of those was Dr. Habib Sadeghi.

Dr. Sadeghi is a conventionally trained family physician who shared his story of dis-ease and how he healed without following the conventional medicine he was studying. The reason he didn’t follow it he said was because they were going to “flay him.”

Dr. Sadeghi was in his second year of medical school when he found a lump in his left testicle. He was 26. His prognosis given to him was grim – he was told it was cancerous and there was a 70% chance it would spread to the rest of his entire body. He was scared. Very scared. He felt alone and as though God was punishing him. However, fortunately for Dr. Sadeghi, his fellow medical student and friend, Gary, to whom he confided quoted to him: “He who hasn’t loved hasn’t known God yet, for God is Love.” Now, he realized that he wasn’t being punished. God is not punitive. It was an awakening.

An amazing journey began in which Dr. Sadeghi says he came to understand the term “negative capability” as employed by the poet John Keats – poetically living a life of uncertainty – and Sadeghi became an artist through healing. Love healed his life he said as he sat with a LOVE button on his lapel.

Sadeghi needed to get clarity and that required some time – so – he took some time off and traveled, greatly improved his nutrition and did Yoga. He dis-covered first hand that “your biography dictates your biology.” He became self-reflective and asked questions such as “Why am I having this challenge?” He remembered abuse in his childhood and he also realized that he wasn’t really a very pleasant person. He says: “Sometimes we get sick to slow down the madness of modern life.” He achieved the clarity he was looking for and decided that the conventional medical route was not for him,  he also said “not everyone responds to the medical model”, although he still became a medical doctor. His questioning included asking himself why it was the left side that was affected and found out about his imbalances in his body. He also described how patterns of anger and resentment are related to cancer.

He created a clarity model. A simple triangle.  From childhood. At the bottom of the triangle on one side is “perpetrator” and the other is “waiting for the rescuer” (usually the other parent) and the top of the triangle is “victim” (child). He needed to get space above this triangle and that is what he did.  He says that in childhood usually one parent becomes the perpetrator. He rose above the triangle to get a bird’s eye view and detached himself from the one dimensional view of it. His journey lead to his creation of a self-reflective model rather than a deflective model.

He describes 4 stages of development: (1) Babyhood: I want someone else to ‘fix’ it. (2) Teenagehood: “Fuck cancer, I’ll do it my way.” rebellion. Adding petroleum to a fire. (3) Thinking Adulthood: wanting a double-blinded modality, wanting to ‘think my way’ through illness. (very limited) (4) Old- Age-Hood: the complete opposite of teenagehood. Instead of aggressivity, passivity, “Oh, this is too much!” Ready to give up. When someone is “ready to give up” the “artist in them needs to be inspired.”

Sadeghi then became an artist through healing. “You can do it. You can’t just sit back. Come into healing as an artist. We need to bring the poetry of healing into Western medicine.” Language is a powerful tool he says. (I believe I wrote a blog not long ago about the Word Lord?!) Shift things through language. Women he says get autoimmune diseases at 10 times the rate of men. An autoimmune disease is the body attacking itself. This comes from language/self-talk such as “I am not a good enough mother.” Sadeghi is now fastidious with his language. “Language is life. Language is healing.” When you confirm “I am sick” you are commanding your cells. An artist, he says, takes on a skill set.

Purge Emotional Writing (PEW) is something Sadeghi recommends doing for 12 minutes a day while in the cocoon. Sit and write. What am I feeling? What we reveal we heal. Burn it after your session. You will learn compassionate self-forgiveness. And, when we forgive ourselves, we forgive others as we are all ONE.

The new information that I personally learned from Dr. Sadeghi was about cranial nerve zero. When I studied to become a Registered Nurse so many decades ago – we knew about 12 cranial nerves.  There are actually 13 he says, however, Western medicine still teaches that there are 12! The cranial nerve zero is responsible for taking us away from the fight and flight response into rest and relaxation and if it is unused it withers. Sadeghi says by age 6 most of us have an atrophied cranial nerve zero. It sticks to the olfactory bulb and therefore is not seen in dissections. However, when we are living in harmony and loving we activate and entrain our cranial nerves which means cranial nerve zero gets fired up and then nerve 1, 2 and down to 13! That, Sadeghi says, is when the artist appears!

Cranial nerve zero is activated by hormones such as oxytocin during sexual activity, meditation, laughter, hugging, walking barefoot on the beach, PEW journaling, flying a kite, observing children and looking up. Yes, looking up – as opposed to looking down at our devices! Soul-gazing. When we shift our gaze it changes everything.

For Sadeghi cancer changed everything. It turned him into an artist who lives poetically. “Cancer allowed me to cultivate a different consciousness.” He is healed. He recommends we approach life as an artist and be for things rather than against things. Obviously, the alternative route is not for everyone – we are all unique. People heal from cancer and other diseases in many different ways.  Sadeghi and others with this dis-ease recommend taking the time to get clear and explore your options and while you listen to the diagnosis – ignore the prognosis – was the general agreement on the Hay House Heal Summit.

Love & Light,   Monica       p.s. Happy Halloween!


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  1. Gillian November 1, 2019 at 12:25 am Reply

    I missed the summit this year☹️! Thanks for this distillation of Dr. Sadeghi’s talk, much appreciated!

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